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    Women Are Sharing Their Go-To Life Hacks Every Woman Should Know, And I'm Gonna Need Someone To Teach A Class On This ASAP

    I am once again asking for there to be a life hacks college course that teaches all these things!!!!!

    There's nothing quite like scrolling on the interwebs, minding your business, and learning that there's a much easier way to do something you've been doing your whole life, and you didn't even realize it. Or, sometimes you learn that one tiny change you literally never would've considered yourself could definitely make your life 10x easier in the long run. Like, how did I miss this?

    A hot minute ago, I asked the lovely, genius women* of the BuzzFeed Community to share their best, go-to life hacks. As always, they did not disappoint! Here are 23 of the best tips and tricks they shared:

    *While the initial prompt asked women to share their best life hacks, these can be from and for anybody, regardless of how you identify! Life hack on, y'all! 

    1. "In a pinch, you can use your car floor mats for traction underneath your tires if you get stuck on an icy road. Wedge them under your front wheels if you have front-wheel drive or your back wheels if you have rear-wheel drive. Don't floor it or you will spin your wheels. Instead, press your accelerator as if you are trying to go 5mph. This and kitty litter are my go-to solutions."

    alohacali and christines4fb3be872

    2. "Get a cheap lingerie bag (they're like $2 at Walmart) to put small things like socks/underwear when you're doing laundry. That way you can make sure all your socks have a match before putting them in the bag, making it way easier to put them away later. It also prevents socks/underwear from clinging to your other clothes when you put them in the dryer."


    3. "I keep a travel-size antiperspirant/deodorant in my desk at work. There have been times when I rushed out of my home and forgot to apply. Also, I live in a very hot climate so sometimes re-application is necessary."


    woman spraying deodorant

    4. "Having a 'mom bag' is lifesaving shit. Make sure it's a size that’s easy to transfer from purse to purse, or backpack, or whatever you use to carry your stuff around on a regular basis. Tailor the size of your mom bag to fit the smallest of your usual bags and you’ll never leave it behind because it’s 'too big for your current bag.'"

    "In it, a small case with one or two days’ worth of any meds you take daily is a must. Also, some bandages, pain reliever, nail clippers, tweezers, earring backs (if you wear earrings), safety pins, tampons/pads, etc."


    5. "I keep a $20 or $50 bill between my phone and phone case just so I always have some extra cash on hand. It's also helpful for when you realize you've left your wallet at home or you end up at that one random place that only takes cash."


    6. "Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Even the cheap-ass stuff is better than nothing. I didn't do this regularly until I was in my 30s, and though my skin isn't bad, I know my skin would've looked better if I had started younger."


    woman applying moisturizer on her face

    7. "Keep a pair of work shoes or slippers at your desk when you work in the office. If you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes in, you have a pair of comfier ones available without going barefoot or in socks on the floor. Works the other way too if you don’t like to drive in dress shoes and need to change when you get to work."


    8. "Expand your concept of 'self-care!' A pet peeve of mine is the idea that self-care has to cost money and needs to be budgeted for. Self-care isn't ONLY about mani/pedis and spa trips. Let's normalize things like taking a walk, drinking more water, using a library, and other noncommercial things for people to find joy in."


    9. "Baby wipes! Always keep a container in your car. They have a million uses!"


    wet wipes

    10. "A good way to store an assortment of meds for the 'mom bag' in your purse is a dollar store weekly pill sorter. The weekday labels come off with a little bit of acetone, and then you can write on each compartment with a sharpie or dollar store label. With seven compartments, you can have space for a few doses of seven different meds. In mine, I keep ibuprofen, heartburn pills, Pepto tablets, tums, children’s ibuprofen, allergy pills, and Lactaid."


    11. "Make sure to fill out the emergency medical section on your smartphone. Not only can YOU keep track of all your meds/conditions/medical information there, but medical professionals can access it even if you are unconscious. Seriously, fill it out."


    12. "Buy men's socks! They are so much fluffier, roomier, and generally more comfortable than women's socks."


    an x on women's socks and a check mark on men's socks

    13. "I always keep an emergency dress in my trunk. Everyone makes fun of me for it, but it can go casual or dressy and has helped many a time when I’m traveling! Highly recommend."


    14. "Get a mini swiss army knife with a blade, scissors, file/screwdriver, tweezers, and a toothpick. The scissors are good enough to trim nails. The tweezers can be a little meh, but if you break nails often or get hang nails? Those mini scissors are golden."


    "My dad gave me one for my 13th birthday and I have used it nearly every day since. It comes in handy ALL the time. I have the one that has a little mini scissor and like 12 other tools so it’s a bit bulky, but I keep that one in my purse and then I carry a smaller one in my pocket. It’s the best thing to have. You never know when you’re going to need it. I buy them in bulk to give as Christmas gifts, too. I’m obsessed with them. Shit, my husband just saved a raccoon that was stuck in what looked to be a soccer net hanging from a tree, just low enough to touch the ground but too high to get himself out. BAM, he whipped out his SWISS ARMY KNIFE and the little fella was cut free in seconds before he could hurt himself any further. Swiss Army knives save lives."


    15. "Hands smell after cooking or pumping gas? Hand sanitizer works great to get onion, garlic, and gasoline smells off your hands."


    hands applying hand sanitzer

    16. "I keep a makeup bag in my car that has packing tape, a sharpie marker, stamps, and a pair of scissors in it. It has saved me so many times when I pick up a birthday card, gift, or mail a package."


    17. "Put a wet washcloth in the dryer with your wrinkled clothes. It does the trick and makes it much easier to multitask compared to ironing."


    18. "Keep a small tube of hand cream in your purse. You can use it to get rid of make up smears, especially mascara. You can also put a bit in your hair to get rid of frizzes if you get caught in the rain. You can also put a bit on your lips if you don't have lip balm and they're really bugging you. These are not for everyday use of course, but it works great in a pinch."


    hands applying lotion

    19. "If you're using a public restroom and need to poop but don’t want others to hear it, lay a thin layer of toilet paper over the surface of the water before you go. No more thunk when the log hits the pond if you know what I mean!"


    20. "I always make sure I eat before I go grocery shopping. Anytime I don’t…I just buy all types of foolishness that seemed genius on an empty stomach that I definitely didn't actually need. No one needs icing and crackers!"


    21. "I keep a small external battery in my purse with a phone charger, USB-c, and micro USB charger. They make ones really thin now so it adds minimal weight to my purse overall. It's really useful if you need to charge something unexpectedly, end up staying out late, or a friend's phone is dying."


    external battery pack

    22. "On a night out, I carry a junk wallet with some singles in it and an old, non-working cellphone just in case I ever get robbed. This way, I can give the mugger the non-functioning phone and useless wallet, while the good stuff is hidden somewhere on my body."


    23. And finally, "Buy a 12 pack of those little Kleenex packages and put them in every bag, jacket, and vehicle. I've been doing this for two years now and it's so convenient to ALWAYS have tissues when I need them."


    Genius, am I right? Have a life hack we missed? Tell us about it in the comments below or via this anonymous form.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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