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Women Are Sharing Their Go-To Life Hacks Every Woman Should Know, And These Might Just Change Your Life

Not gonna lie, even I learned some of these today.

Redditor u/FloydianCrazyDiamond asked, "What is your most used life hack as a woman?" Lucky for us, the lovely ladies of Reddit had no shortage of brilliant pro tips to share with us. Here are 18 of their best answers:

Note: submissions have also been sourced from these two similar threads.

1. "For those who use shaving gel that come in aluminum cans: before you put it in the shower, use clear nail polish to make a thin coat all along the bottom rim of the can."

Someone pouring shaving cream into their hand

2. "Keep a backup purse or bag of toiletries in your glove box."

"Fill it with basics like deodorant, perfume, basic makeup, glasses cleaner , mini toothbrush/toothpaste, mini brush, cash, etc. It's saved my butt on numerous occasions such as impromptu meetings, having to stay over at a family members house, and on dates."


3. "Have all your body measurements written in your smartphone notes, so when you go online shopping, you can always pick the right size."

"Feet length, standard bust-waist-hip, your height, wrist girth, finger girths, etc. Update them once a year, or when your body changes. Since I started doing this, my shopping skills have improved immensely."


4. "Buy men's razors."

"They're more cost effective and they work better."


5. "If I am only shopping for a few things I don't grab a cart or basket. It makes me less prone to buying things I don't need."

A shopping cart that's been circled and crossed out

6. "Have a chapstick and tampon in most locations you frequent."


7. "Budget for pedicures, massages, hair cuts, and waxing. If it’s self care, budget for it. Taking care of yourself goes so far."


8. "Stop buying shaving creams and use cheap conditioner instead."

"It’s a closer shave somehow, and also moisturizes your skin."


9. "When you can’t squeeze any more product out of a tube container (hand cream, moisturiser, body lotion, etc.), cut it in half using scissors."

"You’d be surprised how much product can be still in there — sometimes a few days or even a week’s worth."


10. "I sew my adjustable bra straps in place at the right size. No more straps always pulling looser and slipping off my shoulders."


11. "If you're unemployed/working from home/studying, get dressed and showered. It helps with your mindset and productivity a lot, in my experience."

A woman picking out an outfit

12. "Learn the power of saying the word 'no.' Set those boundaries for yourself. Life-changing."


13. "Soak a cotton ball in vanilla essence and attach it to your car aircon. It'll make your car smell good for months for a low cost."


14. "If you drop an earring or earring back while leaning over a sink, just put your hand over the drain as quickly as possible. Don't try to catch the item."

"It's easier to cover the hole than it is to try and catch a tiny bouncy earring."


15. "Always keep an emergency outfit in the car. It’s saved me a few times."


16. And, finally, "Always pee after sex."

Doing so can help prevent UTIs.


Now it's your turn! Do you have a life hack that's made your life waaay easier and think all women should know it? If so, tell us about it in the comments below!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.