15 Times Idris Elba Reminded Us He Is Not Only The "Sexiest Man Alive," But Also The Funniest

    No thoughts. Just the GIF of Idris Elba dancing his lil' heart out on The Tonight Show.

    1. When he reminded Stephen Colbert that he's ~still~ the sexiest man alive:

    Idris telling Colbert he's sexiest man ALIVE, so he has the title until he dies

    2. When he was ready to throw hands after some reallllly spicy wings on "Hot Ones":

    Idris sweating and asking the creator of the "Hot Ones" show if he can fight

    3. When he reminded us that, actually, he is the Hot One™️:

    Idris saying about eight times a day women give him their number, then joking that's only Snapchat. Then he says he's kidding. His girlfriend is in the dressing room

    4. When he and Chris Hemsworth crashed Tom Hiddleston's thank-you speech on the set of Thor: Ragnarok:

    Tom accepting an award for the Night Manager, Idris asking why Luther wasn't nominated and Idris saying hi to his mum

    5. When he showed off his dance moves on The Tonight Show:

    6. When he was given a new name by Matthew McConaughey and ran with it:

    Matthew calling Idris "Ebble," Idris saying "Elbow," and Idris saying he's called "Idris Elbow"

    7. And when they continued joking around on what was probably a verrrrry long press day:

    Matthew reading a question about Idris "jing" — looking confused — a producer clarifying that it says "DJ-ing" and them laughing and joking about it

    8. When he made this fan's dreams come true on Good Morning America:

    A girl behind Idris very excited to see him, he and the GMA hosts inviting her onstage, her looking shocked and excited, and him hugging her and offering his chair

    9. When he auctioned off a Valentine's Day date and went to the Experts™️ for advice:

    Idris asking kids how to tell a girl on a date that he likes her, a kid saying to make a face, Idris repeating the face, and the kid telling him if they smile at him, just pass out

    10. When he kicked off his Today show interview with a good old-fashioned April Fools' joke:

    Idris ignoring a question on the "Today" show, pulling out a guitar, and singing "April Fools"

    11. When he emphasized the importance of learning a good, strong American accent:

    Idris explaining he learned his American accent in a barbershop, yelling "come on man" as a phrase he picked up, and saying "come on mate" didn't work as well

    12. When he somehow still made fancy shoes funny and relatable:

    Fallon pointing out Idris's Gucci shoes, the camera doing a close-up, and Idris saying he just put cream on his ankles because they were ashy and he was so glad he did

    13. When he did a total Jim Halpert after hearing about this kid's crush:

    Idris asking kids their dream Valentine's date, one of them saying James Bond, and Idris smiling and looking into the camera

    14. When he was too dang charming for his own good:

    Seth Meyers saying Idris met his mom, she brings it up every day, and calls his dad "not Idris." Idris awkwardly waving and saying sorry to Seth's dad Larry

    15. And finally, when he and his wife were equal parts adorable and hilarious:

    Idris's wife saying his guilty pleasure is feet, Idris looking confused and embarrassed, her asking what she likes, them laughing, and the answer being blurred out

    What a dude! Don't forget to catch Idris in Concrete Cowboy, streaming now on Netflix!