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    Introducing "Eyelash Jewelry"

    AKA false eyelashes on crack. Satisfy your brony and kawaii eyecessory needs?

    Etsy seller Natalie Russo makes jewelry for eyelashes.

    They range from $7 to $30 and come in a variety of specific themes.

    "Twilight Sparkle"

    ....such as "Old School Circus."

    "Rainbow Dash"

    For every brony in need of ocular adornments.

    "Viva Las Vegas"

    "Fish in the Sea"

    "Googly Eye"

    SO META.

    "Baby Farm Animal"


    "Lady Bug Fairy Garden"

    "Wispy Snowflake"


    Recommended for "Burning Man, burlesque, avant garde fashion."

    ...And my personal favorite, "Emo"

    Check out Natalie's Etsy shop for more!