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    • AndysMom2012

      I just returned from a week in Bay Saint Louis, MS. I grew up going “downashore” and I have been all over the Pacific coast, but the Gulf coast is very, very underrated. BSL had been destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, and you can sense the resilience in the people, and their love for their town. There are, sadly, still foundations of houses swept away. The sands are soft and white, and the water calming. We visited Ship Island, part of the Gulf Shores National Seashore (from Gulfport) - gorgeous beach. There was a NASA facility, a children’s museum, and New Orleans was only an hour away, so we went to the aquarium, and visited Chalmette battlefield and cemetery, at which 11,000 flags had been placed, a very moving tribute. Great place, warm people, good food - hope to go back one day! A close second? Medora, ND and Teddy Roosevelt National Park, where wild horses run free, and prairie dogs greet you. Go Find Your Park - they are America’s best idea :)

    • AndysMom2012

      Ouch. Aren’t we just talking about the obnoxious people on both sides of these kinds of friendships? I just found this hurtful and nasty. If a friend thinks I am the “worst” then I am thinking that there is not much of a friendship there. And referring to one’s ability to stay late at the office is not applicable to friendships; it’s just an opportunity for the author to take a swipe at parents, and strays from what appeared to be the purpose of the post.

    • AndysMom2012

      It’s a great list, but couldn’t we do something just on the National Parks here in the United States? While GC and Yellowstone are nothing short of amazing, there are so many parks that are worthy of a visit. Or, suggest various itineraries, e.g. fly into Vegas, do the North Rim of the GC, then seen Zion and Bryce, or Yellowstone and Devils Tower in Wyoming, and stop by Mount Rushmore while in that part of the country, or Crater Lake and Craters of the Moon, or see Joshua Tree if in Palm Springs. Embrace our own national treasures!

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