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    15 Things That Should Be Illegal On Airplanes

    Basically, people.

    1. Encroaching on someone else's personal space with bare, CRUSTY feet.

    2. Or putting bare feet ANYWHERE on an airplane, even if it's within your own space.

    3. Odorous assault by tuna fish sandwich, or other equally smelly food items.

    4. Rows with NO WINDOWS. Welcome to your torture box for the next however many hours.

    Punishment: Airline refunds you at LEAST half of your airfare. C'mon.

    5. Using a seat in any other manner other than which it was intended. Which is to say: Not sitting like a goddamned normal human being.

    6. Getting WAYYYY too friendly with your fellow passengers.

    She just returned with beer and made her seat mates listen to a toast. She calls them "buddy" now.

    Ryan Case@film114

    She just returned with beer and made her seat mates listen to a toast. She calls them "buddy" now.

    10:14 PM - 28 Sep 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    7. Clipping toe nails on a flight.

    8. Littering.

    9. Obstructing someone's in-flight entertainment view with your hair.

    10. Showing movies on a plane that have terrifying plane crashes in them.

    11. Middle seats. Middle seats should fucking be illegal.

    12. Unruly children.

    Punishment: All children who cannot keep their shit in check on a flight shall be left behind at the gate.

    13. Shoddy construction/anything that looks questionable on an airplane.

    Punishment: Well, um, provided that all passengers make it safely to their destination, the airline loses their business with these folks.

    14. Falling asleep on your seat mate.

    15. Joining any sort of "mile high" club. Even the one that just includes you.

    An earlier version of this post included a video of what appears to have been a disabled person. It has been removed from this post and we're sorry to have made the error.

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