Top 20 Signs You Are A Catholic University Cardinal

The drinking school with the Catholic problem, here’s to four plus years of living in Brookland and always calling yourself a Cardinal.

1. You still have no idea what a fraternity is.

2. You start counting down to the tent in November.

… Praying they bring the beer truck back.

3. Mega Margs at San Ann’s were the sole reason you didn’t graduate Cum Laude.

4. Even if you haven’t heard this, you love it.

CUA has always known how to have a good time.

5. You remember getting your room blessed.

6. You know how to pronounce “Conaty” and “Unanue.”

Who knew these bricks would sell for $100 each?

7. You have no problem lining up three hours early for a Luau shirt.

8. You wanted to explore the Exorcism Room in Caldwell, or document it for future generations.

9. “Glenmont Go Home” saved your life on more than one occasion.

10. You know where the largest undeveloped plot of land is in DC.

11. Loretta and Late Night Pryz made your Friday and Saturday nights perfect.

12. Directing people to the Shrine was a part time job.

13. Susan Sarandon and Flather.

You know the rest.

14. You know what going to The Library actually meant.

Johnny K’s, Kitty O’Shea’s… All the same.

15. You know St. Patrick’s day is a Holy Day of Obligation.

Even though you don’t remember most of the day.

16. Seeing priests in full religious garb was completely within the norm.

17. You remember the Pope visiting Catholic, either time.

Extra points if you have one of these banners in your living room.

18. The Rathskellar lives on in your heart, even if you never experienced it.

And you cannot wait for Murphy’s in the Pryz

19. You could not wait for the day to “Don Your Hoods.”

Alma Mater, we behold Thee.
Sons and Daughters true.

20. But you know the time passed too quickly, So here’s to you CU, CU.

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