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Who Do You Think The "Scream Queens" Killer Is?

Creator Ryan Murphy says that we've already "met the Red Devil." Let's take a look at the prime suspects, shall we?

Last night was the network premiere of the delightfully insane Scream Queens.

At the end of the two-hour premiere, creator Ryan Murphy sent out this enticing tweet:

You've met the Red Devil. Who do you think it is? #ScreamQueens

So the true identity of the Red Devil is someone we've already seen...but who could it be? Let's take a look at the prime suspects.

1. Chanel Oberlin

2. Chanels #3 and #5

3. Dean Munsch

4. Pete Martinez

5. Chad Radwell and Boone

6. Wes (Grace's dad)

7. Gigi Caldwell

8. LITERALLY EVERYONE (except maybe Grace and Zayday)