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Who Do You Think The "Scream Queens" Killer Is?

Creator Ryan Murphy says that we've already "met the Red Devil." Let's take a look at the prime suspects, shall we?

Last night was the network premiere of the delightfully insane Scream Queens.


It has already provided a wealth of iconic quotes.

At the end of the two-hour premiere, creator Ryan Murphy sent out this enticing tweet:

You've met the Red Devil. Who do you think it is? #ScreamQueens

So the true identity of the Red Devil is someone we've already seen...but who could it be? Let's take a look at the prime suspects.


1. Chanel Oberlin


Chanel is an obvious suspect: We saw her dunk Ms. Bean into the fryer, and we're pretty sure she was behind the spray tan incident. But isn't she a little too obvious? Chanel is manipulative to the point where she puts Regina George to shame, but that doesn't necessarily make her a serial killer. However, I'm suspect of her supposed run-in with the Red Devil, seeing as she's the only one who got away thus far and no one else saw it happen.

2. Chanels #3 and #5


The other remaining Chanels are fiercely loyal, and if we look at the list of victims thus far, they have a bit of motive. Chanel #2 was threatening to leave, and we know they aren't fond of the new pledges. Could they be teaming up to take out any threats to Kappa Kappa Tau?

3. Dean Munsch


Dean Cathy Munsch has made her hatred for KKT very clear, and it seems like she would stop at nothing to ruin them. However, Dean Munsch also seems pretty into her job, so would she put her career in jeopardy over this petty rivalry? Also, since Chanel already accused her of killing her predecessor, we're betting Munsch would be too obvious.

4. Pete Martinez


Pete seemed really sweet at first, but started giving off a bit of a creepy vibe toward the end of the premiere. Plus, he has easy access to the Red Devil costume, since he works as the school mascot. But again, could the killer really be that obvious? This could be just a red herring...or maybe Ryan Murphy wants us to think it's a red herring just to throw us off. Pete is at the top of the list of guesses for who the Bathtub Baby was, though.

But if Pete is the baby, would that make him even more likely to be the killer? Maybe he was raised to hate sororities just as much as the Dean, and the two of them are working together.

5. Chad Radwell and Boone


From the big twist in the second part of the premiere, we know that Boone is working with the Red Devil somehow. It would make sense that he's teamed up with his best friend and biggest crush, Chad...but there was that scene where Boone said he was scared about the murders and ended up with a "broner." Chad wouldn't have bought that if he was in on the murdering, so he might be innocent. A total douche, sure, but an innocent one.

As for Boone, his involvement frees up the possibility that one of the pledges present for Deaf Taylor Swift's beheading could still be a suspect, as Boone could've just handled that kill while they were incapacitated. Could one of the pledges be the killer?

6. Wes (Grace's dad)


When we first met Grace Gardner, she talked about how her mom died when she was young and all she has is her Kappa Kappa Tau pin. Grace's age wouldn't make sense, but what if there's a twist that proves that Grace is actually the Bathtub Baby? What if, because of her secretive birth, Grace is actually a year or two older than she is now?

If that were the case, Wes would have every motive to be the Red Devil. He would hate sororities since they got Grace's mother killed, and he would want to take everyone at KKT out to keep Grace safe. Heck, even if Grace isn't the Bathtub Baby, protecting his little girl might be enough motive for Wes.

Plus, Oliver Hudson plays Jeff Fordham on Nashville, so he's had practice being the "bad guy."

7. Gigi Caldwell


Gigi said herself that her therapist told her she's emotionally stuck in the 90's. Could it be that Gigi was one of the girls at this very chapter of KKT when the Bathtub Baby was born, and that the event led her to go insane and come back to kill future KKT pledges? What if the mother didn't actually die and WHAT IF SHE'S THE MOTHER?

Know who else seems to be stuck in the 90's? Wes, since he was singing "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" by Bryan Adams off of his 1995(!) playlist in the car when Gigi came out to talk to him. Maybe he didn't recognize her at first, or maybe it's all part of the charade. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if there's more to Gigi and Wes than it seems.

8. LITERALLY EVERYONE (except maybe Grace and Zayday)

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

The Red Devil is the school's mascot, so how hard could it be for multiple people to get their hands on the costume? What if the Red Devil isn't just one person, or even two, but rather multiple people who have a grudge for one reason or another? Once one murder has been committed and the Red Devil becomes famous thanks to Chanel #2's tweet, anyone could take up the mantle and off someone who's in their way.

  1. Who do you think is the real Red Devil?

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Who do you think is the real Red Devil?
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    Chanel Oberlin
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    One or both of the other Chanels
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    Dean Munsch
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    Dean Munsch & Boone
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    Chad & Boone
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    Boone & one of the pledges
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    Pete & Dean Munsch
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    Gigi & Wes
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    At least three or more people working separately
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    Someone else whom I'll name in the comments

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