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    14 Funny Tumblr Posts That Also Have Wild Historical Facts

    Mind-blowing facts with a side of snarky responses.

    1. One of the Popes tried to ban sneezing.

    A tumblr post noting that Pope Urban VIII tried to ban sneezing because it was too close to sexual ecstasy

    2. Sam Bartram, a goalkeeper for the Charlton Athletic, once stood alone on the field for 15 minutes because he didn't realize the game had been called off due to heavy fog.

    (It should be noted that this photo isn't actually of Bartram, though.)

    3. Advertisers avoided buying radio ads at first because they seemed intrusive.

    A tumblr post describing how advertisers were initially wary of radio ads because they seemed pushy and invasive

    4. There was a silk monopoly in the sixth century until two Byzantine monks smuggled silkworm eggs out of China.

    5. A man once had the hiccups for 68 years. For about half that time, he was hiccuping about 40 times a minute.

    6. In 1896, a train company crashed two locomotives as a publicity stunt. The locomotives exploded (of course), and the debris killed two people and injured dozens more.

    William Crush was fired the next day over the stunt, but after backlash from the public he was rehired and subsequently worked at the company until his retirement.

    7. An AI program designed to identify bread and pastries is now used for everything from cancer detection to jet engine repair.

    8. If mirrors have a color, it's green, because glass reflects green light more than other colors of light.

    9. The term "dashboard" originally came from horse-drawn carriages, which is wild since we now use it to describe digital interfaces.

    10. War elephants were deployed as far north as England, according to Greek historian Polyaenus.

    11. Cappuccino drinks are named after Italian friars, specifically the hoods of their robes.

    A post describing how cappuccinos are named for friar robe hoods called cappuccio

    12. Both John Wilkes Booth and his brother were famous actors at the time when Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

    13. Parts of the Appalachian Mountains might be older than bones.

    14. And finally, the CIA made some truly bonkers assassination attempts on Fidel Castro, including trying to kill him with an exploding seashell.

    Have you ever seen an interesting Tumblr post that made you laugh AND think? Or do you just have a random fact you want to share? Tell us about it in the comments!

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