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Here Are The Most-Watched Disney+ Shows And Movies — Let's See How Many You've Seen

Dang, people love Moana.

Last year was a big one for Disney+, as we saw all kinds of new series and movies hit the streaming service. When it comes to the most-watched Disney+ movies and TV shows, though, some were new and some were classics.

Since streaming numbers can be a little ~secretive~, the tracking website summed up the top 10 movies and shows on Disney+ based on how long each title was in the "trending" section of the streamer's homepage. Below are the lists of top movies and shows from 2021. How many have you seen?


10. Zootopia

A scene from Zootopia where Judy arrests Nick for tax evasion

9. Black Widow

Natasha and Yelena at the dinner table

8. Cruella

Emma Stone as Cruella in an ornate high-fashion gown

7. Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and Sisu on a boat together

6. Soul


Pixar's Soul actually released at the very end of 2020, but it continued to trend well into 2021. The movie — about a jazz musician who meets his untimely end right before his big shot to make it in music — was typically gorgeous and introspective, as Pixar movies often are. Personally, I'm not sure how great a movie it is for kids, but it struck a chord among many adult viewers.

5. Avengers: Endgame

The "Avengers assemble" moment from Endgame

4. Luca

3. Frozen

2. Frozen II

now this is what i call cinematic art at it’s finest #frozen2


If Frozen is on the list, it makes sense that Frozen II would also be on it. This sequel to one of Disney's biggest hits ever was also a huge success, and while the music never quite reached the popularity of "Let It Go," the soundtrack still has some excellent songs.

1. Moana

And now, on to the top 10 TV shows on Disney+ in 2021!

10. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Sam saying they're one of the "big three, androids aliens and wizards" and Bucky arguing that that isn't a thing

9. Grey's Anatomy

Cristina's "he is not the sun" speech

8. Marvel's What If?

Images showing the differences between the Captain America movie and the What If episode with Peggy choosing not to go up into the booth

7. WandaVision

Vision saying "I think there's something wrong here Wanda"

6. The Mandalorian

5. Loki

Loki and some of the variants fighting Alioth in the Void

4. Jessie

The cast of Jessie in an episode about Ravi's birthday party

3. Bluey

2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

1. The Simpsons

Are you surprised by any of these titles? Let us know what you think in the comments!