Can You Name These 27 Disney Sidekicks?

    No Disney princess, prince, or villain is complete without their sidekick. Can you name all 27 of them?

    It's practically a tradition in Disney's animated films that there be an animal sidekick.

    1. We'll start off easy. Who's this little guy?

    2. Sticking with Aladdin, who's this?

    3. Remember Merlin's grumpy owl in The Sword in the Stone? What was his name?

    4. It's going to wear on your conscience pretty hard if you can't remember this one.

    5. Mowgli had a lot of animal friends, but this guy was his true sidekick.

    6. Let's see who you remember from The Little Mermaid.

    7. This one should be easy.

    8. How about Ursula's pretty babies?

    9. Can you remember the name of Price Eric's shaggy dog?

    10. That's enough Little Mermaid. What was the name of Maleficent's pet crow?

    11. Tarzan had a couple of animal sidekicks. What was this one's name?

    12. And this neurotic mess?

    13. This guy's pretty new, but you probably know his name.

    14. This guy takes his job very seriously.

    15. What about this fellow, also from Tangled?

    16. Okay, hotshot. What were the names of Cinderella's mice?

    17. This imposing dragon?

    18. You remember Pocahontas, right? Who's this rascal?

    19. What's the name of this little guy?

    20. How about this fancy little gentleman?

    21. This one shouldn't be tough if you know your mythology. What's the name of Herc's flying buddy?

    22. Do you remember the name of Jack Skellington's ghost dog?

    23. How about this eccentric firefly, who sings the best song in Princess and the Frog?

    24. You're in the home stretch! Who is this squirrel-obsessed dog?

    25. What was the name of Captain Phoebus's horse?

    26. And finally, can you remember the name of Esmerelda's goat? Remember, spelling counts!

    27. BONUS: Do you know the name of WALL-E's cockroach pal, who is never mentioned by name?