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    21 Puns That'll Make You Walk Away From Your Screen

    1: Read pun. 2: Groan. 3: Repeat.

    1. I wonder if they had to re-hearse this one.

    2. You'll get this one if you aren't obtuse.

    3. This is a truly ex-cell-ent one.

    4. This one is ho-ho-horrible.

    5. Hopefully all these puns don't lead to some kind of re-volt.

    6. You'll get this one if you parse-ley it out.

    7. Try not to die laughing.

    8. You may have to see the doc after this one.

    9. This one is just a-mane-zing.

    10. You're not even halfway through this post, so the puns aren't fin-ished.

    11. Oh my goth, these puns are just awful.

    12. Somebody should get fired over this pun.

    13. You might blow your lid over this one.

    14. This is an old one, but cut the guy some slacks.

    15. This one's the father of all puns.

    16. Want an example of a string of great puns? Here's a demenstruation.

    17. I laughed at this yolk.

    18. This one's gonna keep you a-quake at night.

    19. This is a well-thymed pun.

    20. This one is just a-stone-ding.

    21. Hopefully all of these didn't have you seeing red.

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