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    18 Jokes About The Avengers Just Hanging Out That Are Frickin' Hilarious

    "The Avengers go to Ikea, and Thor is the only one who can pronounce the name of anything."

    1. Thor definitely had this conversation with his fellow Asgardians:

    2. Poor Peter definitely got pranked by Thor exactly like this:

    3. In fact, Thor was probably a bad influence on Peter all around:

    4. Shuri undoubtedly wakes T'Challa up all the damn time.

    5. Clint and Natasha must have had an intense dodgeball game or two:

    6. Thor is probably the MVP of any Ikea trip:

    7. Coulson DEFINITELY styled Steve's hair before he woke up:

    8. This conversation most likely happened after Civil War:

    9. Deadpool absolutely made some pancakes.

    10. Cap and Bucky are clearly the greatest ultimate frisbee team ever:

    11. T'challa most likely did something awkward on a date with Nakia:

    12. Thor clearly took up interior decorating after Ragnarok:

    13. Peter was definitely more than a little weirded out by Loki:

    14. The History Channel is probably LIT in the MCU:

    15. Odin most likely got a little nervous when Loki started picking his own clothes:

    16. The Avengers definitely got together for some Dungeons & Dragons at some point:

    17. It's entirely possible that Tony tried to prank everyone exactly like this:

    18. And Clint and Cap must have used this exchange from Brooklyn Nine-Nine during battle, at some point:

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