13 Disney Plot Holes That Actually Have Reasonable Explanations

    DISNEY NEVER MAKES MISTAKES and I'm here to prove it.

    1. "Why didn't Ariel just WRITE an explanation to Prince Eric when she couldn't speak?"

    2. "After midnight, everything the Fairy Godmother gave to Cinderella reverted to normal...except for Cinderella's glass slippers. Shouldn't they have turned back to normal, too?"

    3. "Why did Li Shang just abandon Mulan in the snow to fend for herself? Why not at least escort her back?"

    4. "Why are there anteaters (which are native to Central and South America) in The Lion King, which is set in Africa?"

    5. "When Aladdin wishes to be a prince, Genie gives him clothes and a parade, but not a kingdom. But when Jafar wishes to be Sultan, Genie gives him Agrabah. What gives?"

    6. "In Beauty and the Beast, they say that the Prince would be cursed until his 21st year, and Lumiére sings, 'Ten years we have been rusting.' So did the Prince get cursed when he was 11? Why are there portraits in the castle where he looks like a young man?"

    7. "Speaking of the castle, how did the villagers manage to avoid the place for so long? Did nobody notice it after all this time?"

    8. "So, Elsa made her palace out of ice...does she sleep on an ice bed? Are her toilets made of ice? That sounds uncomfortable! And what does she eat? Everything on that mountain is frozen solid!"

    9. "Buzz Lightyear thinks that he's an actual Space Ranger, but he still pretends to be a toy whenever Andy's around."

    10. "Why is King Triton so controlling and angry? Was it really necessary to destroy Ariel's entire grotto full of stuff she collected?"

    11. "In Mulan, Li Shang threatens to send recruits home if they don't perform well in training. Mulan's dad was feeble, so he probably would've just been sent home too."

    12. "How did nobody else in the entire kingdom have the same shoe size as Cinderella?"

    13. "Why does Elsa magically create a dazzling gown? She's already royalty. Really, after all that stress, she realistically would've taken off her bra and created herself some nice pajamas, or at least sweatpants and a hoodie."