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    Posted on Dec 28, 2015

    11 Totally Binge-Worthy Shows From 2015

    It's binge-watching time!

    1. Daredevil (Netflix)


    Netflix's first Marvel superhero show turned out to be an excellent first step. The show managed to bring the character to the screen in an interesting and engaging way while still remaining faithful to the source material. Perhaps most interesting was the series's treatment of its villain (Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin) as a figure who is evil, but occasionally almost sympathetic.

    It takes a little while to get going, but chances are Daredevil will have you hooked after the incredible hallway fight in the second episode. Also, the show gets bonus points for having characters actually get tired in fistfights. You know, like humans.

    2. Jessica Jones (Netflix)


    The second of Marvel's new Netflix shows was even better than the first. Jessica Jones offered a noir-esque tone that had not been seen in any other Marvel project thus far, plus a truly sadistic villain that made for some of the darkest moments seen on TV this year. Add in all the smart, subtle things that the show says about sexual assault, male privilege, and consent, and you have one of the best shows of 2015.

    It's a must for Marvel fans, but even if you've never read a comic book in your life, you'll probably still love Jessica Jones.

    3. Catastrophe (Amazon)


    Amazon is forgiven for importing this British comedy (it originally aired on the U.K.'s Channel 4) and calling it an "Amazon Original Series," if only because it's one of the funniest shows to hit TV screens this year.

    Starring Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan as a couple whose one-night (or one-week) stand results in a pregnancy, the show follows the two as they deal with the complications that ensue.

    The only thing better than how hilarious the show and its cast are is how oddly sweet Delaney and Horgan are together. The second season is currently airing in the U.K. and should hit Amazon for U.S. audiences in early 2016.

    4. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW)


    In a network TV season that felt like we were seeing a lot of the same, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend stood out as a breath of fresh air. The show follows Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) as an attorney who leaves New York to move to West Covina, all in order to follow a guy she dated once at camp. Except she'll tell you that's not really the reason.

    It's smart, it's funny, it gets serious and explores mental illness when it needs to, and the musical numbers are to die for. Recent episodes are available on Hulu.

    5. Casual (Hulu)


    Hulu made a strong argument for its original programming this year with the premiere of the excellent Casual. The comedy follows a bachelor brother and his newly divorced sister as they help each other through online dating and raising her teenage daughter, and it has already earned itself a Golden Globe nomination for Best Television Series: Comedy or Musical.

    6. Mr. Robot (USA)


    A surprise hit from USA, Mr. Robot follows a vigilante hacker whose job at a major security firm makes him a prime candidate for taking down an evil conglomerate. Full of twists, mystery, and intrigue, the show is absolutely bingeworthy and will probably have you distrusting everything by the end of it.

    The first season is currently available on Hulu.

    7. Other Space (Yahoo Screen)

    Yahoo! Screen

    In the midst of all the hubbub about Yahoo Screen picking up Community, another Yahoo original snuck by mostly unnoticed. Other Space follows the oddball and slightly inept crew of an exploratory spaceship charting unexplored parts of the universe...think Star Trek meets The Office. The cast is made up of seasoned improvisers and comedians, and the show was created by Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, so it's no surprise that it was one of the funniest shows on TV this year.

    The first season is available for free on Yahoo Screen.

    8. Master of None (Netflix)


    Even if you didn't watch Master of None, chances are you heard about it. Aziz Ansari made headlines for the creative, funny, and charming ways he tackled issues of race and gender in the show's first season, not to mention the effortlessly diverse casting. As expected, Ansari and his team created some truly funny moments in Master of None, but you'll probably be surprised at how charming and occasionally romantic it can be as well.

    9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)


    One wouldn't think that a show about a woman who was imprisoned by a cultist since childhood would be funny, but somehow Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt managed it. The show was created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, and their tone is clearly present: The show is reminiscent of 30 Rock, right down to the plucky music in between scenes.

    Come for the hilarious writing, stay for the incredibly funny performances of Ellie Kemper, Tituss Burgess, and Jane Krakowski.

    10. Making a Murderer (Netflix)


    If the second season of Serial isn't quite satisfying your true-crime needs, Making a Murderer is here to help. The docuseries follows the case of Steven Avery, a man from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, who found himself the prime suspect of a murder case after having just been released from prison for a crime he didn't commit. It's an incredible, if sad, account of the failings of the American criminal justice system that's well worth a binge-watch.

    11. The Last Kingdom (BBC America)

    BBC America

    With Game of Thrones not coming back until April, you might find yourself in need of some period political drama with swords and horses and stuff. BBC's The Last Kingdom can give you just that. Based on the series of novels The Saxon Stories, the show follows a Saxon-born orphan raised by Viking Danes who must choose his allegiance when the different factions vie for control over what will become England.

    The eight-episode first season is available on the BBC America site, with a cable login. A 10-episode second season is due out in 2016.

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