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27 Things You Might Not Have Known About "Scrubs"

We all agree that Scrubs is the best show ever, but did you know that there were more than 400 songs played over nine seasons?

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7. The episode of The Office in which Pam finds out she's pregnant was also shot at Sacred Heart, just with different lighting.

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It has also been used in several other television shows, including The Sopranos and Six Feet Under.


9. When the show's writers thought the show might not make it through the first season, they never allowed the janitor to interact with any characters other than J.D.

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Had the show been canceled, they would have revealed that the janitor was actually not real at all, and that he was all in J.D.'s head.


20. Several cast members from Scrubs have appeared in Lawrence’s animated sitcom Clone High.


Sarah Chalke played Marie Antoinette, Zach Braff played Paul Revere, Neil Flynn played Julius Caesar, Christa Miller played Cleopatra, Donald Faison played Toots, and John C. McGinley played a creepy trucker.


Jordan Sullivan was portrayed by Christa Miller. An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that the character was played by Christa Williams. Sorry Dragon Lady, our bad.