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    The Best Virtual Events You Can Attend While You're Social Distancing This Week

    Make mozzarella, explore a museum in London, and wander Japan by rail — all from your living room.

    1. If your heart yearns for mozzarella, you simply *must* sign up for a mozzarella-making class with the iconic Big Mozz — they'll send you a pound of grass-fed and cultured cheese curd, salt, a prep list, access to a live Zoom class, and additional recipe guides.

    2. Looking to become a makeup guru? Presenting CliniqueLIVE, a weekly Instagram event to answer all of your makeup and skincare Qs. Each session is hosted by an ~expert~ in the beauty world — brace yourself for nighttime routines and tutorials aplenty.

    3. Support local New Orleans businesses *and* listen to live music! A ton of NOLA bars and artists (including The Bayou Boogaloo, SideBar NOLA, and Luna Libre Live) will be streaming some truly impressive sets.

    4. Walk through The British Museum in London with Google Arts & Culture — this 360-degree tour will bring you just steps away (well, virtually) from over eight million objects spanning over two million years of history.

    5. If spiked hazelnut coffee ice cream and boozy raspberry limoncello sorbet speak to your soul, then you'll *definitely* want to sign up for a virtual ice cream cocktail class with NYC-based Tipsy Scoop.

    6. Throw your own Taco Tuesday with @TravelTex, where celebrated chefs (think Chef Lanny Lancarte of Righteous Foods in Fort Worth and Chef Alex Padilla of Ninfa's in Houston) give you the lowdown on some awesome taco recipes.

    7. Drink your favorite 21+ beverage with the iconic NYC-based Rosé Mansion. Every Friday they host a (free) virtual happy hour via Zoom where they do birthday shoutouts, fun drinking games, dance parties, and more.

    8. Skip the airfare (turbulence included) and tour Machu Picchu by internet — a special 360-degree technology allows you to feel as if you're exploring this Inca citadel by foot.

    9. London-based Bread Ahead Bakery wants to turn your quarantine into a full-fledged bake-a-thon by offering daily lessons — the kind that cover everything from scones to focaccia.

    10. Do an at-home dinner and show with Rhode Island-based Wilbury Theatre Group: they'll be streaming concerts and plays that cover everything from Shakespeare to superheroes.

    11. Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. The NYC-based Murray's Cheese Bar is hosting a ton of ~cheese tasting~ courses throughout May, so the time to break out that charcuterie board? It's now.

    12. Experience the magic of Disney (sans waiting in never-ending lines) with 360-degree interactive videos of some of their most *iconic* rides — think the Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom, and more!

    View this video on YouTube

    Check out all of the available rides here.

    13. Bring Charleston's famed Callie's Hot Little Biscuit into your kitchen. How? By tuning in to founder Carrie Morey's Instagram — she'll be posting new videos every Thursday.

    14. Humming show tunes? Consider turning your living room into a theater by way of a BroadwayHD subscription. This service allows you to stream a slew of musicals, dramas, and Broadway classics — including the original Cats.

    15. Interested in a tour of Japan? #Same. You can now travel the country ~by rail~ at your leisure with the help of Google Earth — simply check out this list (put together by to visit 20 iconic destinations.

    16. Spend the ~day~ at the American Museum of Natural History by browsing through extensive research collections, taking a virtual tour, or downloading the Explorer app to learn more about your favorite exhibits.

    17. Learn how to make your favorite cocktail with Emirates. Easy-to-follow video guides will give you the lowdown on how to make everything from a mojito and cosmopolitan to a breakfast martini and negroni.

    18. You can still enjoy spring whilst being stuck indoors! The New York Botanical Garden is here to offer a floral escape through virtual activities that can be experienced from your living room.

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