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    Travel To These 31 Dreamy Destinations While You Lounge On Your Couch

    ~In my mind, I'm gone to Bavaria~

    While we are taking this necessary time for social distancing, live webcams around the world are hard at work bringing the places we can't go straight to our homes.


    Go ahead, take a virtual vacation while you're lounging around in your pjs. The world awaits.

    1. Sydney, Australia

    Webcam Sydney

    Peer out over Sydney Harbour, and get a glimpse of sights like the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the city skyline. You may even catch a boat or two floating by on a nice day.

    Visit Sydney here.

    2. Barnes Bay, Anguilla


    If you want to feel like you're drifting away to the tranquil sounds of calm waves hitting the shores of the Caribbean, take a gander at Barnes Bay in Anguilla. The white sands are ample and the tourists are minimal, so you'll feel ultimate levels of peace.

    Visit Barnes Bay here.

    3. Macon, Georgia, US


    For those who don't live near any cherry blossoms and are missing out on cherry blossom sight-seeing this year, peep the blooms in Macon, Georgia. This little town is very proud of their cherry trees, and rightfully so.

    Visit Macon here.

    4. Tokyo, Japan

    Tokyo Tower Official Channel / Via

    Gaze out over the skyscrapers of Tokyo, and take in the city from a different perspective. Even if you make it to Tokyo one day, after spending hours exploring the exciting streets below, you will be craving this view from above.

    Visit Tokyo here.

    5. Algonquin Park, Canada


    Algonquin Park is really a beautiful escape at any time of year. Springtime regrowth leads to lush summers that change into colorful autumns and snow-covered winters.

    Visit Algonquin Park here.

    6. St. Jean Bay, St. Barths

    St-Barth LiveCam / Via

    St. Barths is one of the Caribbean's pricer island escapes, but thankfully it's much cheaper to see the mesmerizingly turquoise waters from the comfort of your home. Look out over St. Jean Bay, and imagine sailing away on one of the many yachts docked just off-shore. Maybe one day you actually will...

    Visit St. Jean Bay here.

    7. The Maldives


    If the Maldives is on your bucket list, this webcam will take you straight to one of its famed resorts, One&Only Reethi Rah. Go ahead, picture yourself dozing off in the Maldivian heat and swinging the day away on a beachside hammock.

    Visit the Maldives here.

    8. Dallas, Texas, US


    Look out over the skyline of downtown Dallas, Texas, made unique by its Renunion Tower (which looks like a lit-up ball on stick at night). If you happen to check in at sunset, the big skies of Texas never disappoint.

    Visit Dallas here.

    9. Pattaya, Thailand


    While Pattaya used to be a quiet fishing village, it's now a tourist hotspot because of its beaches and resorts. Catch a glimpse of some of that prime beachfront property, as well as the many boats floating along.

    Visit Pattaya here.

    10. Dorset, England


    Dorset has a prime spot on the English Channel, where you can watch boats come and go from the harbor. The webcam at Haven Hotel has a perfect shot of the ferry that comes and goes from the dock just outside the hotel's doors.

    Visit Dorset here.

    11. Kauai, Hawaii, US


    If you haven't yet made it out to The Garden Island yet, take a peek at this live webcam of Kauai for a small taste of it. Watch the waves as they crash against the volcanic coastline, and picture a time when you'll be able to walk those shores IRL.

    Visit Kauai here.

    12. Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

    If you time it right, you can see the northern lights on this live cam while you cozy up in bed, instead of shivering the night away in rural Canada.

    Visit Churchill here.

    13. Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos


    While you won't be able to snorkel the coral reef off the coast of Grace Bay Beach, you can still marvel at the bright blue waters. Plus, this webcam is located at the Seven Stars Resort, so you'll get a little taste of that laid-back resort living, too.

    Visit Grace Bay Beach here.

    14. New York City, New York, US


    Take a look at the New York City skyline from a (safe) distance. From One World Trade to the Empire State Building, you'll be able to see it all without having to step foot in Manhattan.

    Visit New York City here.

    15. Riga, Latvia

    Baltic Live Cam

    Latvia's capital is located at the mouth of the River Daugava on the Baltic Sea. From its art nouveau architecture to its cable Vanšu Bridge, you'll get a bit of history mixed with modern times when you take a look at this waterfront town.

    Visit Riga here.

    16. Nassau, Bahamas

    Webcam Taxi

    Nassau is a massive tourist destination for both resort-seekers and cruise-takers alike. While it's nice to lay on the beaches and see the turquoise color of the waters in person, that's not really an option right now, so a great plan B is to take a gander at it all from your couch while you count down the days until we're able to travel again.

    Visit Nassau here.

    17. Kristiansund, Norway

    Streambird Pro / Via

    Located on the western coast of Norway, this seaside town will have you feeling like you're living a scene straight out of Frozen from inside your home. Colorful buildings line the shores, and this webcam gives you an excellent view of them.

    Visit Kristiansund here.

    18. El Gouna, Egypt

    Element Element Watersports / Via

    This little Eqyptian resort town on the Red Sea is usually a hotspot for water sports. Imagine yourself kite surfing or jet skiing these waters in the future, but for now, just grab a snack and watch the waves crash along the quiet shore.

    Visit El Gouna here.

    19. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

    Webcam Taxi

    Though walking the entirety of Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach may provide more exercise, watching the water lap the sand from your living room is much more relaxing. Catch the occasional boat sailing by as the sun makes its way down on a Grand Cayman afternoon.

    Visit Seven Mile Beach here.

    20. Reykjavík, Iceland

    Reykjavik, Iceland Live Webcam / Via

    Reykjavík may be a bit chilly, but luckily you can't transmit temperature through cameras. You can, however, transmit the beauty of snowcapped Mount Esja and the waters of Reykjavík's harbor that front it.

    Visit Reykjavík here.

    21. Laikipia County, Kenya


    Take a virtual African safari through the wilds of Kenya. Thousands of elephants roam around Laikipia County, and if you're lucky, you might spot a baby spending an afternoon at the watering hole alongside its mom.

    Visit Laikipia County here.

    22. Sonnwendstein, Austria

    kechit GmbH / Via

    Perched way up in the Austrian Alps, Sonnwendstein Mountain is the picture of an Austrian ski resort. Take in all the snow-covered pines along the slopes, and maybe you'll even catch a snow storm — it snows a lot.

    Visit Sonnwendstein here.

    23. St. John, US Virgin Islands

    Great Expectations STJ / Via

    This cam really gives you the full picture — it's panoramic, so it's constantly moving and showing you new angles of the island paradise of St. John. The best angle? Probably the one overlooking the blue harbor surrounded by green hills and sprinkled with white sailboats.

    Visit St. John here.

    24. Nice, France

    Matthew Dornquast / Via

    Nice isn't just a city in France — it's also a place you can visit from your home thanks to the camera overlooking its Côte d'Azur coast. The South of France is typically swarming with tourists in the summer, but if you take a look now, you'll be able to see a wide open coastline that isn't crowded with beach chairs.

    Visit Nice here.

    25. Vancouver Island, Canada

    Crystal Cove Beach Resort - Cabins & RV Camping / Via

    As far as Canada goes, Vancouver Island has a pretty mild climate, which makes for a lot of beautiful days to watch for. Just off the west coast of Canada, you'll get both ocean and forest views from this camera at Crystal Cove Beach Resort.

    Visit Vancouver Island here.

    26. Key West, Florida, US

    The Reach Key West

    The Florida Keys island chain stretches for about 220 miles off the coast of Florida, and Key West is one of its most popular getaway spots. The Reach Resort (and its webcam) has a prime spot on the water to take in the ocean views.

    View Key West here (under "Pools and Beaches").

    27. Bavarian Alps, Germany

    Schloss Elmau

    If you google the Bavarian Alps, you'll find a slew of photos of secluded castles perched on mountain tops towering over the valleys of Bavaria. Lucky for you, the luxury retreat Schloss Elmau is located in one of these lush valleys, and its live webcam looks out at all the surrounding nature.

    Visit the Bavarian Alps here.

    28. Half Moon Bay, California, US


    The rocky coasts of Northern California usually draw Pacific Coast Highway tourists year-round. The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay sits right on these rocky shores, and the resort's webcam gives you a glimpse of the golf course overlooking the stunning waters of Half Moon Bay.

    Visit Half Moon Bay here.

    29. Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Skyline Webcams

    Brazil's most famous beach — thanks in part to Barry Manilow — is on a long stretch of Rio de Janeiro's Atlantic coast. With plenty of resorts lining the street behind it, Copacabana is usually swarming with activity, but recently it has been seeing some much quieter days.

    Visit Copacabana Beach here.

    30. Stein am Rhein, Switzerland

    streeeam / Via

    This panorama shows you all angles of the little town of Stein am Rhein, located on the Rhine River in Switzerland. Many of the houses still hold much Medieval appeal, and the sweeping views of the surrounding hills are as whimsical as it gets.

    Visit Stein am Rhein here.

    31. Moscow, Russia


    Located on the Moskva River, Russia's capital is known for its unique architecture and rich history. While you can't see much of that history up close on this cam, you can take a look over the city, and catch feels for what it would be like to be devouring some borscht IRL.

    Visit Moscow here.

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