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    This Luxury Cat Hotel In The UK Is Letting Cats Stay For Free If Their Owners Get Sick

    I'm not crying; you're crying.

    With stay at home orders in place across the US and the world, many people are working from home, canceling trips, and bunkering down (as we should be). Meanwhile, our pets are living their best lives.

    Working from home for the foreseeable future and my Zoom meeting camera has already become a dedicated live feed of my cat being cute sleeping or cleaning.

    My cat Penny and I have been loving all the extra bonding time, but as someone who lives alone, I can't help but wonder — what would happen if I got sick and had to go to hospital? Who would look after my furry best friend?

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    Enter: HOTEL CAT TO THE RESCUE. That's right, this UK hotel built exclusively for cats is offering FREE board for cats of owners who fall ill with COVID-19.

    Daniel Burman / Via Hotel Cat

    Located in the English town of Sway (less than two hours from London), the hotel's generous program wouldn't exactly help me being based in Toronto and all, but a win for cats is a win for us all!

    And it's not just any cat hotel, it's a LUXURY cat hotel. This barn turned cattery boasts eight human-sized suites (claimed to be the largest in the world for felines) with giant climbing furniture and real beds (purrrfect for long naps).

    Daniel Burman / Via Hotel Cat

    The priciest suite usually costs £36 (about $42 USD) per night.

    Jackie Ferrier, who runs Cat Hotel with her husband Tim, told BuzzFeed, “I know if I had to go into hospital then my animals would be my only concern, as they are my world. So if we could ease that worry for someone, it’s so worthwhile." *Heart melts*

    Hotel Cat

    The couple has been running the hotel together for six years.

    They've lost £35,000 in cancellations because travelers are staying home. "Hopefully we will make it to the other side, but in the meantime it makes sense to help anyone in need,” says Jackie Ferrier.

    Daniel Burman / Via Hotel Cat

    Sick cat-owners can be assured their furry companions will be treated like royalty here, with fresh spring water served in china bowls, plush duvets and pillows for sun bathing, and themed suites to suit every taste.

    Daniel Burman / Via Hotel Cat

    Always felt like your domesticated feline yearned to be running with the big cats in the African savannah? The safari-themed Savannah Cat Suite will let them embrace their inner wild.

    Daniel Burman / Via Hotel Cat

    Got a cat who always drinks from the tap? Maybe they're just craving a beach vacay by the sea. They'll love snuggling up with the fishy pillows in the Beachcombers Cat Suite.

    Daniel Burman / Via Hotel Cat

    From the in-suite flat screen TVs playing cat flicks to the on-site farm animals roaming the idyllic English countryside to the *thrilling* cat toys — the entertainment is endless here.

    Hotel Cat

    Cats can even enjoy fine dining room service (yes, it's locally sourced, and yes, they welcome all dietary requirements). Slow-cooked, hand-flaked tuna steak? Smoked salmon and king prawns topped with fresh cat nip? Even the most refined feline palates will be impressed.

    Daniel Burman / Via Hotel Cat

    Anyway I think it's best we keep this hidden gem between us humans...unless you want your cat to spend the rest of your quarantine plotting their escape to England.

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