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    19 Things That Are In Our Amazon Shopping Carts Right Now

    Polish remover that *gasp* won't damage your nails, collapsible drawer dividers to keep your undies in check, a bidet toilet attachment to reduce your use of TP, and other things that have us ready to click "purchase."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    I forced my colleagues (FORCED, I TELL YA) to reveal their darkest secrets (AKA the contents of their Amazon shopping carts) to me and, well, the rest of the world. Let's not sweat the small stuff! This has been a wonderful experience and we are all much closer now.

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    ^me via email.

    Without further ado, here's what the lovely BuzzFeed Shopping & Products team has lurking in their Amazon shopping carts:

    1. A polish remover that won't destroy your poor, defenseless, already-pretty-darn-weak nails. Dare I say, this gentle formula will actually condition and prep 'em for a fresh coat of lacquer.

    @zoyanailpolish / Via

    This polish remover is free of formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin, which are icky chemicals that find joy in destroying your nails. Plus, this pump bottle prevents any spillage and makes it super easy to get some product on a cotton ball.

    "I was searching for a gentler nail polish remover (I usually buy the cheapest options at the drugstore), and this Zoya Remove Plus 3-in-1 Polish Remover has won a bunch of awards and had stunning reviews. Even though this formula is gentler than most, it apparently still removes chunky, glitter polish — which is a true feat! It also conditions cuticles, which is something I've decided that I should pay more attention to. Gotta love a multi-tasking product." —Sarah Han

    Price: $10

    2. A crewneck dress with pockets (!!!!) that will basically feel like an extension of your coziest, most beloved sweatshirt. Just pair this with some over-the-knee boots to become the epitome of ~fashun~.


    "I can't wait to wear this once it gets a little chillier! It's super comfy (because sweatshirt) and has pockets (are you sold yet?), but can easily be dressed up with fun tights and shoes — plus, you can't beat the price!" —Emmy Favilla

    Price: $12.99+ (available in sizes S-XXL and in 40 colors)

    3. Collapsible drawer dividers to prevent your sock and intimates drawers from morphing into junk drawers. These nifty things keeps everything separated, easy to reach, and easy on the eyes.


    "I probably need this drawer divider/organizer in my life like ~right this second~ because:

    1. My room looks like a tornado ripped through it.

    2. My poor bras are always being tossed around and misshapen.

    3. I'm always losing my darn socks.

    4. My underwear should be all in one place.

    Now I just need a new dresser..." —Sarah Han

    Price: $13.99 (for a set of four)

    4. A velvet pajama set adorned with lace trim — it'll make you feel as if you live a life of luxury. Think you, but with Blair Waldorf money.


    "I've said it before, I'll say it again: like George Costanza, all I desire is to drape myself in velvet. I also love fancy pajamas and wearing robes (coming home from work, changing from binding clothes into a silky robe for what I call 'robe o'clock' is the best part of the day). Thus, I have had my eye on this adorable (and v affordable) vintage-y PJ set for quite a while. It comes in gorgeous jewel tones (I want the navy, btw), and the details are just the low-key fancy touch you need in your life. And now that cooler weather is around the corner, it might be finally time to take the luxe-for-less plunge." —Maitland Quitmeyer

    Price: $14.99+ (available in sizes XS-XXL and in five colors)

    5. A rose milk body lotion that looks like it was plucked from a vintage-obsessed Pinterest board and dropped right in front of your door via Amazon.


    "I'm obsessed with the adorable vintage packaging of this product! Will I smell like my grandma? Will I smell clean and fresh? WHO KNOWS BUT THE BOTTLE WILL LOOK SO CUTE IN MY BATHROOM!" —Caelan Hughes

    Price: $12.87

    6. A splurge-worthy leather backpack because one shoulder shouldn't be holding all the weight of whatever you're carrying around. This pretty little thing is the perfect mix of fashion + function!

    @statebags / Via

    "I fell in love with this backpack the minute I saw it. It is just so minimal and sleek! I am determined to make it a part of my fall and winter wardrobe, since the black leather and brass hardware would pair well with so many looks." —Treye Green

    Price: $195

    7. Halloween on DVD (because yes, some us still purchase those) so you could watch this classic horror film as often as you want. Now, pass that popcorn!


    "I'm obsessed with horror movies year-round, not just in October! Though October always gives me ample viewing opportunities and I'm really looking forward to the new Halloween movie with the scream queen herself who's not ready to fuck around and ready to go after Michael. BUT, the original Halloween movie still bangs. It's that original score and 'the shape' that seems to be everywhere and nowhere all at one time. Yet I don't own the DVD! How can I even call myself a fan? I need it and it's an add-on item. Seriously, I've spent more on ice-cream sandwiches than the cost of this DVD." —Elizabeth Lilly

    Price: $7.97

    8. A white pen that works to restore the grout between your tiles. Now I don't like to use the word "magic" too often, but...


    "I've attempted to clean the grout in my bathroom soooooo many ways! There's an army of cleaning products sitting IN SHAME in the cabinet beneath my bathroom sink: they didn't work! My grout is just too stubbornly stained to be cleaned. The time has come to give up on the idea that I can restore it to its former glory with some sort of gel or liquid: I've just gotta cover up the discolored spaces between my tiles that are bringing down my bathroom's appearance with a glorified form of Wite-Out. Yup, the time has come for a grout pen." —Mallory McInnis

    Price: $8.99

    9. An essential oil roll-on stick with a pretty bizarre appetite. The main thing it craves? Your migraines. This will gobble 'em up and get rid of all those annoying headaches with pleasure.

    Katy Herman / BuzzFeed

    This roll-on stick is packed with peppermint, spearmint, and lavender essential oils. How do you use it? When you feel a migraine coming on (ugh), just apply this to your temples, forehead, and the back of your neck — it'll give you a blast of cool relief that will lessen that pesky headache (and in some cases, get rid of it completely).

    "This headache relief essential oil stick is pretty much ALWAYS in my Amazon cart because ever since I first tried it, I can't be without it. I buy several at a time so I'll always have one on hand. It's really a game-changing product that makes my headaches more manageable." —Katy Herman

    Price: $10.99

    Check out the full review here.

    10. Suede sneakers that are the perfect midway point between your dirty old kicks and dress shoes. Casual enough for the movies, fancy enough for dinner!


    "Clarks are one of my go-to brands for comfy sneaks and dress shoes. So it's no surprise that the minimal design and dope exposed stitching details of the these sneakers grabbed my attention immediately! And, yes, I will make them a part of my sneaker collection ASAP." —Treye Green

    Price: $41+ (available in sizes 7-13 and in 20 colors)

    11. An upright stand because your glasses are sick and tired of being flung onto your nightstand. Do you have any idea how easy it is to dirty or *gasp* scratch your lenses? Too easy, TBH.


    Psst, this plush stand can also be used for cell phones!

    "I wear glasses regularly and just toss them on my nightstand before bed — but this plush glasses holder will make it less likely they'll be scratched or fall onto the floor in the middle of the night if I happen to reach for them and miss!" —Emmy Favilla

    Price: $14.99 (for a set of two)

    12. A lightweight mascara to thicken and lengthen your lashes without any smudging or clumps. And another "DING DING DING, WE HAVE A WINNER!" moment? It's easy to take off and won't damage your defenseless eyelid hairs. / Via

    "Mascara is that beauty product that I need to wear every single day. It's so easy to apply, makes me look significantly more awake, and often looks super natural. I HAVE TRIED SO MANY OF THEM, and I will continue to do — which is why this cruelty-free one looks so promising! Apparently, one coat of this mascara will give you the whole 'your lashes but better' look, while two or more coats will add extra drama. Plus, according to lovely Amazon reviewers, it won't smudge or clump? Let me hit submit order really quick..." —issa me, AnaMaria Glavan

    Price: $11.40

    13. A mini travel iron you'll want to pack for your next vacation. A ton of clothes being squished into a tiny suitcase = ridiculous wrinkles. Alas, this iron is a solution.


    "I'm going away to a wedding in November and — because I am the queen of planning ahead — I've already planned out every outfit I'll wear over the course of the long weekend. Each of these garments will be squished up together in one pretty darn small bag, so I know that they're going to be wrinkled to the extreme when I get them out. I have (and love!) a steamer, but I'm worried that it's a bit too bulky to bring on this trip. The solution I'm currently considering? This teeny tiny iron! Have you ever seen such a cute iron before? I doubt it! I think the lil guy is just what I need." —Mallory McInnis

    Price: $27.88

    14. A velvet cocktail dress you can easily dress up with some heels and a clutch. Or wear it with your favorite kicks! The world is your yours.


    "I live in dresses and love that velvet seems to be popular again, so naturally I want one of these in every color. They're fancy, a little goth, and swingy enough to be comfy. Truly a triple threat!" —Elizabeth Lilly

    Price: $21.86+ (available in sizes S-XL and in five colors)

    15. All-natural eye masks formulated with plant-based collagen, vitamin c, rose oil, and hyaluronic acid. Their purpose? To trick your colleagues into believing that you got that full eight hours of beauty sleep last night.


    These masks reduce dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles, as well as de-puff and and moisturize your undereyes. For best results, plop these bad boys into the fridge before you apply 'em — they'll brighten your eyes even more that way!

    "I have had some aggressive year-round allergies and the accompanying dark undereye circles (often called 'allergic shiners') for many years. I try to treat them with a cream (Roc 5-in-1 Eye Cream, and use a peachy-orange color corrector (the NYX dark circle corrector is a great drugstore option I swear by) and brightening concealer (there is no dupe as good as Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer) every day. But when I stumbled upon these patches — and the amazing Amazon review before & after photos — I've been dying to try them IRL. Formulated with plant-based collagen and gold, they can reduce the appearance of those bruisey-looking pigments *and* help reduce puffing. And frankly, it would be nice to step outside the house without concealer — and without anyone asking me if I'm feeling okay." —Maitland Quitmeyer

    Price: $20.79 (for a pack of 12)

    16. Peep toe sandals with a thick, juicy block heel — meaning there is a much higher chance that these won't act like uncomfortable torture devices for your feet.


    "Two years ago, I found the perfect pair of shoes — they were comfy, had a small heel, and went with absolutely everything. After wearing them practically every day (ask my colleagues), they finally fell apart and I needed to buy a new pair. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A REPLACEMENT EVER SINCE! These Dolce Vita shoes look eerily similar to the ones I had, so I'm seriously considering buying them. Please note that I am the kind of person who doesn't mind spending a little extra $$$ on shoes, because I am the kind of person who will wear that pair of shoes until the cows come home. But these are also on sale (depending on your size, ugh) AKA what am I waiting for? Right?" —me again, AnaMaria Glavan

    Price: $29.83+ (available in sizes 6-10 and in two colors)

    17. A gorgeous midi dress that looks like a t-shirt tucked into a skirt but SURPRISE! It's not.


    "I've never ordered a dress from Amazon before, but this one has me ready to take the plunge. I included it in a post a while back and have been daydreaming about it ever since. Ruffle sleeves, a midi hemline, a defined waist, and a fun shot of color? That's a Katy dress if I've ever heard of one!" —Katy Herman

    Price: $21.98+ (available in sizes S-XXXXL and in 10 colors)

    18. A bidet toilet attachment to reduce your use of TP. This bidet will leave you feeling clean + refreshed, and you'll be able ~two~ stop using so much damn paper!


    "I want to try this out for two reasons: Globally, we use 9 million trees per year for toilet paper alone, and I'd like to contribute less to that number! And everyone I know who uses a bidet swears you feel so much cleaner in a way you don't know is possible." —Natalie Brown

    Price: $34.50

    Check out our full review here.

    19. An Edward Gorey puzzle with 1,000 pieces — because honestly? Piecing together this puzzle sounds like an ideal Friday night. Consider my plans CANCELLED.


    "I love puzzles and I love the work of Edward Gorey, so the fact that I long to spend an afternoon piecing this baby together isn't surprising! I need to get my act together order it soon because I feel like October is the optimal time to work on this particular puzzle." —Mallory McInnis

    Price: $18.95

    Me, after getting a sneak peek into the shopping carts of my colleagues:

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