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    23 Skincare Products For Anyone With A Sensitive Nose

    If you're sick of wrinkling your nose in disgust, you may want to give these babies a try.

    1. A Eucerin night cream with a major superstar ingredient: licorice root. Slather this on pre-ZZZs to soothe your complexion and wake up to healthy, glowing skin that doesn't resemble the shade of a tomato. "Who invited you?" —this cream to your natural blush.

    2. A CeraVe moisturizing lotion free of irritating fragrances and oils *and* suitable for face and body, so you can feel confident knowing your skin won't react with every slather. More than 20,000 (!!!!) reviewers swear by this formula for moisturizing their sensitive skin: no redness, no breakouts, and it's particularly great for soothing body acne.

    reviewer holding white and blue lotion bottle

    3. A multi-use Glossier skin salve perfect for a) hydrating your lips by way of castor oil, beeswax, and lanolin, and b) *also* hydrating the most irritatingly dry parts of your limbs on-the-go. We're all looking at you, pointy elbows and peeling cuticles.

    4. A moisturizing Avène skin recovery cream designed with sensitive skin (the kind that gets extremely red at even the mention of a new ingredient) in mind; this combination of thermal spring water and amino acids are even gentle enough for rosacea and eczema.

    model squeezing cream out of white tuve

    5. A gentle raved-about Vanicream body wash because the heavily perfumed suds you've been using are irritating and drying — ergo, the time has come to *finally* swap in this dye-, fragrance-, and sulfate-free bottle (it's super moisturizing, to boot).

    white and blue body wash bottle

    6. An Avene cleanser lotion compared to ~the touch of an angel~ by one satisfied reviewer. This gentle, no-rinse formula uses plant-based cleansing agents to do a heck of a job when it comes to removing impurities without disrupting your skin's barrier. Simply apply it with a cotton pad, use a tissue to remove it, and voila.

    7. An oil-free Supergoop! SPF40 sunscreen that protects your complexion against the suns rays *and* blue light, doesn't leave behind a white cast, and won't break you out. It's no wonder so many reviewers consider this a holy grail.

    model holding white bottle of sunscreen with yellow cap

    8. A Kiehl's gel cream here to save parched complexions and have 'em crying hallelujah. This oil-free product is truly *chefs kiss* for the warmer months ahead: It has an instant cooling effect and is quick-absorbing, meaning you won't wake up to product on your pillowcase.

    the blue jar with white cap

    9. A gentle La Roche-Posay cream cleanser that picks up makeup and impurities while maintaining your natural pH balance, aka your complexion won't feel stripped of moisture. Everybody (everybody in this equation = folks with dry-to-normal skin) rejoice because this is your new holy grail.

    10. A Bioderma cleansing water capable of drawing impurities to the surface of your skin like a darn magnet. This stuff truly banishes all remaining traces of foundation: the kind you thought was picked up by your cleanser but alas, was not.

    the clear bottle with pink cap

    11. A retinol serum that enlists the help of bakuchiol and chlorophyll, making it gentle enough for sensitive skin (retinol = some pretty powerful stuff). This tackles dullness and fine lines with a vengeance but is *super* unique because it doesn't leave behind redness or irritation.

    12. A noncomedogenic, fragrance-free CeraVe moisturizing cream that you should've started using, like, yesterday. This formula contains salicylic acid, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin D — all of which provide light exfoliation so your skin can retain more moisture, plus it's super effective at combating (and calming) everything from psoriasis to body acne.

    13. An alcohol-free Thayers witch hazel toner for tackling all of your skincare concerns at once: We're talking acne, redness, unevenness, and dullness. Plus, this vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract, and aloe-infused wonder won't leave your skin feeling taut *and* is an expert at removing those pesky last traces of makeup.

    the white bottle with a red cap

    14. A Neutrogena gel cream to improve dryness and provide ultimate hydration for up to 48 hours. If you're looking for a ~tall glass of water~ to quench your face thirst, look no further than this fast-absorbing and oil-free formula.

    15. Hydrocolloid Hero Cosmetics pimple patches you should slap on a zit to prevent picking, speed up the draining process, and avoid smelly sulfur-based spot treatments. If you're looking for a no-frills way to stop cystic acne in its evil tracks, you may want to ~pick~ this product.

    on the left a person with a transparent sticker placed on top of a pimple and on the right the same person with with the same transparent sticker filled with white pus

    16. Or! Hero Cosmetics surface strips to treat cluster breakouts (cc: that special time of the month in which your jawline is shown no mercy) with the same medical-grade hydrocolloid formula.

    model applying a white transparent sticker that covers most of her jaw

    17. An eco-friendly Makeup Eraser so you can put down the disposable (and smelly) wipes and look toward greener pastures, i.e. helping the environment whilst cleansing your skin. This seemingly simple cloth actually swipes off all your makeup when combined with a bit of water — and yes, that includes waterproof mascara.

    18. A Youth to the People cream that deserves a standing ovation from any audience member that has suffered from clogged pores, fine lines, and dehydration. Consider this product the new A-list celebrity in your skincare routine.

    thick tan cream in jar

    19. A CeraVe eye repair cream to de-puff your peepers and reduce pesky dark circles (because beauty sleep = overrated, am I right?). Luxe eye creams usually cost around a trillion dollars, so finding a holy grail like this ~$11 feels like striking gold.

    reviewer before photo of visible dark circles and after photo of visibly less dark circles

    20. A Pawpaw two-in-one pot you'll consider *major* bang for your buck: it's got a sugar lip scrub to slough away dead skin, plus a nourishing lip balm made with Pawpaw, olive oil, and aloe vera.

    hand holding yellow and black palm-sized tub with the cap labeled "Dr. Pawpaw scrub & nourish" while the jar contains white, gritty product

    21. An oat and vitamin E Aveeno shave gel safe enough for even the most sensitive, temperamental complexions. More than 5,000 reviewers swear that this noncomedogenic formula is great for combatting razor bumps, plus no added fragrances means no irritated nostrils.

    reviewer holding the white bottle labeled "Aveeno therapeutic shave gel"

    22. A Sol de Janeiro body lotion with a rich, creamy consistency that won't feel like you're wearing 100 layers of grease upon application. Hooray for lightweight formulas that are actually effective — and don't smell like grandma's perfume, to boot.

    23. A Vanicream clinical strength anti-perspirant free of dyes, parabens, and formaldehyde. For anyone with sweaty pits *and* sensitive skin, this stuff is proof that magic exists.

    hand holding Vanicream anti-perspirant deodorant

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