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    55 Things To Buy On Black Friday That Make Perfect Gifts

    Serious discounts on gifts for *everyone* on your list in pretty much every category, from fashion to home to toys to tech. Step aside, Santa — you’ve got it covered.

    Black Friday, the day when almost every store has deals (more than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME), is here.

    We waded through mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

    FYI — deals can move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Black Friday (and Cyber Weekend) to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    1. A pair of Apple Airpods because you've been making a list, checking it twice, and tl;dr — they've wanted some AirPods for what feels like 90 years.

    The white airpods with a charging case

    2. A Calvin Klein bralette that has lounge, lounge, and more lounge in mind. This is cozy enough for their 10+ hour Netflix marathon, but still provides enough support so they can go on their daily walk in peace.

    A model in the black logo bralette

    3. A Cuisinart stand mixer to give ~let's get this bread~ a whole new meaning because with this — well — they can literally make bread... and cookies, mashed potatoes, etc.

    A reviewer's grey stand mixer

    4. A daily makeup staples set with a Boy Brow grooming gel, a blendable Cloud Paint cream blush, and Lash Slick mascara that is basically lash extensions in a bottle. Their new holy grail products await.

    5. A set of three pairs of gold-plated freshwater pearl huggie earrings you'll be tempted to keep for yourself — and no one would blame you for that very understandable betrayal! These are way too pretty to wrap up and give away. Add two to your cart. We deserve this.

    The three pairs of earrings: gold studs with dangling baroque pearls, gold open hoops with dangling small round pearls, and baroque pearl open hoops

    6. An Amazon Fire TV stick with the ability to turn any TV into a smart TV — they can just plug this puppy into the HDMI port, connect it to Wi-Fi, and BAM! Simple streaming awaits.

    The HDMI stick and remote

    7. Harry Potter: The Illustrated Collection boxed set containing the first three books of the beloved series. The books are gorgeously illustrated which makes them perfect gift for new readers *and* massive Potter fans alike.

    8. A Fire HD 10 Tablet for truly everything one can think of: listening to music, attempting to copy a beauty tutorial on YouTube, looking up recipes, catching up on schoolwork (or *work* work — ew), checking Instagram for the 75th time in an hour, etc.

    the white tablet

    9. Midi hoops crafted with gold vermeil (sterling silver layered with 18-karat gold) that comes with a two-year warranty. Folks, say hello to the *only* accessory they'll want on their earlobes ever again.

    model wearing gold hoop earrings

    10. A cool-to-the-touch comforter that deserves a standing ovation from hot sleepers. Temp-regulating technology and a 100% eucalyptus shell means they *won't* wake up drenched in sweat, plus they can wave those 3 a.m. "If I have one leg outside of the comforter...." thoughts goodbye. No more overheating.

    11. A pair of Madewell curvy jeans for hourglass figures sick and tired of having to wear a belt. Each pair is thoughtfully crafted with a longer rise, slightly more narrow waist, and a hint of extra room at the hip and thighs to highlight their assets — no more gaping waistbands or having to go up a size to get the perfect fit.

    12. A game of Kan Jam, an outdoor flying disc toss that guarantees an afternoon more competitive than the Olympics. This no-frills lawn game is simple: stop your opponent from hitting the "kan" on your side.

    two black Kan Jam targets with a big yellow disc

    13. A pair of plush joggers for the only WFH attire to make their heart happy. They're soft. They're cozy. They're an upgrade from the fleece rubber duck pajamas they typically wear during Zoom meetings.

    model wearing brown plush joggers

    14. An 18-karat gold vermeil necklace for the pal who was blessed with a birthstone color they actually like. I spent most of my life wondering what I did to deserve the designated November topaz rather than the July ruby but alas, such is life.

    the necklaces with multiple colored stones

    15. A Glamglow deep cleanse mask trio for the ultimate ~gunk in pores~ detox. Aesthetics aside, a powerful trio of black bamboo charcoal, 3-D microbubbles, and green tea "Teaoxi" technology tackle dullness and buildup.

    model using the foaming bubble sheet

    16. A vibrant 30-shade ColourPop eyeshadow palette sent from heaven to be delivered into the paws of makeup lovers. The rainbow mattes and pressed glitters will give them everything they need to create tonsss of jaw-dropping looks.

    the rainbow eyeshadow palette

    17. A Kendall + Kylie sleeved top truly ~tie dye~ for. The cozy material makes for a cozy WFH top; the cutout means they'll look trendy as they type away at yet another spreadsheet.

    18. A weighted blanket that adds anywhere from five to 20 pounds of weight for an effect that's immediately calming. BEHOLD! Here is their perfect gift. *begins to snore*

    A reviewer's dog under the grey quilted blanket

    19. Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask hits the reset button on grease and blemishes (this includes both scarring and all those painful, emerging zits) with an impressive blend of Australian botanicals. ✨ Smoother, brighter skin ✨ is at their fingertips when they apply this two or three times a week.

    20. A retinol serum that enlists the help of bakuchiol and chlorophyll, making it gentle enough for sensitive skin (retinol = some pretty powerful stuff). This tackles dullness and fine lines with a vengeance but is *super* unique because it doesn't leave behind redness or irritation.

    model holding pink bottle

    21. A sheet set made from a more breathable eucalyptus lyocell material; it also uses 96% less water and comes responsibly packaged in a recyclable cardboard box with zero waste. Not to mention there are !!! tags !!! that say which corner of the bed each side of the sheet belongs on. Oh all the time I would have saved...

    22. A S'well water bottle that is, quite frankly, much prettier than it has any right to be. This baby is triple-layered with a vacuum-insulated design to keep beverages ice cold for 48 hours and piping hot for up to 24.

    the water bottles with geode prints

    23. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer has buildable coverage (medium-to-full!) that never looks cake-y. How? It uses magnolia bark extract, grape seed extract, and vitamin e for some much-needed hydration — so if they have fine lines and a ton of redness, this sulfate- and paraben-free bottle is for THEM.

    24. A Nespresso machine currently on sale for 40% off, which means I shall be purchasing two — one for myself, the other for a family member. This coffee and espresso maker truly crafts a fantastic cup of caffeine, the included milk frother makes for cafe quality, plus it's compact enough for even the tiniest of kitchens.

    the white Nespresso machine

    25. An eco-friendly Makeup Eraser so they can put down the disposable wipes and look toward greener pastures, i.e. helping the environment whilst cleansing their skin. This seemingly simple cloth actually swipes off all their makeup when combined with a bit of water — and yes, that includes waterproof mascara.

    26. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite with a built-in adjustable light that makes reading easy wherever they go — whether it's a sun-drenched patio or their string lights-lit bedroom. Plus, a single battery charge lasts for weeks. It's M-A-G-I-C.

    the black and white Kindle

    27. A pair of Powerbeats headphones with crystal clear sound quality *and* a delightfully comfy design that will actually stay put in their ear. That's right, folks! Earlobe sweat won't make these splurge-worthy buds fall out.

    28. A Moroccan tassel area rug made from a delightfully cozy fabric, aka their piggies will feel like they're peddling around on clouds with every step.

    the white carpet with black designs

    29. A six-quart Instant Pot pressure cooker capable of turning meal prep into something that is *le gasp* not difficult. This handy thing can make everything from golden lentil soup and mac and cheese to chocolate lava cake and French toast. (Look at them! Turning into Betty Crocker!)

    the silver and black Instant Pot

    30. An easy-to-clean canvas wallet with ten card slots, four cash (AND *ahem* RECEIPT) holders, an exterior pocket, and secure snap closures. PLUS! It has a super slim design that won't look or feel bulky in their purse.

    the olive green wallet with multiple card slots

    31. A bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Libre guaranteed to become their new go-to fragrance; a combination of French lavender essence, Moroccan orange blossom, and musk accord provide for a unique scent that feels all their own.

    clear bottle with gold YSL logo and black cap

    32. A FOREO LUNA face brush made of nonporous silicone to get rid of all the icky bacteria on their skin. It removes up to 99.5% of dirt, oil, and makeup, and vibrates to gently exfoliate and clear their pores. Breakouts? Now a thing of the past.

    33. A simplehuman dish rack that is truly *chef kisses fingers* perfect. It's rust-proof, can hang four (large) wine glasses, includes a drainage system for excess water, and it's FINGERPRINT-PROOF.

    the stainless steel dish rack

    34. An Amazon Echo Show 5 perfect for socially-distanced holiday gatherings — this is enabled with a camera screen so they can connect with loved ones in an instant.

    A person on the screen of an Amazon Echo Show 5 on a video call with their family from the other end

    35. An original Casper pillow suited for all sleepers: back, side, or a mix of both. A 100% cotton cover means they won't be sweating throughout the night, a pillow-in-pillow design provides softness and support, plus they'll get a 100-night trial run (with free shipping!) and can return within that time window if you hate it. They won't, though.

    model holding two pillows

    36. Adidas lace-up sneakers dubbed the ~Cloudfoam Pure~ because of how downright comfortable they are. Not only do these look fantastic (man I love athleisure), but they genuinely feel like walking on a cloud.

    the gray and white lace-up sneakers

    37. A three-tiered tabletop fountain for a more zen at-home workspace. A warm glow makes for a cozy environment, plus this mimics the ~tranquility~ that is the sound of flowing water — the stress that is an email ping will now be replaced by the sounds of nature instead. Huzzah.

    reviewer photo of the fountain with running water

    38. A LORAC Pro Palette with18 shades ranging from neutral to daring and matte to shimmery, making it the perfect go-to for ANY look — whether a "no makeup" makeup routine or a smoky eye with extra D-R-A-M-A.

    the palette

    39. An oversized sherpa coat so soft, they'll basically feel as if they're wearing a combination of their favorite blanket and most cuddly teddy bear.

    model wearing the brown teddy coat

    40. A Dash rapid cooker they can plug in whilst getting ready and it will take the ~hard~ work out of their morning egg-based morning routine. All they'll have to do is fill this cooker with water, add up to six eggs, and breakfast will be served.

    the black egg cooker

    41. A pair of innovative leggings designed with a skirt, that way they'll look as if they coordinated an outfit and intended to look fancy-ish; In reality, all they'll have done is shimmied into a pair of leggings.

    model wearing black leggings with skirt over it

    42. A sound machine to totally drown out noisy roommates and honking cars (aka, the inevitable background music that comes with being a city-dweller) for some more zen. This option fits compactly on their nightstand, has great volume control, and offers 10 fan sounds and 10 ambient noises.

    hand-sized white sound machine

    43. A Tocca ornament duo with two of their cult fragrances: Florence (a blend of bergamot, pear, and gardenia) and Stella (blood orange, freesia, and spicy lily).

    the perfumes in an ornament box

    44. Form-fitting running shoes with a sock-like feel and slip-on construction perfect for when they're in a rush and on the ~run~. A bead-filled midsole provides a ton of cushioning and support.

    the sneakers in green, orange, and white

    45. High-rise leggings available in 16 gorgeous colors and fits. For anyone who lives and breathes athleisure, I'm pretty sure these bottoms are definitive proof that soulmates exist.

    models wearing matching black leggings and sports bras

    46. Ankle booties that should really start negotiating for PTO now considering they'll likely wear them every darn day. These babies are destined to become the ~little black dress~ of their shoe collection.

    the black boots

    47. A limited-edition TooFaced holiday gift set that includes a travel-sized version of the iconic Better Than Sex mascara, a highlighter and blush duo, plus a ~beary~ good eyeshadow palette that smells freshly-baked cookies. Yes. You read that right. Cookies.

    the eyeshadow palette and mascara set

    48. A Legacybox digitizing kit to bring old photos and home videos into this century (ahh, the nostalgia of VHS). Simply send in old video recordings and have them transformed into downloadable formats, thumb drives, and disc sets to ensure they'll be cherished forever.

    two people going through old photos and video tapes

    49. A button cuff turtleneck sweater perfect for layering under blazers and cardigans (hello cold weather, how quickly you've returned), but it can just as easily be worn on its lonesome.

    model wearing gray turtleneck sweater

    50. A cashmere blend two-tone sweater for a luxe, splurge-worthy gift that will truly pay for itself in the long run. Between the funnel neck top and chic stripes, this is all but *destined* to become part of their daily uniform.

    model wearing the maroon sweater and striped top

    51. A flip mini waffle maker, because what they *really* want is a trip to Disney but we have to make do. This easy-to-clean, nonstick gadget churns out six Mickey-shaped waffles for a breakfast that would give even EPCOT a run for its money.

    the Mickey Mouse waffle maker

    52. Splurge-worthy perforated sneakers made from quality Italian leather. Can't get them to Florence anytime soon? Eh, have them slip these gorgeous things on and take 'em for a walk around the apartment instead. It's almost the same thing.

    53. A Tile Mate that is *pulls rabbit out of a top hat* pure magic. This tiny gizmo has a 200-foot Bluetooth range and an associated app that ensures they never lose any of their important belongings again. No judgement. But they've misplaced their purse no less than 37 times.

    the white tile on a purse

    54. Cherry red leather combat boots capable of making them feel like a total guitar-playing, rule-breaking rock and roll star every time they slip 'em on. Aesthetics aside, these quality shoes genuinely last forever and have a side zipper for easy access.

    the cherry red leather shoes

    55. A pair of leather gloves sure to be passed down for generations to come (provided the recipient doesn't loose one). These buttery soft gloves have a classic design that will never clash with an outfit or go out of style.

    the camel colored leather gloves

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