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Here Are The Best Gifts Under $25 To Give In 2020

An *NSYNC marble notebook, red wine sheet masks, a baguette keyboard rest, and so much more.

🎁 Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!) 🎁

1. A LAPCOS sheet mask available in a variety of formulas to tackle different skincare concerns. We highly recommend the red wine and escargot masks, the latter of which uses snail filtrate and chamomile flower to soothe irritation. Talk about ~slimy yet satisfying~.

the wine, escgargot, and pearl sheet masks

2. A Dobby figurine that one reviewer is using in lieu of Elf on the Shelf this year and in the words of Ron himself, ~brilliant~. This little guy has bendable limbs and can be comfortably placed in any nook or cranny throughout their home.

3. A Friends letter board for the pal who *needs* to get a new show already but alas, probably won't. This iconic kit comes with 145 letters and Central Perk-approved icons destined to win the title of ~best gift ever~.

the yellow letter board with text "I'll be there for you"

4. A memory foam keyboard rest shaped like a baguette — I mean, what more is there to say? The only thing I'd enjoy more than the below is, well, an actual loaf of bread. This even comes delivered in a bread bag.

reviewer photo of baguette rest

5. A super soft throw blanket they can cozy up under during yet *another* binge-a-thon involving The Office. No judgement. But I'm pretty sure they can recite every line of every episode of every season.

the blanket with radish illustrations and text saying "Schrute Farms Bed and Breakfast"

6. Fluffy cross-band slippers so they can trot around their house in comfort *and* style. These babies are designed with a durable bottom for outdoor use, come in a bunch of different colors and prints, plus are ultra soft and will feel like a hug against their hooves.

7. Tower 28 Daily Rescue Facial Spray – it revitalizes skin with three simple ingredients: hypochlorous acid, water, and sodium chloride. They can give their complexion a spritz of this trio to cleanse, soothe redness, and calm irritation. Reviewers even *swear* by this product for combatting maskne and IMO, this makes for the perfect stocking stuffer.

model holding the clear spray bottle with white cap labeled "Tower 28"

8. A Lego movie activity kit here to inspire the next generation of Spielbergs. This includes all the tools they need (plus access to the accompanying app) for creating their very own stop-animation film and excuse me, as someone who took an intro to film class in college, I conclude that this is a great gift for children and adults alike.

9. A tub of matcha powder for the pal that hates coffee, but still wants to feel awake in their Monday AM Zoom meeting. Presenting their new favorite gift! They'll be able to whisk this into latte perfection for a tasty drink that is said to enhance focus and energy.

10. A magical hook hanger because they are always losing their keys and, unfortunately, are not amongst the select few who will be attending Hogwarts next year. No spell chanting will save them. This will save them so much time in the long run — no overturned couch cushions involved.

the gold key hook with gold text labeled "Alohomora"

11. A sterling silver knot ring here to really tie the ~knot~ when it comes to getting the compliment of best gift ever. It's perfectly dainty, goes with any style wardrobe, and reviewers swear it won't leave behind the dreaded green line.

reviewer wearing the silver knot ring

12. An automatic pan stirrer about to revolutionize the cooking routine you both share. This clever gadget designed with a timer!) churns away at sauces and other whisk-requiring ingredients, aka their arm will be saved from the pain that is continuous and tedious stirring.

13. An eyeshadow palette inspired by the one, the only — Baby Yoda. While this gift has extreme kitsch factor, one should note that the shades are *actually* good! Think matte to metallic olive greens and neutral tones, all super blendable and pigmented. The force is truly strong.

the palette

14. A fill-in-the-blank journal so mushy, it's basically a foolproof way to put a gigantic smile on their face. Prepare to jot down your favorite memories, their best qualities, and how you plan on being when you ~grow old~ together.

Small pink book called "What I Love About You by Me" and the message "You fill in the blanks" in the upper-left corner.

15. An electric wine opener with a cordless, rechargeable design that uncorks bottles in a jiffy: Just the press the button and 'tis done in only seven seconds. Their $7 bottle of vino awaits. One single charge = enough power to open 80 bottles.

A graphic showing the foil-removing cap, and how the cork is removed

16. BuzzFeed's Tasty Adulting cookbook because anyone can cook — they just haven't had the proper tutor yet. This chronicles 75 easy peasy recipes that walks them through cooking ~foundations~ and helps them master the classics (think the perfect skirt steak).

The cover of the book

17. A W&P Porter ceramic mug as gorgeous as it is useful (I mean this screams Pinterest board). This is reusable, has a protective silicone sleeve, and comes with a secure lid press which makes this the perfect companion for daily morning strolls.

the pink mug

18. A Nostalgia toaster here to deliver the perfect grilled cheese every 👏 single 👏 time 👏. If only Andy Sachs had one of these bad boys: Maybe she would have dumped her whiney chef boyfriend had it not been for the Jarlsberg presented on a silver platter.

19. A Tequila Mockingbird cocktail kit to turn your book-obsessed soulmate into a professional mixologist. This inexpensive kit comes with two swizzle sticks, a bartender's jigger to measure out drinks, and a shortened version of the original book (which outlines15 drink recipes and notes about which books inspired them).

the kit with a jigger and book

20. A desktop tetherball kit to transport your childhood friend back to middle school gym class (but like, in a good way). This neat little gift comes with a tetherball pole and a 32-page illustrated mini book that discusses all the ~fun history~ behind the game. TBH this is very much the only sports gift I'd be happy to receive.

21. A Nintendo Gameboy keychain so they can relive that glorious moment of that first Brock defeat (with water and grass Pokémon, obvs) whenever they reach for their keys.

reviewer holding the silver keychain

22. A ~Fasta Pasta~ cooker for the S/O who *insists* on eating Italian every night. This makes perfect al dente pasta right in the microwave every single time, plus the lid doubles as a strainer! So long to the 10 pots and pans that end up in their sink whenever they want a plate of penne.

23. A gift assortment of Popbar hot chocolate sticks to upgrade their favorite winter beverage and holiday tradition into something slightly more luxe than Swiss Miss (no shade to Swiss Miss). 10/10 would swirl this around in my coffee, too.

the Popbar hot chocolate sticks

24. A tinted lip oil available in three shades: ruby, fig, and blossom. One swipe means a quick flush of color *and* moisture thanks to a formula packed with jojoba, camellia, and sesame oils.

25. Stainless-steel cuff links personalized with their initial which means *wipes away eyebrow sweat* they won't even suspect that you waited until last minute to purchase their gift.

A reviewer's pair of the silver tone cufflinks in the letter A, with a rounded shape, outside lip around the engraving

26. A Bushwick Kitchen Bees Knees available in four delicious flavors — because you thought your meal was already good, but think again. Wildflower honey infused with extra ingredients like citrus and habanero peppers will make your tastebuds feel like they haven't been *living* until now.

27. A medallion pendant necklace about to become the pièce de résistance of their entire wardrobe. This dainty accessory is versatile enough to be worn every day, but the intricate designs still make it feel entirely unique.

model wearing the moon and star chain

28. A 2021 day-to-day boxed calendar — each day presents a new question and wager amount, aka you can keep track of your score throughout the week (or year). This is their training until finally coming face-to-face with the great Alex Trebek himself.

29. Pointed toe flats for a gift that looks *way* more expensive than it actually is. These basic beauties come in five colors and prints, plus are a great option for when they want to look put-together but don't want to subject their feet to the torture that is a pair of heels.

model wearing the leopard print flats

30. A science activity kit that transforms rubbish to robots! This contains everything they'll need to create their own motorized robot out of a used can, including detailed and easy-to-understand instructions. "IT'S ALIVE!" —me to the Dr Pepper can I Frankenstein.

reviewer images of two cans turned into robots

31. A Cadbury chocolate box stuffed to the brim with 10 delicious, full-sized bars (including the beloved dairy milk caramel bar). Plus, they're shipped from the UK so their taste buds will feel like they're riding the tube past Big Ben with every bite.

10 different chocolates

32. An I Dew Care wash-off mask that that smells (and looks!) as delicious as a funfetti slice. Sending them birthday cake skincare with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and squalane > an actual birthday cake, and I mean that with every ounce of my being.

33. A calligraphy guide book for anyone looking to improve their penmanship and eventually create their own Etsy shop. These easy-to-follow instructions will turn their doodles and scribbles into a work of legible art. Da Vinci? We (we in this context = me and my eyebrows) don't know him.

the book

34. A multipurpose glass kitchen board that adds a ton of style, but does *not* take up a lot of space. This functions as a trivet for hot pots and plates, makes for the ideal cutting board, and is the perfect way to display fruits, meats, and cheeses. Talk about a gouda gift, eh?

35. A Fjallraven Kanken pen case crafted with a sturdy fabric that won't wear and tear the moment it gets overpacked. Factor in that solid quality to a simple-but-great design, and you've got yourself the best practical gift ever.

the yellow pen case

36. Wood prints so you can transform their favorite photos of their favorite people into full-blown works of art. Not required but highly recommended: forgetting wedding memories or best friend group shots, a wood print of their pet.

photos printed on wood

37. A retro hotel keychain inspired by their favorite fictional TV-and-movie locations — think the Grand Budapest Hotel, Shady Pines, Dragonfly Inn, and more. They even have a ~key~ to Bates Motel but 10/10 would avoid buying at all costs.

38. A Jane Austen planter pot that would make any bibliophile shed tears of joy regardless of their pride (and prejudice). If they love books but hate greenery, they can use this to store makeup, dish sponges, keys, and more. The possibilities are endless.

the white planter pot

39. ...or a Pride and Prejudice gift set complete with loose peppermint chamomile tea and a Mr. Darcy bookmark. (Psst, the Novel Tea Tins shop on Etsy offers a ton of similar gifts for various works of literature!)

the tea tin and bookmark

40. Popcornopolis cone packs presented in super festive packaging, sure. But the real treat is the variety of popcorn itself — caramel corn, cheddar cheese popcorn, kettle corn, and zebra corn, the latter of which is drizzled with melted white and dark chocolate.

41. A one-line-a-day journal that will encourage them to jot down the day's main event for five years. The result? A completed time capsule that will serve as both a memory book and an opportunity at self-reflection.

the pink, white, blue, and yellow one line a day journal

42. A tie-dye kit because there's no use in fighting it — a ton of ROY G. BIV is all anyone wants from their loungewear these days. No judgement. This kit contains enough stuff to complete up to 30 projects, supplying detailed instructions and five squeezable dye bottles.

43. A Clinique gift set dubbed the ~turn it up, take it off~ because it's got eye essentials for both day and night. They'll receive a lightweight eye cream-gel, a volumizing and lengthening black mascara, plus a cult-favorite cleansing balm (it transforms into an oil that quickly removes all traces of makeup, including stubborn mascara).

the purple tin with the mascara, eye balm, and cleansing balm

44. A dozen peppermint bark truffles made with double chocolate chip cake, crushed candy cane bits, red and chocolate sprinkles, and minty sand. Plus, these hail from the iconic Milk Bar in New York City — it's basically a trip to the old Big Apple in dessert form.

45. A slightly off-shoulder top for the person who aspires to wear more color but alas, likely never will. Say bonjour to their new favorite go-to in all the land.

reviewer wearing the black off-shoulder top

46. A NYX shadow palette equipped with 16 pigmented hues here to take their hand and lead them to greener pastures, aka an eye look that is slightly more bold. From deep burgundies to shimmery coppers, this affordable palette is the perfect gift for any makeup lover.

47. A classic marble notebook that pays subtle tribute to the artists formerly known as *NYSYNC. Perhaps they ring a bell? Justin, Chris, Joey, Lance, and JC? Quite frankly it's tearin' up my heart that I don't already own this.

the marble notebook with NSYNC design

48. A mini cross-stitch kit for a hobby that *isn't* Netflix. This includes everything they need to start on one of four The Nightmare Before Christmas designs: a tiny 32-page book with instructions, three pieces of cotton cloth, an embroidery hoop, and embroidery thread.

49. e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer – it blurs pores, mattifies excess oil, and offers light coverage with one swipe! It wears well under foundation, plus is great to slather on when you're pressed for time but want a bright, dewy complexion. This buzz-worthy gift is widely considered an A+ dupe for more expensive primers on the market.

the poreless putty primer in clear jar with black lid

50. A tinted multi-purpose salve to hydrate their pout, because the wind has returned and painfully dry lips have returned with it. This is available in several scents, but cheers to the newest limited-edition flavor: fig. It leaves behind a beautiful coral tint for just a flush of color.

the white lip balm tube with green cap

51. Ribbed knit leggings so cozy, even their leggings will start to feel stiff. These are ideal for lounging around and doing nothing, but the tapered design also makes for a très trendy ~put-together but still comfortable~ look.

52. A copy of Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything, a fantastical (and morbidly funny) glimpse into the history of medicine.

the book