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    57 Of The Best Gifts Under $20 To Give In 2019

    From Game of Thrones music boxes and wine aerators to swanky satin pillowcases and Friends trivia, good luck not purchasing everything on this list (maybe for yourself).

    1. An attachable aerator to make their less-than-$10 wine taste like it was sourced from Napa and aged for 10 centuries. "I'm getting some dry notes of expensive," they'll say after taking that first sip.

    2. A bullet journal for anyone who has been, well, wanting to take part in the whole bullet journaling craze. This system allows you to detail your past, present, and future: you'll get to keep a record of things that have happened, help tackle daily activities with a sense of calm, and jot down all the goals you'd like to one day accomplish.

    3. A jade roller they'll want to add to their skincare routine ASAP. This little facial massager is said to promote circulation, tighten skin, and help with lymphatic drainage to keep their face feeling glorious and de-puffed (which is especially helpful during a time as stressful as the holidays).

    4. An adjustable stainless steel octopus ring to give their digits the kind of statement-making accessory everyone will be asking about. "Where'd you get that?" "Can I borrow it?" "Can I actually just keep it?" and so on.

    5. A Game of Thrones music box guaranteed to make them shed a little tear every time they crank the handle and listen to the GOT theme song. RIP to their favorite show and the only reason they downloaded the HBO GO app onto their phones.

    6. A satin pillowcase that adds a whole new meaning to the phrase "beauty sleep". Sleeping on this gorgeous thing will reduce bedhead, extend their blowout, and prevent hair breakage — all while you're catching up on some much-needed shut-eye. If you're looking to gift something luxe without dishing out a luxe amount of money, then here 👏 you 👏 go 👏.

    7. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey they'll never want to leave home without! This all-natural honey, chili pepper, and vinegar mixture add the perfect touch of spicy and sweet to any meal. Thought pizza was already perfect? Add some of this on a slice and prepare for your taste buds to explode.

    8. A vegan and cruelty-free e.l.f. mask that obviously calls for a photo shoot. Fun insta-ready look aside, this formula starts out as a clay and transforms into luxurious bubbles for an immediate dose of hydration and glow.

    9. A Takeya cold brew maker with an airtight lid and stainless steel filter that will keep their coffee fresh for up to two weeks. "No more having to wake up extra early to stop for cold brew at that expensive coffee shop," they'll say to their reflection in the mirror, heart jittering as they sip their 15th cup of cold brew for the day.

    10. A ceramic mug for the friend who believes that mermaids are REAL, and being available in mug form is proof enough for them.

    11. A cruelty-free EcoTools set packed with five brushes they'll use on the daily: an angled foundation brush, a concealer brush, an eyeshadow brush, an angled liner brush, and a blush brush. All for less than $10? HALLE- and I cannot stress this enough-LUJAH.

    12. A starter kit that turns growing their own avocados into a foolproof pursuit: All they'll have to do is grab a clean pit, set it into the AvoSeedo bowl, place said bowl in water, and that's it! They're done. Their very own indoor produce will begin to grow in about three to six weeks and not even a finger will have been lifted in the process.

    13. A Kracie Popin' candy kit that comes with everything they'll need to make tiny soft donuts: one bag of plain donut powder, one bag of chocolate donut powder, three bags of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry frosting, one bag of sprinkles, one plastic pastry bag, one spoon, and one reusable donut mold. DIY activities = easy with this inexpensive package.

    14. A wristwatch guaranteed to become their new staple accessory and something they'll never leave the house without. They'll slap this on every morning before sprinting to work, knowing full-well that they look put-together on account of this chic time piece.

    15. Mental Perk: A Friends Quiz Book by Rich Jepson packed with (you guessed it!) trivia surrounding their favorite TV show. While the questions become harder as the quizzes progress, you know damn well that your friend has watched the show a whopping 97 times and therefore will probably breeze right through it. But that's okay! It'll still be an A+ gift.

    16. A sheer matte lipstick with a buildable formula to a) give their pout a blotted finish or b) a bold color ready for a night out on the town. This vegan and cruelty-free product is also available in six dazzling shades, each one perfect for everyday wear.

    17. A Cadbury box packed with ten full-sized chocolate bars. The best gifts IMO are ones that are edible, and what better an edible gift than this delicious UK treat?

    18. Sterling silver cubic zirconia studs that look like a trillion bucks, but thankfully cost very little and can actually be purchased using even my humble savings account.

    19. A mini skillet that looks like part of a larger, more expensive cookware set featured on many a bridal shower registry. This is large enough to make their favorite meal but small enough to easily store away, is perfect for cooking for a party of one, and won't take up their entire sink when they don't feel like washing it right away.

    20. A passport case complete with card, boarding pass, and pen slots for the friend who loves to travel and has an Instagram account that is the envy of your friend group. TAKE ME TO PARIS WITH YOU PLEASE!!!!

    21. Crew socks that are like a warm hug for your feet, because who says toes don't deserve a good snuggle? Plus, these will do a good job at keeping their hooves feeling warm without making 'em sweaty...which is no small feat.

    22. A Ron Swanson Funko Pop to commemorate the best character on the best TV show of all time: Parks and Recreation is significantly better than The Office and I said what I said.

    23. Soapstone stones that will keep their whiskey on the rocks ice cold without any water dilution, which is what traditionally happens when one dumps ice cubes into their glass.

    24. An Anker wireless charger that one assumes could cost upwards of several trillion dollars, but is surprisingly less than $10. This gives battery power/life to your device (think everything from AirPods to Galaxy phones) and even works through tough external cases!

    25. An aromatherapy mist formulated with lavender and chamomile essential oils to really help them ~unwind~ after a long day spent dealing with commute delays, irritating emails, and not nearly enough coffee.

    26. A personal library kit for the friend who always lends their beloved books: so kind, so generous, but they never get those books back. That's right! This nifty kit will guilt all borrowers into actually returning borrowed, weathered copies of The Great Gatsby.

    27. A USB night light any recipient will ~love to the moon and back~. The lamp itself has a battery that lasts for up to ten hours and you can simply give it a tiny tap to adjust brightness and color.

    28. A BPA-free reusable coffee mug that is way more cost-effective than the paper to-go cups they're currently stocking up on and then promptly throwing away after maybe an hour of use. This handy caffeine holder is designed with an anti-slip sleeve, quality borosilicate glass, and a splash-proof lid.

    29. Hedbanz Adulting, a game in which they have guess what they are by asking a series of yes or no questions (in only 90 seconds!) to narrow down the options. Said options range from Batman to Eiffel Tower, resulting in guaranteed laughs and loads of fun for three to six players.

    30. A mermaid tail blanket to transform any abode into a paradise under the sea. Listen to me, the human world is a mess. Let us all pretend to be Ariel, am I right?

    31. A vegan Herbivore Botanicals handcrafted soap that enlists the help of pink clay to target dry skin and dullness, cleaning up makeup and oil without drying out your skin. Good quality aside, it's also very pretty AKA the perfect gift to receive and display in their bathroom.

    32. A stemless wine glass because your significant other wanted a Frenchie, but that's just not feasible this year. I hope this will perhaps hold your S/O over until you can have the real, barking thing.

    33. Aimee Song: World of Style, a book packed with so much travel and style inspo, they may need to sit down and take a deep breath after every page. This gorgeous book contains blogger Aimee Song's favorite looks worn around the 🌍, making it the perfect present for the fashion and travel lover in your life.

    34. A gluten- and cruelty-free Essence mascara with a clump-free, smudge-proof formula here to up your lash game like whoa. Just a few swipes of this will have everyone asking them the most coveted compliment-in-the-form-of-a-question: are those your real lashes?

    35. A 2020 week and monthly planner designed with an inner pocket, pen holder, thick paper, and faux leather cover that makes it look like a product purchased from some high-end boutique. Spoiler alert: It wasn't. But they don't have to know that.

    36. A 2020 boxed calendar packed with difficult trivia questions, fun behind-the-scenes facts, and vibrant images from the movies that turn every morning into a ~magical~ one.

    37. A phone stand for the pal who would basically give up a vital organ for their cat. Not only is this stretching feline adorable, but it's super sturdy and will hold their cellular device in place with no accidental tumbles down their nightstand.

    38. Tabasco spicy dark chocolate wedges so delicious, it's highly likely you'll end up keeping them for yourself — but if you do decide to gift it, I'm sure the recipient will be super grateful for the treat.

    39. A nügg gift set packed with four masks to address all of their complexion concerns: a hydrating gel mask with camellia seed oil; a detoxifying mask with charcoal, oatmeal, and tea tree oil; an exfoliating mask with jojoba beads and cranberry seed oil; and a revitalizing mask with flaxseed and peppermint.

    40. An official BuzzFeed Tasty cookbook packed with mouthwatering recipes and insurmountable amounts of sugar broken down into easy steps that turn baking into a breeze. Put your phone down and stop drooling over all those videos, folks. Time to make the damn thing yourself.

    41. A digital watch that's high quality minus the high price tag. This nifty accessory displays time and date, plus is equipped with a stopwatch and alarm functions that perhaps they won't snooze through (*cough* unlike their iPhone every single morning).

    42. A Gumby dog toy guaranteed to become your best friends new best friend, so keep that in mind before hitting submit order. Are you ready for that kind of competition? I am personally not, so my dog will not be getting this thing anytime soon.

    43. The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur, a book of poetry that chronicles love in all forms: from the very worst to the very best. Tell them they should be prepared to highlight their favorite passages and reread them about, oh, a hundred million times while lying in bed all damn day.

    44. A SkinFood mask packed with black sugar, strawberry seeds, and strawberry seed oil to exfoliate your skin + turn it into the perfect makeup canvas. Plus, it has an instant brightening effect that'll make it look like you *actually* got your beauty sleep last night.

    45. LED curtain string lights for folks who prefer dim ~mood~ lighting while spending their Friday night bingeing the newest Netflix original. Why go outside when you can stay inside, am I right?

    46. A BuzzFeed The Good Advice Cupcake talking figurine (and booklet) to spew out motivational messages like "I'm here to let you know that it will all be okay" and "I love you so much I could scream". (READ: This item is not edible, but wouldn't it be so much better if it was?)

    47. A feather pen that turns the mundane act of journaling into a straight-up luxurious experience. Who's currently dorming at Hogwarts and feasting on bottomless buffets every night? With this pen, that would be you!

    48. Taffy Shop unicorn poop guaranteed to get several laughs at the white elephant gift exchange this year. Quirky packaging aside, the treats themselves are delicious — if you've never bitten into cake batter salt water taffy, you have yet to LIVE.

    49. A Dash rapid cooker that will take the ~hard~ work out of their morning egg-based breakfast routine. For a gift that is both useful and seems like it would cost a million bucks, this handy gadget is it.

    50. A coloring and activity book packed with ~boss babes~ like Tina Fey, J.K. Rowling, Serena Williams, Malala Yousafzai, and Beyoncé. Not only will they be soothed by the coloring, but they'll also be inspired by the absolute icons lining these pages.

    51. A Dash mini waffle maker so adorable, it *may* inspire them to replace that morning cereal bar with an actual sit-down breakfast.

    52. Miracle-Gro food spikes they'll appreciate if they love plants, but a) weren't blessed with the advantage of a green thumb, and b) laziness is one of their defining features. These slowly release micronutrients into soil for up to two months, thus allowing your indoor plants to thrive.

    53. A bronze holder that simultaneously turns wine corks (over a 100 of 'em) into a work of art while also preventing them from being cluttered in their junk drawer, dining room, and every other nook and cranny of their home. Products that turn mess into art: I'm a huge fan, personally.