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    The "Vogue Best Dressed" List Exhibits Blonde, White Bias

    Four of their five most recent "best dressed" women of the year are blonde. Also: All are white.

    The latest star atop the annual "Vogue Best Dressed" list is Emma Stone.

    This is a special issue put out by Vogue once a year. Enthusing over people who wear clothes they thoroughly approve of is most momentously done, you see, in an organized listicle packaged into a paper magazine.

    The Olsens — also blonde (or at least, blonde at the time of this shoot) — won the accolade in 2011.

    They really evolved from the highly desirable genre of Dumpster Chic they popularized like, eight years go. That's what this cover said to me. (Also: VEILS.)

    In 2010, during its Blake Lively obsession phase*, "Vogue" gave Blake Lively the "Best Dressed" title.

    Which means they've anointed a new blonde trinity! (If you count the Olsens as one.)

    *This may be ongoing, but it's also completely possible she's been replaced by, say, Rihanna.

    Rachel McAdams was the best at wearing clothes according to "Vogue" in 2009.

    Before the magazine started doing a special issue for the year's best dressers, the storied list would appear in the January issue, with the best-dressed star on the cover. So in '09 we had Rachel — another white blonde!

    In 2008, Anne Hathaway won the best-dressed contest.

    ...making her the only brunette to have topped the list in the past five years. But like the four people to land in this slot after her, she is white.

    The blonde bias was less evident over the five years prior to Hathaway.

    Kate Hudson's golden locks splayed across the cover in 2007, but before her a brunette reigned.

    The year 2006 brought us Angelina Jolie.

    One of "50 Best-Dressed Originals." Originality evident here in the billowing armpits.

    In 2005, "Vogue" gave us another blonde: Sienna Miller.

    Note how the cover does not say she has a "cool dye job" or "cool '90s flavor." Go figure. Shows that what goes on magazine covers and what people click on on the Internet tend to be pretty different.

    2004 was the only year of the past 10 that a nonwhite celeb reigned supreme at clothes-wearing, per "Vogue."

    J. Lo! I think she's only improved her style since then. (If you disagree, 1) I will fight you, and 2) I have one word for you: jumpsuits, which she wears the hell out of.)

    And in 2003, then-blonde-brunette hybrid Jennifer Aniston got the cover.

    We've been debating over here at BuzzFeed Shift whether this hair shade is in fact blonde or brunette (the consensus is that it's probably safer to categorize as brunette but it's still debatable, maybe, and besides: What of color correction?).

    So in sum, over the past 10 years of the "Vogue Best Dressed":

    • 6.5 blondes (counting the Olsens as one)

    • 1 nonwhite winner