Four Deaf Music Artists You Should Know

One of the first assumptions that is made about deaf people is that it is impossible for them to experience or appreciate music. This is simply not true. Setting aside the obligatory Beethoven argument for now, here are just four contemporary musicians and bands that are bucking the misconceptions about deaf people, while making some great music along the way.

Eli Van Sickel • 3 years ago

10 Reasons Why "That Deaf Guy" Web Comic Is Awesome

That Deaf Guy is a web comic written by deaf cartoonist Matt Daigle and his wife Kay. Here are just ten reasons why the comic is awesome and should be read by deaf and hearing people alike.

Eli Van Sickel • 5 years ago

This Heinous Frown Blog Is Entertaining And Educational

Something called "Heinous Frown Blogging 2k13" exists. And it teaches us that life presents us with many reasons to frown.

Eli Van Sickel • 5 years ago