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    27 Puppy Toys That Are Almost Too Cute To Handle (You've Been Warned)

    If you've never experienced what it's like to be overwhelmed with cuteness, proceed with caution.

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    1. A dental chew ring to satiate your nippy little pupper who loves to chew anything they can sink their tiny teefers into. It's got multiple textures for them to dig into so they can spare your pants legs and fingers.

    2. A Kong puppy binkie that doubles as both yummy treat dispenser and teething relief — being a young doggie is very hard work, after all, and it's your job to make sure they have the tools they need.

    3. A cooling teething stick to soothe your puppy's gums by soaking and freezing it. Just sit back and wait for that tail to start wagging.

    4. A puzzle feeder toy that will delightfully frustrate your mentally active pupper and give them a mealtime activity that doesn't involve begging at the table.

    5. A lamb plushie they'll fall in heart-rendering, google-eye-making, puppy love with the moment they lay their little snoot on the lamb's soft, squeaky body.

    6. A heartbeat plushie because you want to make your homesick lil babe feel safe in their new home. If you buy this for your puppy, chances are you're making a lifetime investment in their new toy BFF.

    7. A Kong puppy tire to tire out your energetic pup for a little bit while you regain your strength for another day taking care of your lovable scruffball.

    doggie nibbling on pink Kong tire toy

    8. A water bottle dog toy with the perfect amount of crinch and cronch, plus it's kind of like recycling your old plastic bottles. Speaking of recycling, this company donates a toy to a rescue dog for every toy they sell!

    9. A set of plush mini toys for little nibblers who have some time before they graduate to being the big dog; plus, soft bone = no broken teeth = no early visits to the doggie dentist.

    10. A silent squeaker toy, well, ultrasonic to be exact — so your squeak-happy pup can chew on it to their heart's content without making you wish you were born without ears.

    golden retriever on the grass with panda plushie in its mouth

    11. A puppy play mat with squeakers in the head and tail, four detachable chew toys, and an anti-slip bottom that your doggie will proudly claim as their happy place.

    12. A latex squeaker almost begging to be tossed around and chewed up in the most loving way, willing and able to lay down its life for your precious little monster.

    13. A teething toy for your gentle creature who doesn't bite, or more so gnaws and nibbles their way to a good time. Spread some toothpaste on it to clean their teeth while you're at it!

    14. An enrichment toy designed to be knotted into whatever shape your pup desires, providing endless preztel-y combinations of mind-molding play. Not to mention it's so gorgeous it's basically also decor for your house.

    15. A unique wobble ball with an intricate design that's basically a work of art, destined to develop your doggie into a sophisticated connoisseur of all the finer things in life.

    16. An aromatherapy ring for fighting the thunderstorm terrors and vacuum cleaner scaries. It releases a calming lavender scent to calm any anxious puppos out there and make them feel safe.

    17. A woven plushie that will be your baby's precious baby (your grandbaby, if you will) they'll love almost as much as they love you.

    18. A volcano hide-and-seek toy for your very own puposaurus rex to unstuff, restuff, and stick their snoot down like an adorable little dinosaur hunter.

    19. An indoor squirrel toy so when it's raining cats and dogs outside your outdoor-loving pup can still play fetch. You and your puppy can toss this thing around for hours of indoor play without destroying a single piece of furniture.

    20. A freezable chew ring with a variety of scales, ridges, and nubbins that will both stimulate and soothe small growing gums.

    21. A puppy flirt pole to provide a 2-in-1 whammy for tiring out your energetic pooch and masking some good old-fashioned obedience training as playtime!

    22. A crate training aid because the sound of your new pup crying in their crate is one of the world's most agonizing. Just attach this freezable treat to the side, and make their crate their fave place to be!

    23. A chew toy and treat dispenser made just for pups to teethe with and develop healthy eating behaviors. Simply stuff with treats and observe your growing child with pride.

    24. A nosework "book" because if you thought your puppy couldn't get any cuter... just prepare yourself. Not only can you hide treats in the little pages to distract them for ages, but you may also weep tears of joy at the sight.

    25. A beginner puzzle toy to challenge your smartypants pup who is already showing signs of above-average doggie IQ. This feeder is also a great way to get your garbage chute puppy to slow down and engage with their food!

    26. A crab toy that might make your puppy a little shellfish over their new favorite buddy; the stretchy rope legs will enthrall, delight, and most importantly, distract!

    27. And a unicorn head toy to, um, listen if you can get over the fact that it looks your dog is playing with the carcass of a mythical being, well then go for it!

    The rush of serotonin you get watching your puppy play with toys:

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