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    29 Products That'll Keep Your Pet Entertained Indoors

    Because your precious pooches and fabulous felines should be having fun all day, every day.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A dog bowl that turns meal time into a mentally stimulating game of "find the treat." It'll stop your pup from devouring their dinner in approximately five seconds, meaning you'll actually have time to eat yours in peace.

    2. A sturdy hammock you can attach right on the window so your cat can soak up some sun and spend all afternoon living its best life like it truly deserves.

    Cat lounging on window cat shelf

    3. A Baby Yoda squeaky toy for the precious pup who sat with you through both seasons of The Mandalorian. This'll keep them entertained until season three arrives.

    Dog playing with Baby Yoda dog toy

    4. And! A cozy bed shaped like The Child that's perfect if your pet is basically your child. You can even flatten it down into a bolster bed if the cave-style setup is just a little too confining for your picky pet.

    Dog inside Baby Yoda dog bed

    5. A multi-level cat tree so your fluffy friend can climb and perch to their heart's desire. There's even a scratch pad and dangling ball to keep them distracted from tearing up your actual furniture.

    Cat playing inside cat tree

    6. A handmade knitted mouse-shaped toy that's stuffed with soft and squishy wool but will still stand up to the most ferocious feline.

    Cat touching pile of mouse-shaped yarn toys

    7. A tunnel with three pathways for your kitten to explore and a top opening so they can pop their head out and keep an eye on their domain. It also comes in patterns so pretty you won't mind leaving it out for guests to see.

    8. A subscription to Dog TV, which is basically like Netflix for doggos. It has content specifically designed to keep your canine relaxed, calm, and entertained — so they'll probably be binge-watching all day long.

    Dog sitting on bed and looking at laptop

    9. An auto-rotating laser pointer that'll have your pet bouncing and pouncing all over the house until it's time to take a much-earned cat nap.

    10. A super soft snuffle mat so your pooch can forage for treats instead of inhaling everything in their dog bowl in less than 60 seconds.

    Dog sniffing in burrow activity toy

    11. An interactive cat toy to keep them stimulated even when you're not at home. They can satisfy their hunting instincts with the springy mouse toy on top or spend all afternoon chasing the rolling ball on the bottom.

    Collage of four cats playing with interactive cat toy

    12. A tiny ball that lights up and makes sounds every time your pupper walks by or touches it, meaning they'll stay occupied for hours without you even having to throw it.

    Dog playing with light up ball chew toy

    13. A rolling cat kicker toy filled with an irresistible blend of catnip, valerian root, and silver vine that will keep your kitty entertained for hours.

    14. A two-in-one cactus-shaped plush toy with a bonus squeaker inside, meaning it's the one toy you won't mind if they destroy almost immediately.

    15. A dangling Spider-Man cat toy stuffed with catnip that'll definitely get your furball's spidey senses tingling.

    Cat playing with Spider-Man toy

    16. A super soft and squishy ball that's specifically designed for indoor play — because I think I speak for all dogs when I say playing fetch should not be an exclusively outdoor activity.

    17. A fun tug toy made of repurposed fire hose material, so it's perfect for the rowdy pup who typically tears right through their other flimsy chew toys.

    18. A three-tiered ball tower that'll immediately attract your feline's attention and have them batting and swatting the brightly colored balls all day long.

    Cat playing with ball tower toy

    19. A tiny toy stuffed with tantalizing organic catnip that's perfect for the cat who spends all afternoon bird watching through the window.

    20. An activity mat to keep your pupperonis mentally stimulated while searching for their treats, which means you'll actually have time to kick back and eat your meals in peace.

    Reviewer photo showing two dogs playing with the activity mat

    21. An interactive dog toy for the dog who loves to play hide-and-seek. Your curious canine will be entertained for hours while trying to get their paws on the squeaky squirrels.

    22. A dog-friendly bath bomb your pupperoncini will be absolutely mesmerized by as it swirls and fizzes around your tub. It'll infuse the water with moisturizing oils and a delicious grapefruit scent so your dog will feel and smell better than ever.

    23. Or! A jar of handmade dog-friendly bubble bath powder so your dog can be surrounded by mountains of fluffy, frothy strawberry-scented goodness.

    24. Folding pet steps so your ball of fluff can easily climb up on the bed and distract you from all the work you're supposed to be doing.

    Product photo showing a corgi sitting next to pet steps

    25. A Barkbox subscription so you can treat your dog to a monthly box filled with delicious treats and durable toys. It's about time your pup gets as many packages as you do.

    Product photo showing a Bark Box and some things that might come inside it each month

    26. A cozy burrow bed so they'll stop hogging the couch and have their own comfy place to relax. It features an orthopedic foam base, so it'll be super easy on their tired joints.

    27. A Snuggle Puppy to relieve anxiety and help make crate training a total breeze. It features a realistic pulsing heartbeat and heat pack to keep your doggo feeling safe and secure — even when those Labor Day fireworks are going off.

    Reviewer photo showing a small puppy cuddling with its SmartPetLove snuggle puppy

    28. The Furbo camera that'll basically become your new live-in dog sitter. You can use the accompanying app to see what your pup is up to or toss a midday treat to add some excitement to their day.

    29. And a plush version of Aladdin's magic lamp so your pup can play hide-and-seek with Genie, Rajah, and the magic flying carpet. It's like ~a whole new world~ of fun! I'll see myself out.

    Dog playing with Aladdin magic lamp dog toy

    If all else fails, just turn on the stand mixer: