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    21 Dog Puzzle Toys That Will Keep Your Mentally Active Dog Occupied

    Because obviously, your dog is a bona fide ~intellectual~ — but these puzzle toys will really seal the deal.

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    1. A squirrel hide-and-seek toy with over 35,000 5-star reviews, and for good reason — even if they're not chasing the real thing, your pup will go nuts taking the little plushies out of the log and playing with them.

    2. A treat puzzle for your big-brained best bud who's just such a smarty-pants that they need a little bit of a challenge to make mealtimes more interesting.

    3. A taco snuffle mat you can roll up in their own little personal burrito, complete with a squeaker and crinkly edges to keep them munching and mlem-ing away for hours.

    4. A Snoop treat-dispensing toy you'll thank your lucky stars for when your pup is busy and quiet, trying to get their snack or toy out of the uniquely designed opening. Plus, it's extra durable and won't be torn to shreds by your furry god of destruction.

    5. A vial puzzle toy if sometimes it seems like your pooch has way too much energy, and you just want to be able to kick back for a couple of hours and take Instagram photos of them.

    6. A fancy puzzle toy called "The Game" designed to cater to your dog's basest hunting instincts, with space for treats inside and spreadables on top. It has multiple complexity settings and an irregular motion to mimic "prey" (i.e., their doggie kibble that comes from a bag).

    7. A puzzle feeder for the inquisitive pup who loves to work for their food. Just load it up, and watch your dog spin and bat at the feeder for the kibble to drop out — and watch their precious brains grow at the same time.

    8. A Tearable toy that's meant to be torn apart, so your dog can live out its destructive fantasies without immediately demolishing the new stuffie you just bought for them. The limbs are attached with Velcro and triple-stitched, so this little monster will actually survive your little monster!

    side-by-side of purple monster dog toy intact then torn apart

    9. A hide-and-slide treat puzzle with drawers for your Mensa mutt who craves the ultimate challenge. I know human beings who couldn't figure this out, so this will definitely be adequate stimulation for your clever canine.

    10. A windmill puzzle toy equipped with varying lids and levels of difficulty, so once they master the basic concept, you can up the ante until your brainy barker is satisfied!

    11. A puzzle treat ring toy that will keep them occupied and clean their teeth at the same time as they gnaw at the center like it contains the key to the universe.

    12. A Pumbaa hide-and-seek toy your dog will think is the closest thing they'll come to running with the wildebeests in their favorite Nat Geo documentary, and they'll love every second of it.

    13. A tower puzzle toy cementing your title as a Proud Puppy Parent as your pet figures out how to pull out the platforms to get their treat.

    14. A 2-in-1 puzzle plush destined to become fido's favorite because of its versatility: shove a treat in the egg pocket for extra nosework, or just gift it to a pup who loves to rip and tear the bird out of its egg.

    15. A sushi puzzle treat dispenser in case sleeping and eating and drooling just isn't cutting it mentally — it'll make eating their kibble an exciting adventure.

    16. A customizable puzzle toy you'll keep coming back for for the sheer versatility — stuff food, treats, balls, or more toys into them to see what creative creations you can stump your dog with next.

    17. An adorable clamshell toy transporting your pooch to a nautical wonderland every time they nose the pearl squeaker out of the shell, clever little bugger that they are.

    18. A pizza treat puzzle to pacify your dog who's always finding ways to sneak-eat your 'za — they can get the satisfaction of munching on some human food while also solving hard doggie puzzles.

    19. A snuffle mat with treat puzzles to take your dog back to the times they were a fierce, intelligent, hunter who used creative thinking to find their food (a long, long, LONG time ago).

    20. An interactive puzzle toy you can adjust to your pet's liking, and soon enough they'll beg just to receive the adventure of the toy, and not just the yummy treats inside.

    21. And a twisting treat puzzle toy just under $7, but the hours of entertainment your dog will get from it (and the blissful peace you will receive as a result) will be priceless.

    You, exploding with praise at your dog who just wants to eat his treats:


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