The Women Of "Parks And Rec" Posted A Galentine's Day Picture Together And Now I'm Craving Waffles

    Ovaries before brovaries, forever and always.

    So, in case you've never seen Parks and Recreation, today is officially Galentine's Day.

    In the Parks and Recreation universe, Galentine's Day — which always falls on the day before Valentine's Day — is a celebration dedicated to all of the wonderful, empowering women in your life.

    And this year Aubrey Plaza, who played April Ludgate on the show, posted this adorable mini-reunion photo to commemorate this incredibly important, should-be-national holiday.

    The caption reads: "💘Happy happy Galentine’s Day. These women keep me alive. 💘"


    Anyway, happy Galentine's Day to all of my poetic and noble land-mermaids!