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"Soul" — A Pixar Movie About Death — Has Its First Teaser, And It's Already Too Sad

Y'all really trying to top what you did to Bing-Bong, huh?

Back in August, BuzzFeed attended the D23 Expo, where we got a look at all of Walt Disney Studios upcoming films and — whew buddy — we're all in for an emotional couple of years, let me tell ya.

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But during the presentations, one film in particular stood out above the rest as being the SADDEST DARN THING I'VE SEEN since the final words uttered by Bing Bong* in Inside Out. That film was Soul, a Pixar movie LITERALLY ABOUT DYING. Seriously, just check out the first teaser released this week:

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*Pour one out for Bing Bong, may he live forever on the moon.

While the teaser doesn't give TOO much away, we know from attending the D23 Expo panel that the film will follow Joe (Jamie Foxx), a middle school band teacher who dreams of playing jazz music in a New York club.

However, after one (literal) misstep, Joe finds himself back at the "You Seminar." What's the "You Seminar," you ask? It's the place where we all get our souls. Yeah, this movie is here to mess you up, I'm telling you.

While attending the "You Seminar," Joe meets an absolutely DELIGHTFUL character named "22" (Tina Fey) who is, somehow, already iconic. Seriously, just look at her dance. REMEMBER HER FOR HER DANCE:

COOL, so with all that tragic-as-heck plot stuff out of the way, let's take a quick second to acknowledge how STUNNING the animation here is...because seriously, Pixar's outdone themselves this time:

Anyway, fans were quick to point out how absolutely heartbreaking the premise of this film is.

I’m ready for Pixar to emotionally destroy me once again. #PixarSoul

And frankly, between this film and Onward, every film Pixar is releasing recently feels like a personal attack on everyone over 18 years old.

Pixar is now just unabashedly releasing films targeted to listless, sad adults, and I am here for it. https://t.co/85pj3NNou1

So yeah, there ya have it. Pixar's Soul will be in theaters June 19, 2020, but my existential crisis will be taking place right now, today.