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    Pixar's "Onward" Has Its First Trailer And It Gave Me Absolutely All Of The Feelings

    Please excuse me while I call my father, sobbing! Thank you!

    This week, we finally got our first full-length look at Pixar's Onward and, honestly, I'm already kind of an emotional wreck???

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    While we got a sneak peak at around eight minutes of the film back in August when BuzzFeed attended the D23 Expo, this trailer is the first new footage the world is seeing, so allow me to break it down for you:

    The film takes place in a high-fantasy, The Lord of the Rings-esque world that has long-forgotten magic and has modernized to our currently worldly standards.

    We're focused in on a pair of elven teen brothers, Ian (Tom Holland) and Barley (Chris Pratt), who live with their single mom (icon walking among us, Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and tiny delightful dragon dog.

    On Ian's sixteenth birthday, their mother presents the brothers with a gift from their deceased father, which turns out to be a staff, a magical stone, and a "visitation spell" — a spell that will bring their father back to life, but only for 24 hours.

    However, this is a Pixar/Disney movie, so you know some hijinks HAVE to ensue. The spell gets cut off in the middle of Ian casting it and — quite literally — so does their father.

    With only the bottom half of their dad walking around, the two boys have to scour their town for more magic in order to bring the rest of him back, while full-on Weekend At Bernie's-ing his living legs.

    The whole thing looks hilarious, moving, and — frankly — brilliant. And, much like when Brave came out and I felt the urge to call my mommy, I have a sudden and intense urge to call my dad.

    So be sure to pack all of the tissues and prepare to feel absolutely all of the feelings when Pixar's Onward hits theaters March 6, 2020!