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17 Behind-The-Scenes Movie Facts That Are So Freakin' Weird, They Sound Made Up

Jim Carrey needed CIA torture-endurance training for How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

1. Warner Brothers HATED the original title, Beetlejuice

2. The filmmakers weren't convinced Patrick Swayze had a soft side, Ghost

3. Samuel L. Jackson only took the job because of the title, Snakes on a Plane

4. Tom Cruise improvised a famous kiss, Top Gun

5. Tina Fey's mom inspired one of Regina George's quips, Mean Girls

6. Ridley Scott's children appeared in the movie so as to make the set look bigger, Alien

7. Stanley Kubrick banned Tom Cruise from the set to make him jealous, Eyes Wide Shut

8. One line saved the production $150,000, The Big Lebowski

9. Vin Diesel had a fake Dungeons and Dragons tattoo put on him because he loves D & D, xXx

10. One Oscar-nominated film interrupted the filming of another, No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood

11. Alex only has a pet snake because the actor was terrified of them, A Clockwork Orange

12. Jim Carrey needed torture-endurance training because the make-up was too much, How The Grinch Stole Christmas

13. Benicio Del Toro’s persistent farts made for an iconic moment, The Usual Suspects

14. Sean Connery had his wrist broken by an intense (and, now, infamous) instructor, Never Say Never Again

15. Mandy Patinkin's personal tragedy gave way to an iconic performance, The Princess Bride

16. Sigourney Weaver made the "impossible" basketball shot for real, Alien Resurrection

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In case you ever question if Weaver is truly as badass IRL as she is in all of her movies, just take a seat for this one. In the script for the fourth Alien movie, she was required to throw a basketball behind her into the net, without ever looking. While the production team had completely planned on using CGI for the trick, they still needed to film her throwing it...and she ACTUALLY MADE IT IN. TBH, the smile on Ron Perlman's face tells the whole story.

17. The director had to prove in court that the actors were still alive, Cannibal Holocaust