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    "Morbius" Has Its First Teaser And It Contains Some Serious "Spider-Man" Easter Eggs

    On today's episode of "A Thing I Didn't Know I Needed In My Life Until Right Now"...

    Look, it's a Monday. I'm out here just trying to live my life. I'm minding my own business. Heck, the Academy Award nominations came out...I have enough on my mind today.

    But then — outta freakin' nowhere — a teaser trailer for Sony Pictures' Moribus dropped online with absolutely no warning and now I can think and/or talk about nothing else:

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    Okay, so...allow me to break this teaser down for you as best I can:

    Jared Leto is Michael Morbius*, a Nobel Prize-winning doctor living with a rare blood condition that is slowly but surely killing him.

    Morbius is quickly running out of time in his search for a cure to his crippling disease, which causes him to resort to some seriously desperate options...

    ...which — as with most comic book tales — takes a dark turn, and Morbius gets transformed into a “pseudo vampire." Yes, you read that correctly.

    While his newfound state does come with some serious perks — like echolocation and flight — it also comes with that typical vampire downside: A pesky thirst for blood.

    But the real WHAT THE HECK moment of the trailer comes at the tail end, when we get a glimpse of a ~familiar face~. Yup, that's Michael Keaton reprising his role as Adrian Toomes/Vulture as previously seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

    Overall, the tone of the film feels super spooky and very similar to 2017's Venom, but, like...with just a DROP of Van Helsing added in for good measure.

    Naturally, Marvel fans about lost their darn minds at all of this. There's much to unpack here:

    Morbius trailer has the biggest galaxy brain shot I've ever seen, what is happening -MCU Spidey was branded a murderer at the end of Far From Home...ok -This poster is the 🚨 RAIMI 🚨 SPIDER-MAN SUIT -THE IMAGE IS THE PROMOTIONAL IMAGE PUT OUT BY INSOMNIAC FOR THE PS4 GAME

    Especially given all the ~drama~ between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios over the Spider-Man property in the not-so-distant past:

    Kevin Feige watching the #Morbius trailer and seeing Micheal Keaton at the end.

    So uh...yeah! There's certainly a lot to be excited about here, so be sure to catch all of this super spooky goodness when Morbius hits theaters Summer 2020!