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    James Wan's Latest Horror Movie, "Malignant," Has A New Trailer, And I Mean It When I Say "Absolutely Not"

    Can't wait to watch this one through my fingers!

    Look y'all, I'm a simple lady: If I see a new horror film coming to theaters, I'm going to throw my money directly at it.

    Promo image for Malignant featuring a person lying down and looking up in fear as the I in Malignant points toward their eye as if it were a nail
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    So you can probably imagine how quickly I started warming up my cash-throwin' arm when I saw the brand-new trailer for Malignant that dropped today! No, seriously, just...just watch the trailer:

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    You can also check out the first trailer here!

    This nightmare in film form is the latest from iconic horror director/writer James Wan. If you know, you know. And if you don't, he's the ~twisted~ mind behind some of the most beloved horror franchises of the last two decades, including Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring.

    Warner Bros.

    He also directed Aquaman (2018), which I'm told was NOT a horror movie, despite my rabid thalassophobia.

    Anyway, this new story follows Madison (Annabelle Wallis), a woman with an unfortunate condition: she sees "shocking visions of grisly murders."

    Warner Bros.

    Wan takes your "I see dead people" and raises you an "I see dying people."

    However, Madison becomes even more distressed when she realizes her "visions" aren't merely in her mind, but are actually happening in reality.

    Warner Bros.

    AND as she learns more and more about her past, it quickly becomes apparent that she's being haunted by more than just "visions." She discovers that, as a little girl, she randomly started speaking to an "invisible friend" named Gabriel, who definitely has something to do with all of this.

    Warner Bros.

    Gabriel is 100% a demon. Absolutely not.

    The whole thing is classic Wan, giving off all of the "No thank you" vibes we've come to expect, merged with some beautiful light and sound design, whacky shot choices*, and also a lot of "Oh no, someone's standing right near you but you don't see them right away!" jump scares.

    Warner Bros.

    *For example, there's this one-take shot in a commercial I keep seeing and it's incredible!

    So, uh, yeah...there ya have it! Be sure to check out Malignant when it hits theaters and HBO Max on Sept. 10! Until then — if you happen to catch me looking behind myself to make sure no one's standing right there — mind your own business, please and thank you.

    Warner Bros.

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