19 Haunting Items Inside The Real "The Conjuring" Ed And Lorraine Warren's Occult Museum

    Some items are even creepier than Annabelle.

    Now that The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It has scared in theaters and HBO Max across the country, let's take a look at the real deal: inside the Warren's Occult Museum.

    Table art of a house and ghost painted and signed by Edward Warren

    1. The Shadow Doll

    Black-feathered doll

    2. Satanic Idol

    Devil idol

    3. Annabelle

    Annabelle's face close up

    4. Human Skull Used for Black Magic

    Skull with star symbol on forehead

    5. Dark Magic Doll

    Doll hanging in a glass container

    6. Some more alleged haunted dolls:

    Doll with no face


    Aged doll with markings on its forehead


    Clown doll

    9. Beheaded T. Rex Toy

    Beheaded green T-Rex toy

    10. White Lady of Union Cemetery

    Mannequin with a white veil

    11. African Fertility Dolls

    Wooden dolls on a shelf

    12. The Witch of Monroe

    Witch mask on a mannequin

    13. Speaking of, check out these chilling masks:

    White-haired old man mask


    Tiki mask


    Werewolf mask

    16. Haunted Pearl Necklace

    Pearl necklace inside a glass box

    17. Skull with Horns

    Skull with horns

    18. This Whole Table

    Table of artifacts like a snake statue, mummy, and claw

    19. Haunted Glass Eyeballs

    Two fake eyes inside a small container

    Which item creeps you out the most? Which item would you like to learn more about? Comment below!