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    These Moments From "Malignant" Will Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You

    Don't read this at night.

    When director James Wan wants to take a break from directing Hollywood behemoths, he goes back to his first love, horror movies. His latest offering, Malignant, is a scary, gory, and entertaining horror thriller that will make viewers gasp in shock on the big reveal.

    Title of the movie appears
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    Headed by Annabelle Wallis (of Peaky Blinders), the film follows her attempts to unearth her connection to a mysterious and violent killer.

    A woman looking
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    Below is a list of the most horrifying/spooky moments in the film.

    Please be warned of massive SPOILERS ahead.

    1. When just a few minutes into the movie, some unseen force does this.

    A man screams at his broken arm bone sticking out
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    2. Is that a ghost watching television?

    Someone watching TV in the first picture disappears in the second.
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    3. Look behind you, dude!

    A shadowy figure stands behind a man
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    4. This scene really scared me a lot — some monster crawling.

    A man with his neck broken lies on the floor while a humanoid figure crawls over him.
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    5. More eerie and tense, rather than scary.

    A humanoid figure stands on a dark fogy street.
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    6. Another quite scary moment.

    Someone jumps from the ceiling.
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    7. It made my blood curdle when I saw the killer slithering around in a black trench coat.

    A humanoid figure bent abnormally
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    8. This made me jump in my chair:

    A woman screaming
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    9. This was too horrific:

    A humanoid figure smashes the face of someone.
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    10. For a moment I thought, This lady is gone:

    A pointy dagger sticks next to a woman tied up and mouth gagged.
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    11. It's scenes like these that remind you of being scared in childhood of monsters under the bed.

    A man's feet rests on the floor
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    12. This was legit super scary. I almost spilled my milk.

    A humanoid figure emerges from behind a woman while she's lying on her side on bed.
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    13. Gruesome and horrible:

    The humanoid figure is siting atop a man lying on bed and stabs the man in his face
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    14. This was terrifying and gross:

    The humanoid figure is shown to have a very hideous face.
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    15. This poor guy has been mangled:

    A dead man with his face stabbed lying on bed.
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    16. When you notice something in the mirror:

    A cop points a gun while the mirror on the wall beside him shows someone lurking in the corner.
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    17. I was on the edge of my chair here:

    A humanoid figure hiding atop a carriage while a cop searches for him
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    18. The most shocking and terrifying moment of the movie:

    A hideous and small human baby like creature is on the back side of a girl.
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    19. ...Gabriel finally appears in public!

    A very ugly face emerges out of the back side of the skull of a woman.
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    Honorable mention: This moment when I was scared that she may drive off the cliff:

    A car stops near the edge of a cliff.
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    What was the scariest part of Malignant for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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