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    27 Horror Films So Legitimately Terrifying, People Lost Sleep Over Them

    A good night's sleep? I don't know her.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share a horror movie that they personally found so disturbing, it literally kept them up at night. Here are just some of the best responses:

    1. House of 1,000 Corpses (2003)

    Lionsgate Films

    "I didn’t sleep with the lights off OR shower with the curtain fully closed for weeks after seeing this. I was forced to watch this during a sleepover, and it was the last time I ever let myself get pressured into watching a horror movie. I 'noped' the heck out of there so hard after the movie ended, I even called my parents and faked being sick to have them come get me."


    2. Us (2019)

    Universal Pictures

    "This movie literally made me pee my pants. I was part of a film club at my high school, and we watched this for Halloween. I'm usually a wimp about stuff like this, but I wanted to watch it and get over my fear. Bad idea. When it got to the part where the family was standing in the driveway and they suddenly moved, I actually screamed. It wasn't until the period ended and we turned the lights back on that one of my friends yelled, 'Hey! Did you pee your pants?!' The whole class saw and I had to tie a sweater around my waist for the rest of the day! I still haven't lived it down."


    3. Hell House LLC (2015)

    Terror Films

    "It's on Amazon Prime and is absolutely unnerving. I love horror movies, so it takes a lot to spook me, but this one had me checking and rechecking my basement, door, and window locks multiple times a night."


    4. Midsommar (2019)


    "I watched the 9 p.m. showing of this with some friends and literally stayed up all night, cuddled in a blanket, sitting in a well-lit room, watching Bob’s Burgers until the sun came up."


    5. Blair Witch Project (1999)

    Artisan Entertainment

    "It was all funny and laughing until the movie was over and my brother and I realized we were our house in the middle of the night. And we couldn't figure out what kept setting off the motion detector light in our driveway. Yeah, neither of us got any sleep that night."


    6. The Orphanage (2007)

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "Spoilers: There’s a terrifying scene where a woman gets hit by a car and her face gets deformed, but that’s nothing compared to the twist ending. I had to look at pictures of dogs on my phone for over an hour before I could even think about trying to go to sleep."


    7. Martyrs (2008)

    The Weinstein Co.

    "The word 'disturbing' doesn't even come close to describing it. It shook me up for a while!"


    8. Saw (2004)

    Lionsgate Films

    "I saw it with a group of friends in the theater when it was first released. It was so disturbing, I had to sleep on my mom's floor that night. I was 16 years old."


    9. It Follows (2014)


    "The soundtrack and premise work together to create a very unsettling atmosphere for me. I watched it late at night and then went to sleep, but then my dog started barking for no reason at, like, 3 a.m., and I woke up thinking the entity was outside my door. It was pretty hard to sleep after that."


    10. The Fourth Kind (2009)

    Universal Pictures

    "The 'actual footage' shown next to the movie footage freaked me out so much that my then-boyfriend (now-husband) had to stay the night because I was NOT about to sleep alone. I have yet to watch it again."


    11. The Grudge (2004)

    Columbia Pictures

    "I saw this when I was 10 and was scarred for, like, six months. Not being able to sleep was bad, but I was even more afraid to shower because of the scene where the hand grabs Sarah Michelle Gellar’s head while she’s washing her hair. I would always wash my hair with my eyes wide open and risk getting shampoo in my eyes because I was too scared to close them."


    12. Silent Hill (2006)

    Metropolitan Filmexport

    "This was the very first horror movie I ever watched. I thought it was going to be fine because I had watched a friend play through the game, which didn't have the best graphics in the world. Anyway, I had just turned 15 and a bunch of us were at my friend's place for her birthday, and we watched it. To this day, the air raid siren sounds still freak me right out, and it's been nearly a decade since I watched it."


    13. Coraline (2009)

    Focus Features

    "My parents took us to see this because they thought it was a wholesome children's movie, but it turned out to be one of the most terrifying experiences I've ever had. We begged our parents to leave, but they wanted to prove that there would be a happy never came. The vague, creepy ending left even my parents disturbed, and my sisters and I had nightmares about the 'Other Mother' for MONTHS."


    14. REC (2007)

    Filmax International

    "I love horror movies, but I was so freaked out after I watched this, I drove to sleep at my parents' house and left my boyfriend and my roommate at my apartment."


    15. The Boy (2016)


    "Spoilers: At first I was making jokes about a doll walking around and how ridiculous it would look. Then you find out it's a psycho living in the wall. That was more disturbing than I could handle, and it still freaks me out to think about that."


    16. Candyman (1992)

    TriStar Pictures

    "This was the very first horror movie I ever saw. I was having a sleepover with a friend that night, but we did not sleep At ALL, and neither of us would look into a mirror for months afterward."


    17. Paranormal Activity (2009)

    Paramount Pictures

    "I know it’s considered a silly movie now, but when I left that theater with my friends, we were all terrified. That night when we all got home, a door blew open in our apartment building and we all screamed. Definitely lost some sleep over that one."


    18. Fire in the Sky (1993)

    Paramount Pictures

    "No exaggeration, this movie nearly put me in therapy. I watched it not knowing what it was about, and I already have an irrational fear of aliens. I almost had a heart attack."


    19. Would You Rather (2012)

    IFC Films

    "It’s about this girl who goes into this 'game' to win money, and when she gets there it starts off normal, but then it gets weirder and weirder, until the dares are dangerous...and eventually start killing people. I watched this one night and COULD NOT stop thinking about it when I tried to go to bed."


    20. Eden Lake (2008)

    Optimum Releasing

    "The kids in that movie were both unbelievably cruel AND realistic. To be a stranger in a strange town and to then be targeted by kids who are protected by their parents is actually pretty frightening. It stayed with me for a long time."


    21. Begotten (1990)

    World Artists Home Video

    "It’s a surrealist film about the story of creation, and it’s pretty much just those Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark book illustrations by Stephen Gammell come to life. Need I say more? It'll give you nightmares for life."


    22. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

    New Line Cinema

    "I don't even remember watching the movie as a child, but I had nightmares for years that there was a giant Freddy Krueger living under the street in front of my house. It was terrifying. I even woke up screaming 'Help' one time, and it scared the hell out of my mom and stepdad."


    23. Terrifier (2016)

    Dread Central Presents

    "No exaggeration — it took me at least five tries to finish the whole movie."


    24. The McPherson Tape (UFO Abduction) (1989)

    Axiom Films

    "It’s about this family making a home video, and then aliens invade their house. It's genuinely the scariest film I have ever watched, and I cannot get it out of my head."


    25. Darkness Falls (2003)

    Sony Pictures Releasing

    "I watched this at a very young age, and I'm now an adult that sleeps with a night-light. Thanks, Dad."


    26. The Last House on the Left (1972)

    Hallmark Releasing

    "It felt so real and so heartbreaking for the victims in the movie. I couldn't get it out of my mind for weeks, and it definitely caused me to lose some sleep."


    27. Oculus (2014)

    Relativity Media

    "I vividly remember having a full-on panic attack on the kitchen floor after a scene involving a mirror. My mom had to put on Sharknado afterward for some comic relief to calm me down."


    What's a horror movie that kept YOU up all night (or year) after watching it? Share yours in the comments below, and don't forget to follow the BuzzFeed Community for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post or video!

    Some entries have been edited for length and/or clarity.