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    15 Simple Self-Care Activities That Cost Exactly Zero Dollars And Zero Cents To Do

    Self-care: Because you're worth it.

    1. Drink. Water.

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    Look, water is not a cure all, but it'll help. At work, I'm the Patron Saint of STAY HYDRATED because growing up I didn't drink a ton of water (I was a soda gal). Just have a few glasses throughout the day, you don't HAVE to overdo it, but you will definitely feel better when you wake up tomorrow.

    2. Watch your favorite childhood movie.


    We all have some piece of media that gives us that punch-you-in-the-gut nostalgia, and those movies can (sometimes) be really therapeutic to re-watch as an adult. Take a couple hours out of your day/night to chill, watch a personal favorite, and allow yourself to feel like a kid again.

    3. Try meditating.

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    I know, I KNOW, this isn't ground-breaking or new, but you really should try it. This video (from our very own BuzzFeed) is very handy for starting out with breathing exercises. Meditation costs zero dollars and zero cents to do, but will make you feel like a million bucks.

    4. Make a mood board (IRL or online) dedicated to something you're passionate about/something that calms you down.

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    You love cool makeup? Make a board. Want to try some new, neat hairstyles? Make a board. YOU JUST REALLY LOVE PUPPIES? Board. It. Up. That way you'll be able to look back at things that visually stimulate joy in you.

    5. Take a very long, involved shower.

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    Not all of us are bath people and many of us view showers as a chore, when bathing in any form can be a great form of self-care. Take a shower, but really take your time. Focus on the way the water feels, how the body wash smells, how the shampoo changes the texture of your's SO calming.

    6. Listen to your favorite album from when you were a pre-teen/teen, one that you haven't heard in a WHILE.


    Music is the best and, similar to the movie suggestion, it's nice to reminisce and feel the way you felt when you first heard it. Might I suggest some My Chemical Romance or Blink-182?

    7. Pick ONE single chore that needs to get done and do it.


    Sometimes we don't slow down and take pride in all the little things we DO accomplish because we're so focused on the larger things we don't. Pick something small and make sure it gets done, then acknowledge that you did it, because you're awesome.

    8. Reach out to someone, anyone, you'd like to speak to (call, email, text, etc).

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    You don't have to make a big deal about it, just talk to someone you like. Even if it's someone you talk to every day, it'll be nice to talk to them knowing you needed them in that moment.

    9. Take some time to unfollow toxic people on social media.


    If you follow people who make you feel bad about yourself or who are just, you know, dicks in general, UNFOLLOW THEM. Even if they're from high school or college or work, it's not worth it. If they're not contributing to your well-being, they're detracting from your happiness.

    10. Go outside.

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    Go chill outside for a bit (if you're in a safe area, of course). You don't have to get all ~meta~ about it. You can be outside and still chill on your phone or listen to music. The point is to LITERALLY get some fresh air.

    11. Have a good, long cry.


    Crying is a GD bodily function. Your body WANTS you to cry. You're not weak, you're not selfish, you're not anything except a human being. Lock yourself in a bathroom and let it out, honey.

    12. Organize something small.


    Whether it's your wallet, a single desk drawer, or your book collection, organizing things makes you feel a little more put together, no matter how small it is.

    13. Stretch that body.

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    No matter what kind of job you have (sitting, standing, walking, ect.), taking a few minutes to stretch your back, legs, and arms out will make you feel loose and give you some much-needed breathing time.

    14. Go through your closet and donate things you no longer wear or want.


    It's a nice way to clean out what is likely an outdated, cluttered section of your life while simultaneously giving to others.

    15. And, finally: Say something nice about yourself.


    A lot of us give compliments to others freely, but are reluctant to say anything nice to ourselves (especially when no one else is around to hear it). So look yourself in the mirror, and really mean it. You're awesome and you know it, so tell yourself so!

    Note: I'm not a professional, nor do I claim to be one. These are just fun little suggestions that I find help me, so I wanted to share them.


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