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    15 Simple Self-Care Activities That Cost Exactly Zero Dollars And Zero Cents To Do

    Self-care: Because you're worth it.

    1. Drink. Water.

    2. Watch your favorite childhood movie.

    3. Try meditating.

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    I know, I KNOW, this isn't ground-breaking or new, but you really should try it. This video (from our very own BuzzFeed) is very handy for starting out with breathing exercises. Meditation costs zero dollars and zero cents to do, but will make you feel like a million bucks.

    4. Make a mood board (IRL or online) dedicated to something you're passionate about/something that calms you down.

    5. Take a very long, involved shower.

    6. Listen to your favorite album from when you were a pre-teen/teen, one that you haven't heard in a WHILE.

    7. Pick ONE single chore that needs to get done and do it.

    8. Reach out to someone, anyone, you'd like to speak to (call, email, text, etc).

    9. Take some time to unfollow toxic people on social media.

    10. Go outside.

    11. Have a good, long cry.

    12. Organize something small.

    13. Stretch that body.

    14. Go through your closet and donate things you no longer wear or want.

    15. And, finally: Say something nice about yourself.

    Note: I'm not a professional, nor do I claim to be one. These are just fun little suggestions that I find help me, so I wanted to share them.