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    106 Cute Animal Pictures That'll Take Your Mind Off Things

    Dog-gone it — they are cute.

    Having one of those days? Desperate for a distraction at work? Need some more small animals in your life? We've got you covered. Here's a roundup of the cutest creatures that the internet and BuzzFeed Community had to offer.

    1. Just a little pika taking a peek at you.

    Pika on a rock

    2. A little baby serval at your service.

    serval kitten lying on bed

    3. Take a *paws* and look at this adorable arctic fox coming to say hi.

    arctic fox looking at camera

    4. This cheeky chipmunk will cheer you up instantly.

    chipmunk peeking out of watering can

    5. Where is this little guy going? He's so fluffy and round and yellow, he can't be real!

    baby chick walking in grass

    6. Do you know what a quokka is? No one knew anything could be this cute.

    7. Look at how adorable this baby elephant is! Who knew elephants could be so small!

    8. Don't you just want to hold this little hedgehog in your hands?!

    9. Look at this curious little guy!

    10. This little piggy slept all the way home!

    11. Who knew red pandas had such tiny, adorable tongues??!

    Red panda holding bamboo

    12. This cute puppy is getting his close-up — and I'm here for it:

    13. Or maybe you're more of a kitten person:

    14. If you've never seen a pika before, consider yourself formally introduced:

    A pika rests in Yellowstone National Park

    15. Well, hello there!

    16. We're a fan of this guy's fan:

    17. We've all heard of a doggy there's a doggy mug:

    18. It's turtleneck season!

    19. "Sometimes you just gotta stop and be thankful for the life you're livin'."

    a puppy standing by a metal gate outside

    20. When your dog is the most photogenic one in your family...

    21. This happy face!!

    a corgi that looks like it's smiling

    22. "Screw the kid's menu — where's the dog menu?"

    23. "Oh hi, welcome to the edge of my kingdom. Isn't it great?"

    a small puppy standing on the edge of a plank

    24. Don't want none unless you got bunnies, hun!


    26. Name something better than finding your one true cuddle buddy and living your best lives together. We'll wait.

    a cat snuggled up in a little bed

    27. Enjoy your life as much as this pup is enjoying that fine sea breeze.

    a small puppy standing in the ocean

    28. Make yourself as proud as this dog with his stick.

    a closeup of a dog holding a stick

    29. Snuggle buddies!

    hamsters snuggling

    30. One snug pug in a rug!

    a pug in a fleece pullover

    31. And just when you thought things couldn't get any cuter... Here's a sleeping puppy in an itty, bitty sweater.

    puppy in a sweater sleeping

    32. Staring contest starts...NOW!

    closeup of a bunny's face

    33. It's still going...

    a dog looking up

    34. And another doggie pic for good measure:

    Twitter: @Babyhupp

    35. Puppy love can come in many forms...

    TBT happy day out I was kissed by a little sheep😳 well you don't get a kiss from a sheep every day😀 have a good day furfriends 👍🏻

    Twitter: @GuidoLock

    36. Just look at this little wallaby with his favorite toy.

    a wallaby holding a stuffed animal and sleeping

    37. This brindle baby with the sweetest eyes in the world.

    38. When "Golden" by Harry Styles comes on, all golden retrievers go:

    39. This fashionista dog:

    a dog wearing a knit cap

    40. Name a cuter cat... We'll wait.

    a sleeping cat

    41. The dancing queen is a dog!

    a small dog that a person is making dance

    42. Look at these bun-dles of joy!

    Happy #Friday...sending you all bunny #kisses

    Twitter: @AlfieAndBiscuit

    43. Look at this shy guy:

    a dog covering its face

    44. And this nosy guy:

    closeup of a dog's nose

    45. The most curious of cats:

    a cat staring

    46. "I'm listeningggg!"

    a dog looking up attentively

    47. This cat waiting for her close-up:

    a cat sitting still

    48. And another one.

    49. This kitty in the corner:

    a small cat trying to hide behind a cushion

    50. Up-close and personal with this cutie!

    My daughter and her girlfriend’s dog Thelma says happy holidays. They adopted her one year ago.

    Twitter: @shannonrwatts

    51. Rollin' with the homies.

    Ma dog has been assigned to play with a puppy at his doggy school and they’ve actual became best pals 😭

    Twitter: @declanshields

    52. Standing room only.

    I was riding BART today when a man and his extremely large Great Dane stepped aboard the train. It was a bit busy, so he told the dog to stand up and the dog flat out STOOD ON TWO LEGS AND RODE THE TRAIN THROUGH THE TRANSBAY TUBE.

    Twitter: @seanherron

    53. Could this dog BE any fluffier?!

    i dont use the words absolute unit lightly but let me say.........this is

    Twitter: @bonnieventure

    54. This hedgehog can do the can-can!

    a hedgehog lifting its legs

    55. You're the bright spot in this Dalmatian's day.

    a portrait of a Dalmation

    56. Baby Horse is here to remind you that it's OK to stand up for yourself.

    a baby horse trying to stand

    57. The wisest of them all.

    Twitter: @CGdrawing

    58. You're an inspiration, and this baby chimp looks up to you.

    a baby chimp looking up

    59. What you're working on is very impressive. It makes this Jack Russel terrier go, "Bow wow!"

    a little dog

    60. These lion cubs are here to remind you to take ~pride~ in yourself.

    lion cubs snuggled together

    61. If you wanted to hang out, this joey would kick it with you.

    a joey hanging from its mother's pouch

    62. This baby giraffe thinks he's taller than you.

    a baby giraffe looking straight at the camera

    63. This guy nailed it.

    Twitter: @cmridgely

    64. Here's this hungry lil' guy.

    a small dog eating

    65. This penguin chick can tell immediately that you are 100% worthy of love.

    a penguin chick looking curious

    66. This baby orangutan is riding the strugglebus too.

    baby orangutan that looks sheepish

    67. This kitten knows, without a doubt, that there is nothing wrong with you. You are...wait for it...purr-fect.

    a small kitten

    68. This precious little jumping spider would like to use all eight of his arms to give you four hugs at once.

    spider with a cartoony face

    69. These floofs know you've got this, no matter what "this" is.

    puppy and kitten standing together

    70. Here's an excited puppy with a lot to look forward to in life.

    a puppy lying upside down

    71. Here is a cat looking up with the softest, sweetest eyes.

    a small cat on a bed

    72. And this puppy waiting patiently to play.

    a puppy standing in grass

    73. But this precious angel is a little tuckered out from playtime.

    a cat falling asleep

    74. Did you perhaps want to see a small, small bunny?

    a person cuddling a small bunny

    75. Or maybe a happy buddy frolicking through the clovers?

    a wiener dog looking off into the distance

    76. Or a cat in a basket?

    a cat sitting in a basket


    a dog smiling in a field

    78. This little puppy is just "resting his eyes for a moment."

    a little puppy sleeping on someone

    79. But this llama is NOT buyin' that. Not in the least.

    a llama sitting in grass

    80. Here's a sleepy little ferret coming to say hello.

    a ferret lying in a blanket

    81. And the fluffiest of fluffies.

    a fluffy dog in a field


    newborn kittens

    83. And a squishy chinchilla about to make a speech.

    a chinchilla

    84. Perhaps you'd like to see this guy getting ready to give out some kisses.

    a small dog sticking its tongue out

    85. Or this hungry lil' hamster.

    a hamster looking expectantly out of its cage

    86. And check out this very patient lad waiting for a treat.

    closeup of dog's face

    87. This horse is just horsing around.

    closeup of horse

    88. Here are two precious baby ducklings, wondering how your day is going.

    ducklings in a field

    89. And a small kitten whose curiosity is already getting the best of him.

    kitten looking up

    90. Sometimes you just need some fuzzy bunnies...

    bunny with its feet on a fake little laptop

    91. ...and a best friend to snuggle up with at the end of the day.

    bunny and cat cuddling

    92. Like this kitty, who is taking a literal cat nap.

    cat napping on furniture


    a dog holding a ball in its mouth

    94. Watch out for this sneak attack cat.

    cat by a window

    95. And this overly excited Pomeranian.

    a smiling Pomeranian in a field

    96. A real cat with a fake duck.

    cat sniffing a rubber ducky

    97. A lotta llamas!

    @twaimz omg !! I met these llama's today 😏 that white one is mentally disturbed, the other one? Could be super llama

    Twitter: @maragareet69

    98. "We are the here and now; let us bask in this moment."

    a dog and a cat wearing sunglasses


    a dog lying on a rug

    100. "This water is fantastic, and life is fantastic, and you are fantastic."

    a dog looking happy in a pond

    101. "I'm not one for cheeriness, but man the holidays are really putting me into the spirit."

    a cat by a Christmas tree

    102. Here is a squishy puppy face to start your day off right.

    a puppy laying its face on the ground

    103. And plump, lil' hamster cheeks.

    a hamster with food in its mouth

    104. Precious baby kitten? You need this too.

    a kitten looking up from a box

    105. lucky are we to have puppies?

    a puppy looking up

    106. And little kitties who sleep soundly in our arms?

    a cat cuddling a stuffed animal and sleeping

    This article contains content from Isha Bassi, Elaina Wahl, Adam Davis, Devyani, and Patrick Baker. It was compiled by Kelly Rissman.