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    89 Adorable Animals Who Will Take Your Mind Off Of Things

    Dog-gone it — they are cute.

    Here's a roundup of the cutest creatures that the internet and BuzzFeed Community had to offer.

    1. "Sometimes you just gotta stop and be thankful for the life you're livin'."

    a puppy standing by a metal gate outside

    2. When your dog is the most photogenic one in your family...

    3. This happy face!!

    a corgi that looks like it's smiling

    4. "Screw the kid's menu — where's the dog menu?"

    5. Now she's a cat-ch:

    6. "Oh hi, welcome to the edge of my kingdom. Isn't it great?"

    a small puppy standing on the edge of a plank

    7. Don't want none unless you got bunnies, hun!


    9. Name something better than finding your one true cuddle buddy and living your best lives together. We'll wait.

    a cat snuggled up in a little bed

    10. Enjoy your life as much as this pup is enjoying that fine sea breeze.

    a small puppy standing in the ocean

    11. Make yourself as proud as this dog with his stick.

    a closeup of a dog holding a stick

    12. Snuggle buddies!

    hamsters snuggling

    13. One snug pug in a rug!

    a pug in a fleece pullover

    14. And just when you thought things couldn't get any cuter... Here's a sleeping puppy in an itty, bitty sweater.

    puppy in a sweater sleeping

    15. Staring contest starts...NOW!

    closeup of a bunny's face

    16. It's still going...

    a dog looking up

    17. And another doggie pic for good measure:

    Twitter: @Babyhupp

    18. Puppy love can come in many forms...

    TBT happy day out I was kissed by a little sheep😳 well you don't get a kiss from a sheep every day😀 have a good day furfriends 👍🏻

    Twitter: @GuidoLock

    19. Just look at this little wallaby with his favorite toy.

    a wallaby holding a stuffed animal and sleeping

    20. This brindle baby with the sweetest eyes in the world.

    21. When "Golden" by Harry Styles comes on, all golden retrievers go:

    22. This fashionista dog:

    a dog wearing a knit cap

    23. Name a cuter cat... We'll wait.

    a sleeping cat

    24. The dancing queen is a dog!

    a small dog that a person is making dance

    25. Look at these bun-dles of joy!

    Happy #Friday...sending you all bunny #kisses

    Twitter: @AlfieAndBiscuit

    26. Look at this shy guy:

    a dog covering its face

    27. And this nosy guy:

    closeup of a dog's nose

    28. The most curious of cats:

    a cat staring

    29. "I'm listeningggg!"

    a dog looking up attentively

    30. This cat waiting for her close-up:

    a cat sitting still

    31. And another one.

    32. This kitty in the corner:

    a small cat trying to hide behind a cushion

    33. Up-close and personal with this cutie!

    My daughter and her girlfriend’s dog Thelma says happy holidays. They adopted her one year ago.

    Twitter: @shannonrwatts

    34. Rollin' with the homies.

    Ma dog has been assigned to play with a puppy at his doggy school and they’ve actual became best pals 😭

    Twitter: @declanshields

    35. Standing room only.

    I was riding BART today when a man and his extremely large Great Dane stepped aboard the train. It was a bit busy, so he told the dog to stand up and the dog flat out STOOD ON TWO LEGS AND RODE THE TRAIN THROUGH THE TRANSBAY TUBE.

    Twitter: @seanherron

    36. Could this dog BE any fluffier?!

    i dont use the words absolute unit lightly but let me say.........this is

    Twitter: @bonnieventure

    37. This hedgehog can do the can-can!

    a hedgehog lifting its legs

    38. You're the bright spot in this Dalmatian's day.

    a portrait of a Dalmation

    39. Baby Horse is here to remind you that it's OK to stand up for yourself.

    a baby horse trying to stand

    40. The wisest of them all.

    Twitter: @CGdrawing

    41. You're an inspiration, and this baby chimp looks up to you.

    a baby chimp looking up

    42. What you're working on is very impressive. It makes this Jack Russel terrier go, "Bow wow!"

    a little dog

    43. These lion cubs are here to remind you to take ~pride~ in yourself.

    lion cubs snuggled together

    44. If you wanted to hang out, this joey would kick it with you.

    a joey hanging from its mother's pouch

    45. This baby giraffe thinks he's taller than you.

    a baby giraffe looking straight at the camera

    46. This guy nailed it.

    Twitter: @cmridgely

    47. Here's this hungry lil' guy.

    a small dog eating

    48. This penguin chick can tell immediately that you are 100% worthy of love.

    a penguin chick looking curious

    49. This baby orangutan is riding the strugglebus too.

    baby orangutan that looks sheepish

    50. This kitten knows, without a doubt, that there is nothing wrong with you. You are...wait for it...purr-fect.

    a small kitten

    51. This precious little jumping spider would like to use all eight of his arms to give you four hugs at once.

    spider with a cartoony face

    52. These floofs know you've got this, no matter what "this" is.

    puppy and kitten standing together

    53. Here's an excited puppy with a lot to look forward to in life.

    a puppy lying upside down

    54. Here is a cat looking up with the softest, sweetest eyes.

    a small cat on a bed

    55. And this puppy waiting patiently to play.

    a puppy standing in grass

    56. But this precious angel is a little tuckered out from playtime.

    a cat falling asleep

    57. Did you perhaps want to see a small, small bunny?

    a person cuddling a small bunny

    58. Or maybe a happy buddy frolicking through the clovers?

    a wiener dog looking off into the distance

    59. Or a cat in a basket?

    a cat sitting in a basket


    a dog smiling in a field

    61. This little puppy is just "resting his eyes for a moment."

    a little puppy sleeping on someone

    62. But this llama is NOT buyin' that. Not in the least.

    a llama sitting in grass

    63. Here's a sleepy little ferret coming to say hello.

    a ferret lying in a blanket

    64. And the fluffiest of fluffies.

    a fluffy dog in a field


    newborn kittens

    66. And a squishy chinchilla about to make a speech.

    a chinchilla

    67. Perhaps you'd like to see this guy getting ready to give out some kisses.

    a small dog sticking its tongue out

    68. Or this hungry lil' hamster.

    a hamster looking expectantly out of its cage

    69. And check out this very patient lad waiting for a treat.

    closeup of dog's face

    70. This horse is just horsing around.

    closeup of horse

    71. Here are two precious baby ducklings, wondering how your day is going.

    ducklings in a field

    72. And a small kitten whose curiosity is already getting the best of him.

    kitten looking up

    73. Sometimes you just need some fuzzy bunnies...

    bunny with its feet on a fake little laptop

    74. ...and a best friend to snuggle up with at the end of the day.

    bunny and cat cuddling

    75. Like this kitty, who is taking a literal cat nap.

    cat napping on furniture


    a dog holding a ball in its mouth

    77. Watch out for this sneak attack cat.

    cat by a window

    78. And this overly excited Pomeranian.

    a smiling Pomeranian in a field

    79. A real cat with a fake duck.

    cat sniffing a rubber ducky

    80. A lotta llamas!

    @twaimz omg !! I met these llama's today 😏 that white one is mentally disturbed, the other one? Could be super llama

    Twitter: @maragareet69

    81. "We are the here and now; let us bask in this moment."

    a dog and a cat wearing sunglasses


    a dog lying on a rug

    83. "This water is fantastic, and life is fantastic, and you are fantastic."

    a dog looking happy in a pond

    84. "I'm not one for cheeriness, but man the holidays are really putting me into the spirit."

    a cat by a Christmas tree

    85. Here is a squishy puppy face to start your day off right.

    a puppy laying its face on the ground

    86. And plump, lil' hamster cheeks.

    a hamster with food in its mouth

    87. Precious baby kitten? You need this too.

    a kitten looking up from a box

    88. lucky are we to have puppies?

    a puppy looking up

    89. And little kitties who sleep soundly in our arms?

    a cat cuddling a stuffed animal and sleeping

    This article contains content from Isha Bassi, Elaina Wahl, Adam Davis, Devyani, and Patrick Baker. It was compiled by Kelly Rissman.