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    57 Cute Baby Animals To Get You Through Anything

    Cryin' in the club rn. I love these guys.

    Look, we all know that the natural world is an amazing place (Planet Earth, anyone?) — but did you know it can also be absolutely adorable? Consider these photos of cute baby animals my proof.

    And if you need an even bigger dose of heartwarming animal pics, we'd be delighted to point you in the direction of some cute puppies, cute kittens, or cute animals of any size. Whatever you choose, we can guarantee it'll make you smile!

    1. Hey, we're snoozin' here!

    Two baby fox kits sleeping with eyes shut and snuggled on top of each other in the forest of Grand Teton National Park.

    2. Penguinnnn *crying emoji*

    New baby penguin at the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead, New York on May 21, 2021.

    3. I do want a pig now.

    4. This fluffy lil' man.

    5. Begging for pets.

    6. "Is this thing on?"

    7. Fight that pumpkin!

    8. Red panda cub + milk mustache = too cute to handle.

    A nearly two-month-old female red panda cub is nursed by a staff member during a media event at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Yokohama on September 6, 2022.

    9. This lil bundle of fluff.

    a baby bunny sits in grass

    10. Those EYES.

    A baby mountain scops owl is wrapped in a cloth while a member of the staff checks on its health.

    11. Is it nap time yet?

    close-up of a young siberian tiger relaxing in the sun

    12. Look at that face!

    a baby gorilla holding human hands

    13. This cheetah girl.

    a baby cheetah perched on a rock looks at the camera

    14. Where is he going?

    baby goat running through a field

    15. Look at these huggable, hugging sea otters.

    two baby sea otters hugging in water

    16. Wombats are actually cute?

    a wombat stretches across dirt

    17. This little guy.

    18. Smile, baby!

    Two very small, furry animals are held in a human's hands; of the animals is being pet on the head and doesn't look happy about it

    20. Wiggle that head!!

    21. He's angry but still cute...

    A small kangaroo stares into the camera, looking angry

    22. OK, this kangaroo looks less like he'd punch me.

    A baby kangaroo being held in a human's arms and being fed from a bottle

    23. Another cutie kangaroo.

    A closeup on a kangaroo's face

    24. The tiny claws!

    A tiny animal being nestled in a blanket

    25. Helping momma with work!

    A human working on a laptop while a small animal sits in a makeshift bed nearby

    26. Photogenic to the extreme.

    A tiny animal getting extremely close to the lens of a camera

    27. Three?!

    Three identical-looking furry animals look into the camera

    28. Bork!

    Two dogs playing, while one chases the other

    29. Birds are cute too!

    A very small bird that looks like it could fit in the palm of a person's hand

    30. Snow pup!

    31. Goooood morning!

    A very small animal with claws on its four legs being nestled in a blanket

    32. Momma and baby!

    A baby koala bear riding on the back of its mother

    33. Awwwwww...

    A baby koala bear asleep in a tree

    34. Just a happy guy!

    35. Let him rest!! He's so tired!

    A small dog fast asleep with its four legs extended outward on its sides

    36. Discovering the world...

    37. Baby AND kitten??

    38. The smollest...

    A very small animal in the palm of a human's hand and holding sticks and leaves

    39. Please let me cuddle one of these...

    A small dog asleep while lying upside down on its back

    40. He fits! He sits!

    41. Why did the baby elephant cross the road?

    42. Goats in CLOTHES!

    43. IDK what this is, but it's CUTE.

    A baby elephant lying in mud and cuddling its mother's leg

    45. Stomp, baby!

    Seemingly the same baby elephant from before, now playing in the mud and getting covered in it

    46. Aww, they're friends!

    A sloth hugging a stuffed teddy bear

    47. So. Many. Lions!

    Five baby lions playing with a pumpkin

    48. More lions!!

    Two of the lions playing with a bigger pumpkin

    49. I can't!

    Two porcupines in a tree together, one of which appears to be eating

    50. Jump, lil' guy!!

    51. That tiny beak!

    An incredibly small bird rests on a blanket

    52. They're big babies, but they're still cute lil' babies...

    Two giraffes running next to each other

    53. Thirsty boi...

    54. The literal tiniest!

    Three lizards crawl on a human's hands; each lizard is the same size as one of the human's fingertips

    55. I love him.

    A baby hippo with its mother

    56. He's so sweet.

    The baby hippo swimming

    57. I would give anything to hug this cutie!

    This post contains content from Shannon Rosenberg, Jenna Guillaume, and Elaina Wahl. It was compiled by Laura Frustaci.