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    The First Clip For "Falcon And The Winter Soldier" Reveals That Bucky And Sam Have The Strongest Banter In The MCU

    *"The Boys Are Back In Town" plays softly in the distance.*

    With WandaVision officially over, there is now a Marvel Cinematic Universe-sized hole in my viewing schedule that can ONLY be filled with more MCU content.

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    Forget cowbell, I need more MCU!

    Next up on Disney+'s slate of MCU shows is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which promises to be a story of action, adventure, and — dare I say? — unlikely friendship.

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    Well, this week we got our first official clip from the show and, y'all, would you just LOOK at these two? It's becoming more and more clear to me that their joint superpower has actually been "banter" this entire time. Just watch it:

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    Marvel Studios/Disney+

    The clip begins right in the middle of the action, with Bucky (Sebastian Stan) telling Sam (Anthony Mackie) he doesn't trust "Redwing."

    Marvel Studios/Disney+

    Sam is immediately annoyed — which TBH, fair, this poor man's been stuck with two grandpas for the past 10+ years — telling Bucky he doesn't have to trust him, but that Sam does think he might be part of "the big three."

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    What's the big three, you ask? Why: "Androids, Aliens, and Wizards," of course!

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    Fun fact: That was actually the original draft of "Lions, tigers, and bears" from The Wizard of Oz. Don't fact-check that.

    Bucky mocks Sam's use of the word "wizard," then positively FLEXES on Sam for no reason with this zinger:

    Marvel Studios/Disney+

    Honestly? Just give me this scene, stretched out for a full hour once a week, and I'll be happy with the show. I love these fellas! I love banter! I love unlikely friendship!

    Marvel Studios/Disney+

    Friendship is, after all, the best ship!

    So, uh, yeah — that's it. Be sure to catch Falcon and the Winter Soldier when it hits Disney+ on March 19. And, in the meantime, please enjoy this A+ tweet I saw while writing this post and wanted to include, but had nowhere else to put it:

    Can't wait for #FalconAndWinterSoldier

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