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    17 Incredible Performances In Films That 100% Didn't Deserve Them

    Here's to actors doing the absolute MOST, no matter the circumstances.

    We recently asked members of our BuzzFeed Community to name an absolutely EXTRAORDINARY acting performance in an (unfortunately) less-than-extraordinary movie, and they DID NOT disappoint. Here are just a few of the best responses:

    1. Idris Elba, Obsessed (2009)

    Screen Gems

    "Years and years ago, I saw this at a local dollar theater and I laughed SO HARD at how awful it was. However, I remembered feeling bad for the lead guy because he was actually doing a really good job for as bad as the movie was. Cut to years later when some friends and I decided to re-watch it for laughs, and I realize the lead guy is none other than IDRIS ELBA, which explains why he did so well, despite having so much to work against."


    2. Kirsten Dunst, Marie Antoinette (2006)

    Columbia Pictures

    "Okay, so I'm biased because this also happens to be one of my favorite films. Her acting is captivating, and I was completely enthralled by her ability to perfectly capture how Marie was such a young, naive, (literal) child thrust into political turmoil."


    3. Kevin Kline, Beauty and the Beast (2017)

    Walt Disney Studios

    "The live-action remake was dissatisfying on so many levels, but Kline KILLED IT as Maurice. He stepped into a role that was sort of half-baked and created an entirely new character. He had me wishing we could add HIS Maurice into the animated version!"


    4. Octavia Spencer, Ma (2019)

    Blumhouse Productions

    "This was a genuinely AWFUL movie, but Spencer was the glue that held the bungled mess together."


    5. Paul Rudd, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

    DreamWorks Pictures

    "The entire cast is stellar, but Paul Rudd really steps it up as a supporting actor. He steals almost every scene he’s in."


    6. John Oliver, The Lion King (2019)

    Walt Disney Studios

    "I know there are no Oscars for voice acting, but he deserves one. Most of the other voice actors in that movie were mediocre at best, but he was phenomenal."


    7. Billy Burke, The Twilight Saga (2009-2012)

    Summit Entertainment

    "Burke's portrayal of Charlie was perfectly subtle and top-notch dad material. He's one of the best parts of those movies."


    8. Michael Clarke Duncan, Daredevil (2003)

    20th Century Fox

    "The movie is pretty awful as a whole, but this man gave Kingpin his ALL. He is still the definitive actor for that role in my head. It made the movie more memorable than it had any right to be, honestly."


    9. Martin Freeman, The Hobbit Series (2012-2014)

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "The movies were incredibly disappointing, but these two performances ALMOST made them watchable."


    10. Kenneth Branagh, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "The movie itself is just 'okay,' but Branagh’s Lockhart was PERFECT. You could tell he loved playing a pompous, arrogant fool and he nailed it. It's truly one of the best performances in all of the Harry Potter movies, in my opinion."


    11. Emily Blunt, The Girl on the Train (2016)

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "The movie was, honestly, an insult to the book, but Blunt delivered such an astounding performance, it almost made you forget. She was a perfect real-life incarnation of Rachel from the book."


    12. Ewan McGregor, The Star Wars prequels (1999-2005)

    LucasFilm LTD.

    "The prequels were...something, but his performance perfectly captured the essence of the original character as portrayed by Alec Guinness. He did this all while still making the character his own, and it's without a doubt the best part of all of the prequel films."


    13. Raúl Juliá, Street Fighter (1994)

    Universal Pictures

    "This is one of the worst movies ever made, while simultaneously having one of the best scenes ever put to film, thanks to Juliá. During his scene — when he's talking with a captive Chun-Li (Ming-Na Wen) — he delivers the classic, 'For me, it was Tuesday' line. Sheer brilliance."


    14. James McAvoy, Split (2016) AND Glass (2019)

    Universal Pictures

    "He deserved to AT LEAST have been nominated for an Oscar for either film. While neither movie was great, the way he embodied each of Kevin’s personalities was mind-blowing. You could tell who he was before he even opened his mouth. I’ve never seen anything else like it."


    15. Alan Rickman, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

    Warner Bros.

    "Rickman is hilarious, dastardly, and so quotable throughout the movie. You can't help but root for Rickman's sheriff the entire time he is on-screen and — when he isn't on the screen — you just sit there, beyond bored, waiting for his character to come back onto the screen."


    16. Oscar Isaac, Sucker Punch (2011)

    Warner Bros.

    "This movie as a whole kind of blows, but Isaac is *chef’s kiss* as the creepy-gross-but-also-kind-of-hot-to-be-honest Blue. Also...that mustache!"


    17. Eddie Redmayne, Jupiter Ascending (2015)

    Warner Bros.

    "This was an absolute GARBAGE movie that made little-to-no sense, but this man really put everything he had into it and made a genuinely great, entertaining villain."


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    Some entries have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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