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    "Detective Pikachu" — Here's How The Characters In The Film Look Side By Side With Their Originals

    I would very much like to catch 'em all (except for, like, four of them).

    Hi, hello! I'm a simple human woman who loves Pokémon, so you can imagine my excitement when the first few trailers for Detective Pikachu dropped and the CGI animation looked INCREDIBLE.

    With this in mind, I decided to round up just a FEW of the "live-action" Pokémon we've seen in the trailers and compare them side by side with their original animated counterparts. You're welcome!

    1. First off, we have the fuzziest of fuzzy babies and king of my heart, the titular Pikachu:

    Like, I don't WANT to see my sweet baby sad, but they somehow even managed to perfectly capture their little ear droop:

    2. Next up we have a Bulbasaur, who's lookin' ready to leech-seed the heck outta somebody:

    3. And of course there's a Squirtle — though I DO wish they were rockin' some sweet sunnies like a Squirtle Squad member:

    4. And a Charmander with their lil' tail A-FLAME:

    5. A Lickitung, who looks like something straight out of my nightmares:

    6. We have a Jigglypuff, who I would 100% let sing me to sleep — animated OR live-action:

    7. And an Aipom who — as someone in a previous post correctly pointed out in the comments — looks like they "need Jesus."

    8. And a precious Eevee lookin' sassier than ever:

    9. A Pangoro, who I would absolutely NOT mess with:

    10. A Cubone being as hard-headed as you'd anticipate:

    11. And an Emolga, who may be the only one to rival Pikachu for my affections because LOOK AT THIS SWEET BABY:

    12. A Magikarp floppin' around being useless because they're nothing if not on-brand:

    13. A Psyduck, whose little head isn't feelin' so good:

    14. A Snubbull lookin' just as grumpy as I remember:

    15. A Mr. Mime, whose "live-action" version is probably, like, a serial killer because they're horrifying:

    16. A Snorlax doing what Snorlax do best — blocking a crosswalk:

    17. And a Kingler just doin' its usual thing:

    18. A Ludicolo who...IDK, ya'll, its empty eyes are haunting IRL:

    19. And a sweet little Treecko chillin' like a villain:

    20. A Pidgeot, rescuing my sweet fluffy child. Thank you, heroic bird:

    21. A Sneasel standing tall (though small) and proud:

    22. A Charizard, who may or may not be Satan himself in the flesh:

    23. And finally, we have overpowered icon Mewtwo:

    There ya have it! Did I miss anyone important? Who are YOU the most excited to see in action on the big screen? Share in the comments below, and be sure to ~catch~ Detective Pikachu when it hits theaters May 10!


    A previous version of this post incorrectly identified the Kingler as a Krabby. I was too busy being terrified by Ludicolo's lifeless eyes to notice — what more do you want from me?!