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    A Definitive Ranking Of The Most Ridiculous Parts Of "Deadpool 2"

    Maximum effort and, also, maximum spoilers.

    WARNING: This post is filled with a literal BUTTLOAD of spoilers so, if you haven't seen Deadpool 2 yet, JUST LEAVE NOW.

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    Okay, so now that it's just those of us who've seen the movie, we can talk about how truly BONKERS it is. With that in mind, I've taken the liberty of rounding up what I, personally, believe were the most RIDICULOUS moments:

    13. The Logan music box:

    20th Century Fox

    The first shot in the movie show us Deadpool smoking a cigarette while playing with a music box adorned with a dead Wolverine from Logan. It's absolutely ridiculous, and sets the tone for the entire movie moving forward. And, as if that's not on-brand enough, the music box plays Air Supply's "I'm All Out of Love."

    12. The entire frickin' soundtrack:

    20th Century Fox

    From Celine Dion to Cher to Barbra Streisand to DOLLY PARTON, this soundtrack has every diva you could wish for. This is, frankly, exactly what I want and MORE from any and all future Deadpool soundtracks, as I have come to expect nothing less.

    11. Those X-Men cameos:

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    After giving a self-aware AF speech about why the studio won't loan his franchise a few of the "important" X-Men characters, the camera pans over to reveal a room FULL of favorites from the new franchise, including Professor X, Quicksilver, and Storm. Panicked, Beast closes the door before Deadpool can fully turn around and see them. And. It's. HILARIOUS.

    10. Peter, aka "Sugar Bear," and everything about him:

    20th Century Fox

    Peter, played to perfection by none other than comedian Rob DeLaney, is somehow all of us and none of us at the same time. His scenes were insane, and I'd love a spin-off film of him applying sunscreen before battle and asking his new friends for their email addresses.

    9. Bill Skarsgård as Zeitgeist:

    20th Century Fox, Warner Bros.

    We all know by now that actor Bill Skarsgård plays the terrifying clow Pennywise in 2017's IT, but is actually a super hot dude IRL. Still, seeing him out of his clown costume was jarring, and it took me a solid five minutes to recognize him. But it was gruesomely hilarious when he acid-vomited sweet Peter's arm off, which was likely a subtle-ish nod to Pennywise chompin' off Georgie's arm.

    8. Deadpool's surprise X-Force uniform:

    20th Century Fox, Marvel

    This one is less "fun ridiculous" and more "sneaky fun." Towards end of the movie, Cable and Deadpool are fighting off young Firefist when an explosion covers Deadpool's uniform in ash and debris. This gives the illusion that his suit is now light gray and black which, in the comics, is his X-Force suit.

    7. The Juggernaut:


    There is a lot of foreshadowing in Deadpool 2 (even some foreshadowing ABOUT foreshadowing), which all leads up to a pretty great and genuinely unexpected pay-off: The grand reveal of the Juggernaut. As if his presence in the film alone wasn't crazy enough, the character was actually voiced by RYAN REYNOLDS.

    6. Deadpool's tiny legs:

    20th Century Fox

    I saw this movie twice in a 12-hour span on opening weekend (don't ask questions), and at BOTH showings this moment was the one that killed the audience the most. After Deadpool is literally torn in half by the Juggernaut, he has to regrow the bottom half of his body, which leaves him confronting Cable with a naked, toddler-sized bottom half (genitals included, Basic Instinct style).

    5. The comically quick demise of the X-Force:

    20th Century Fox

    The concept of putting a team together is at the core of most superhero stories, and Deadpool 2 is no exception. The difference here is that Deadpool's team, the X-Force, is demolished within moments of jumping out of an airplane on their very first mission.

    The graphic deaths that ensue are equal parts terrifying and hilarious, especially considering all of the cameos. The X-Force members all die in hilariously ghastly ways: chopped up by the blades of a helicopter, electrocuted by power lines, flying into a wood chipper, etc. There are literally only two survivors: Deadpool and Domino. RIP X-Force.

    4. That *ONE* cameo, though:

    Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images, 20th Century Fox

    A cameo as unexpected as it is short, the invisible, yet-to-be seen "Vanisher" character turns out to be played by none other than BRAD PITT. This is revealed when he literally hits an electrical wire during his descent to Earth and electrocutes himself, revealing the Hollywood icon for a brief couple of seconds.

    3. The realization that "Do You Want To Build a Snowman" from Frozen sounds EXACTLY like "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" from Yentl:

    Disney, MGM


    2. The Say Anything gag:

    Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth

    Yes, it was funny when Deadpool stood outside X-Mansion and tried to coax Colossus out with the classic Say Anything boombox gag. But it was h*ckin' hilarious when Colossus showed up mid-battle to save the day and "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel started blasting while Colossus loving cradled Deadpool, and Deadpool silently mimed the two of them scissoring.

    1. And, of course, the post-credits scene:

    20th Century Fox

    Okay so, it wasn't an "post-credits" scene so much as a "mid-credits" scene, but still. We see Deadpool fix Cable's time-slidin' contraption and use it to COMPLETELY MORPH THE TIMELINES. He saves Vanessa, kills the X-Men: Origins version of himself, then kills RYAN REYNOLDS (yes, himself) before he can read the script for Green Lantern, turning to the camera and stating, "You're welcome, Canada."

    What moment was the most ridiculous to you? What joke made your theater explode in laughter/cheers? Share in the comments below!

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