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    31 Jokes You'll Only Understand If You're Also In Love With Bucky Barnes

    Brain empty, only Bucky knife flip.

    I'm a simple human being: If I see a fictional science nerd with a bad-boy streak, a tragic backstory, and a vibranium arm — I fall irrevocably in love with them.

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    I mean, who among us hasn't? Amirite, ladies (and gentlemen)?!

    The thing is, I've had a pretty rough, I've decided to shelf the other, far more important posts I'm working on* and instead just spend my day rounding up some funniest jokes and memes about everyone's favorite MCU best-friend-turned-brainwashed-assassin-turned-sassy-cinnamon-bun on both Twitter and Tumblr to compile into this easy-to-enjoy list for all of us! Yay procrastination!

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    *As poet and prophet Taylor Swift once said, "Wreck my plans, that's my man."

    Y'all ready? Okay, here we go:

    1. This confusion:

    2. This apology (to this man):

    Steve Rogers: Bucky? Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier:

    Twitter: @elcincodemaya

    3. This leaked script:

    4. This bi baby:

    5. This strut:

    6. And also, these struts:

    7. No really, this strut is canon now:

    i still cannot believe this is like mcu canon bucky barnes

    Twitter: @tfatws

    8. This accurate face:

    9. This interesting conversation for therapy:

    Do you think Bucky told his therapist about this

    Twitter: @RachaelAtWork

    10. This 0 to 100 moment:

    11. This worried partner:

    sam: i hate you! bucky: yeah, i hate me, too. sam: [silence] sam: [concerned]: bucky, we’ve talked about this.

    Twitter: @odinszon

    12. This front-row seat:

    13. This spin:

    bucky and rocket in infinity war:

    Twitter: @amidalastark

    14. This accurate depiction:

    15. This A+ compilation:

    bucky barnes saying what the hell on loop just because

    Twitter: @ttvyibo

    16. This sassy, lost child:

    17. This fantasy franchise:

    SPOILER ALERT: Tony Stark and Bucky Barnes became a couple and created a business called Starkbucks

    Twitter: @peridotlights

    18. This helpful hand:

    19. This concerning comparison:

    prince phillip bucky barnes at 99 at 106

    Twitter: @barnesalianovna

    20. This conversation that for sure happened:

    21. This basic summation of Civil War:

    22. This date prep:

    “Captain Rogers will be landing in Wakanda in an hour.” Bucky:

    Twitter: @amethystk219

    23. This reluctant request:

    24. This gentle hug:

    Twitter: @moonchildloki

    25. This video proof that Bucky is a Disney princess:

    Twitter: @iamgeekingout

    26. This heart-eye speech:

    27. This knife flip:

    Twitter: “Infinity War is the best MCU movie.” Me, an intellectual: “Bucky Barnes’ knife flip alone makes Winter Soldier the best MCU movie.”

    Twitter: @tyylerrrrrr

    28. This perfect depiction:

    29. This lead suspect:

    steve: i love murder mysteries bucky, trying to impress him: i’ve been the lead suspect for dozens of cases

    30. This Parks and Rec crossover:

    31. And finally: This tweet that actually made me choke on my coffee:

    bucky living in wakanda

    Twitter: @FlNALGIRLS

    There ya have it! What's your favorite Bucky Barnes moment (and why is it the knife flip in Winter Soldier)? Share in the comments below! OH! And, if you loved what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on both Twitter and Tumblr to make your timelines more fun, nerdy places to be!

    Marvel Studios

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