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    "Black Widow" Just Dropped Its Last Trailer, And Fans Already Have Some Tragic Theories

    IDK if I can handle another Marvel death, honestly.

    It feels like it was only yesterday when we received our first official Black Widow trailer, and yet today we already have the final one before the film's release!

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    The trailer is chock-full of new footage and ~plot stuff~, including a better look at the copycat villain, Taskmaster:

    Marvel Studios

    A little Black Panther, a little Spider-Man...okay I see you, I see you.

    We also discover more about his chaotic backstory and potential motives:

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    As well as, ya know, just some great, relatable moments between Natasha/Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and her loving family:

    Marvel Studios

    However, based on the reactions online, it looks like this final trailer has a breakout fan fave in the form of Nat's sister, Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh).

    Besides being excited by her mere kick-ass existence, fans have started developing a lot of ~theories~ based around one very specific moment in the trailer, so consider this a POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING* if you want to go into the film completely fresh.

    Marvel Studios

    *It's in NO WAY a confirmed spoiler, just fan predictions!!! I am not Dr. Strange!!! I cannot predict one future, never mind 14 million!!!

    Spoiler worriers all gone? OKAY, SO, the moment in question happens in a quick flash, in which a crying Nat touches her forehead gently to Yelena, who seems to be in not-so-good shape.

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    And it's reminding a lot of fans of a certain VERY SIMILAR MOMENT from Avengers: Endgame.

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    So naturally, the fan theories started POURING, breaking down every little thing:

    if you look closely, natasha is looking into yelena’s eyes, but yelena is staring off into space most likely because she is about to die. this is natasha’s last moment with yelena and that’s why there are tears streaming down her face.

    The most tragic of which is that Yelena may have sacrificed herself to save Nat, foreshadowing Nat's choice in Endgame.

    what if in bw yelena sacrificed herself to save nat and that's why she wanted to do so in endgame, maybe because did she want to be with her?

    Still, Marvel Studios may want to reconsider harming another character fans feel so passionately about because...IDK if I can honestly take another death. THINK OF THE CHILDREN.*

    if something happens to yelena i’m gonna burn marvel studios to the ground

    *It's me. I'm "the children."

    So there ya have it! We've got less than two months to wait before we know all of the secrets when Black Widow finally hits theaters May 1, 2020!

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