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    Anne Hathaway And Matthew McConaughey Stopped By To Play "Co-Star Equations" And They Have Some Good Memories, Y'all

    "This is a serious film, so we're going to play a serious game."

    With the upcoming release of their new film, Serenity, we had co-stars Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey stop by BuzzFeed to play a brand-new game, "Co-Star Equations!"

    Here's how ya play: The Oscar-winning duo was given a single actor in an equation. To solve, they have to figure out who starred in a movie with that actor, and how they connect to EACH OTHER through their previous films!

    And let me tell you something, these two have some marvelous memories with regards to their past co-stars:

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    The first equation involved Chris Pratt, who Anne quickly recalled starring in Bride Wars with:

    Which lead us to the next missing piece. Who starred in Bride Wars with the Anne and Chris? Oh, Matthew knew right away:

    Because he OF COURSE starred in the rom-com royalty that is How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days:

    Matthew even took a break from playing the game to let us know his FAVORITE way Kate tried to "lose" him:

    Check out the video to see these two solve the rest of their equations (there are some tough ones!), and be sure to check out Serenity when it hits theaters Jan. 25!