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    Just 31 Random Products We Really Love

    A sherpa storage bench, spirit sampler, carry-on suitcase, and other products we (the BuzzFeed Shopping & Products team) truly adore.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Shoe Slotz Space-Saving Storage Unit that'll take your chaotic closet from messy to organized in a flash. These allow pairs of shoes to be stacked one shoe on top of the other instead of side by side (which takes up too much precious closet space)!

    A before and after photo of a organized shoe collection and an organized one

    2. A houndstooth knitted vest because fall is quickly approaching and your wardrobe could use this fab layering piece that can be worn as a top, or layered over a classic button-down.

    3. Marshall Bluetooth Headphones for 80+ hours of wireless play time so you can take your daily walks or strolls through the park while accompanied by your fave podcast or playlist. They feature a control knob that allows you to skip, pause, play, and adjust the volume.

    4. A bunch of dried pampas grass you can style in your overflowing vase selection for an earthy touch.

    5. An art print inspired by Disney's Moana you can add to your gallery wall for a touch of magic. All you need now is a chic frame to hang it in.

    gree te fiti holding Moana in her hand with the quote, "There's just to telling how far you'll go"

    6. An adorable coloring book to help you blow off some steam after a long workday. Grab some colored pencils and get artsy.

    7. An Away carry-on suitcase so you can travel lightly (but efficiently) without enduring any luggage fees. This suitcase fits perfectly in the overhead bin and features an ejectable USB charger so you can keep your tech devices at full battery while you travel.

    navy blue away suitcase next to a vespa

    8. A Brooklinen Cotton Core Sheet Set so at the end of a looooonnnnnggggg day, you can look forward to curling up in your luxe linen sheets.

    9. A rechargeable USB lighter in case you're a major candle lover and need a safer way to light them. Matches can be V annoying — opt for this money-saving option instead. (Just think of all the future matchboxes you won't have to buy!)

    10. Essence Lash Princess Mascara for volumizing and lengthening your lashes to new heights. If this before-and-after doesn't prove it's a fab mascara, I'm not sure what will...

    buzzfeed editor's eyes before and after using the mascara with the done lashes looking darker and longer

    11. A Jamaican Ackee Coin Necklace for layering amongst your other favorite jewelry pieces. It's made from an authentic Jamaican coin that was minted during the nation's independence era.

    12. A Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Shampoo that smells amazing and tames frizz. It features argan oil and active fruit proteins to strengthen tresses from root to tip.

    13. A Bark dog toy that resembles a can of Pringles because while you're enjoying your pizza-flavored chips, your pup should get to enjoy something as well. OK — but how cute is this toy? You can even shove treats at the bottom for your furry friend to scavenge for like editor Bek suggests!

    14. A silverware drawer organizer in case your utensil drawer is looking a bit chaotic and needs some order. Keep your different utensils in organized slots so you'll never have to wonder if you're grabbing a spoon or a fork ever again.

    a neatly organized drawer with the utensils

    15. A Dozen Cousins Seasoned Beans to help make meal times a breeze. Make your own burrito bowl at home instead of spending countless dollars on food delivery.

    16. A pack of 12 pot and pan protectors in case you want a safer way to stack them in your cabinets, but don't want them to leave scratches behind in the process. These will keep your precious pans in good condition and allow you to maximize your space by nesting them inside of each other.

    felt inserts inside a stack of pots and pans

    17. A Fable Magic Link Leash that'll make it SOOOO much easier to walk your fur baby. Use it like a regular leash, or you can wear it around your waist like a belt and go totally hands free while on walks. Drinking your morning coffee and walking the dog just got a whole lot easier.

    18. A Cuisinart Griddle for efficiently cooking your fave foods from the comfort of your own home. No grill? No problem.

    19. A full-length floor mirror in case you need a designated spot to try on your OOTD's. This can be hung or leaned up against the wall if you're not super handy with power tools.

    full length mirror with arch at top. it is leaning against a wall and has a green outer frame.

    20. An Old English Letter Necklace that's the perfect gift to yourself or to your loved ones that's dainty and simple.

    21. A cute personalized pill box in case you need a safe place to keep your medicine while you're out and about.

    22. A Basic Witch Candle if you're already in the fall spirit and need your candles to match your festive mood. This yummy candle smells like ginger, allspice, cinnamon, and fresh pumpkin for a sweet, spooky aroma.

    a candle with an orange label on it that says "basic witch, pretty sure my blood type is pumpkin spice"

    23. A Sherpa storage bench since you need more ample space for clothing but don't have enough room for a full-blown dresser. This cute bench doubles as a place to sit down and to store more of your necessities.

    plush bench ottoman with black legs at an angle. it has a removable top and is placed at the foot of a bed.

    24. A Marble Queen Pothos Plant in case you have a green thumb and can never have too many leafy friends around your apartment.

    The Pothos plant hanging in a macrame hanger

    25. A Rhyme Antics Game so silly and fun, you'll probs try to get every house guest that visits to play it with you.

    the game box

    26. A set of bed sheet detanglers for easily washing your bed sheets so they don't come out of the dryer STILL damp (the worst).

    square plastic device holding four corners of a sheet in a buzzfeed editor's dryer

    27. A plush duck toy you can gift your puppy pal that will earn you allllll the licks. I think you just found their new fave cuddle buddy...

    28. An Avec Spirit Sampler that comes with 15 cans (three of each of their five flavors) so you can give them all a whirl and then reorder your faves.

    29. A pack of pimple patches that'll soothe pesky breakouts and make them disappear like Houdini. The patches are clear so you can wear them during the day, or pop them on before bed and let them work their magic.

    amazon reviewer's clear pimple patch full of sebum

    30. A Roll Keeper T-shirt Organizer because it's time you tackled that drawer of balled up t-shirts and nicely organized them for your wearing pleasure. With this organizer, you'll be able to see what you have!

    31. A double-wall insulated tumbler with eight silicone bands to help you track your water intake (plus it just looks cute ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

    buzzfeed editor's clear water bottlr with rainbow colored bands and a teal straw

    Just trust us — these products are IT.