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    26 Pieces Of Home Decor That'll Give Your Living Room A Facelift

    Time to decorate the living space of your dreams. 💭💭💭

    1. An Hermes dupe blanket for throwing on your couch so you can live in the lap of luxury. (No one's going to know — we promise.)

    Gray throw blanket

    2. A bouquet of pampas grass to pair with a gorgeous vase you can pop on an end table or on your fireplace mantle for some florals that won't require any taking care of.

    3. A metal floral wall hang you can display solo or in a group for a stunning gallery wall focal point.

    Floral 3D Wall Art Pieces

    4. A flip-up hook unit for keeping bags, keys, hats, and any other must-haves easily accessible when running out the door.

    Hat and tote bag hanging on flip-up hook unit

    5. A set of ivy string lights to add some greenery to your space without having to worry about taking care of any living plants.

    Ivy string lights

    6. A wooden book shelf — perfect if you'd like to display mementos, books, vinyl records, and plants that'll spice up your living room without taking up too much space.

    Book shelf used to hold mementos and books

    7. An open weave basket for keeping your blankets in one place whenever a cozy moment strikes (or the need to build a blanket fort).

    Open weave basket

    8. An industrial coffee table featuring a lower level where you can keep your plethora of coffee table books displayed and easily accessible.

    9. A corner shelf for maximizing the space you have in your living room without being clunky. This will fit snugly in your home without having to sacrifice too much space.

    dark brown shelf in a corner that's wider on the bottom and narrower at the top

    10. A round farmhouse mirror set that will instantly make your living room feel more spacious and trendy.

    Round farmhouse mirror set

    11. A simple area rug because neutral hues go well in any space and your hard wood living room floors could use a spruce-up.

    Harput area rug

    12. A vinyl record storage shelf that'll easily display your beloved record player and all the amazing vinyl you've collected over the years — yep, even the ones you inherited from your 'rents.

    Vinyl record display shelf

    13. A ladder desk so working from home can also be functional. Use the desk as your new at-home office and you can use the upper shelves for storage!

    Metal desk frame with manufactured wood desktop and shelving

    14. A trendy Novogratz pet sofa if you want their cozy space to not clash with your cozy space. This will intermingle with the rest of your decor beautifully.

    Dog on black pet sofa

    15. A three-tier bar cart so you can showcase your liquor lineup in true Jay Gatsby fashion.

    Three level bar cart

    16. An oil diffuser featuring a punched confetti pattern that'll not only make your space smell amazing, but will add some pretty ambient lighting at night.

    confetti punched essential oil diffuser

    17. A dimmable table lamp that also features USB ports so charging your devices has never been more effortless.

    USB 3-way dimmable table lamp

    18. A faux fur throw blanket to keep handy on the couch 🛋 that not only looks cute on display, but also comes in clutch when you're ready for a cozy night in.

    Couch featuring two faux fur throw blankets

    19. A three-tier plant stand if you're a proud plant parent and want to show them off in your living space in a chic yet efficient way.

    20. A chic room divider if you're looking to separate your studio apartment into distinct sections but stylishly.

    Solid wood room divider with rice paper screen

    21. A set of nesting tables that can be used as one (to save space), or separately if you need more surfaces to place snacks, drinks, or other living room must-haves.

    Set of nesting tables

    22. A barrel chair in case your living room space could use some extra seating. This can also add to a cozy reading corner with a cute lamp and ottoman.

    Chair in living room

    23. A set of hexagon acrylic mirror stickers you can configure on your wall in any pattern and design to add some shine to that wall that looks a little sad.

    Hexagon wall mirror stickers

    24. A Victorian frame that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home. Fill them with pics of your pet or friends (but we suggest pet, because furry friends are the best).

    Both size options of Victoria frame

    25. A tufted bench that doubles as both a seating area and additional storage. Keep blankets, shoes, cold weather accessories and more in this amazing storage option.

    A blue tufted storage bench with wooden legs

    26. A four-pack of ceramic plant hangers to create a fun and functional way to display your favorite succulent friends.

    Ceramic wall planters hung on wall

    After you redo your entire living space.

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